Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunshiney Sunday..

Beautiful day today. The sunshine is cracking the flags as they say, and the little cats aren't much in evidence. i don't think they like the heat really so they get themselves a shady spot somewhere in the house or in the garden and stay there.
We did our usual Sunday things..started off the day with our bread. Today we did a bread mix in the machine, today a white one with a 1/2 cup of oats in it also.
Roasted the vegetables for the pizza and did the pizza dough after the bread was out of the machine. I only do the dough in the bread machine and leave it to rise. Sunday is always a busy day, there seems to be a lot to do to get things organised but it is worth it.
Well britain's Got Talent finished last night, and Susan boyld didn't win it after all. The winners weere a group called Diversity who were very clever dancers. I'm noot a fan of dancers but they were extremely entertaining. i don't think Susan will suffer, maybe she will get a bit of peace now she isn't so much in the limelight. Love her little cat Pebbles, white a ginger beauty. Good luck to them anyway.
Today the crosswords were fine, not too difficult but we had to look some up on the computer, a couple of alterations because VT had made some errore. But easily fixed.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with the usual toppings..roast ve3getables, tomato, mushroom etc.,
Salad with baby yellow plum tomatoes, cucumber and avocado,
Potato salad anmd rice salad for VT.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Been a Funny Week!!

Just one of those weeks when everthing seems to go wrong. VT decided to have a car wash this morning and we went through the BP new inmproved one in Formby. He pressed in the numbers and moved the car forward and.....nothing..he backs up and tries again and he goes and gets the bloke and he comes and tells him to go forward (which he had done) and hey presto the b****y thing works!!
Then there was me and my sample falling out which turned out to be a faulty plastic bag!!
Last night I was desperate to see the final ever episod3e of ER so recorded it on Sky.. Went to watch it sound!! Tragedy total tragedy. Then turned over the Sky channel at 10-o'clock to watch Greys Anatomy and....triple tragedy the ER programme because it was the final one was an extra 3/4 hour long!!! so missed the last part of it.
Remedied this because the two programmes were repeated at recorded that. Fingers crossed that nothing has gone wrong this time. Then VT went upstairs earlier to record Coach Trip and Come Dine With problem except that he went up at nine to record The mentalist and rewound the Coach Trip and CDWM...
What a week!
Took my money off to Asda this morning because we didn't want to go the Sainsbury's way. Asda was quite busy actually, the last day of the half term I suppose. Had a bit of a look round and got the usual weekend things.
It made a change today to see so many people out without coats and in summery clothes.Bare arms etc for a change. Mind you there was a bloke walking along the Millenium bridge road with his woman who had no top on! Big beer belly and man boobs..Gross!! I wouldn't let VT out like that!
Tonight we are having:
Spinach and Ricotta lasagne,
Mixed green vegetables,
Mushrooms lightly sauteed,
Half a garlic bread.
Glass of wine because it is Friday.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cleaning UP!!

VT had to start the day by washing the patchwork quilt off the bed. One of the lovely furry babies (probably Bobby) had chucked up on it. Not a lot but it had to come off the bed.
After our breakfast we did the floors that needed mopping.We do the front porch, the bathroom and the kitchen floors so they are all nice and clean now.
Then baths after lunch.
Nothing much on the news or in the papers today, still about the MP's expenses, with them dropping like fl;ies out of parliament at the next election.
This has been the scandal of the century and has astounded the man in the street. The things that they have been claiming for have been nothing short of disgraceful
Tonight we are having
The remaining Jersey Royals sauteed,
Meatless Kievs,
Any remaining vegetables that we have in the fridge.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

out and About..

Awoke this morning to the strains of the least VT did..being deaf I don't hear it!.
It was a QVC parcel for moi which was a nice top that I had ordered on their clearance lines. Fits well so that will not be going back.
We then after breakfast had to go into Crosby to take my sample to the Dr's. We went yesterday but when I got there no sample!! anyway when we got home it was sitting on the path! The reason became clear today. I put it in the envelope and sealed it in and it fell out again in the car! seemed that the plastic envelope was open both ends!!no wonder it fell out. At least I don't feel quite so stupid now.
We then went to Dobbies because we wanted to get some plants for the hanging baskets at the front of the house, and also to have our free coffees for this month.
Had a bit of a look round and got some nice hanging plants, and VT found some fig for cheese preserve that we like. I bought some mints, and a box of shortbreads that were reduced.Also some Oval Albert biscuits with sesame that I couldn't resist. So their free coffees turned into £22 worth of items.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta..4oz with
Meatless meatballs and tomato sauce,
A tiny bit of garlic bread and parmesan.
Carrots and green beans to go with.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

One of Those Days...

You get them sometimes..when everything happens not the way you planned.
I had an appointment with the physio at 12.10. Since I had to take a sample of urine to the G.P. surgery we decided to go there on the way. Arrived with my envelope clutched in my hot little hand and the lady behind the counter said where is the sample? Envelope was empty!! I thought it must have fallen out in the car, but no sign of it there. We gave up on that and went off to the physio. Got there about half an hour too early so I suggested we went to Somerfield to get some veggies and potatoes. Plenty of veg but no small potatoes, and in the process of reversing VT went up the kerb which made him cross.
Anyway went for the physio and he gave me some more exercises to do on a different part of the neck and go back in three weeks.
Since Somerfield didn't have small potatoes we called in at Sainsbury's on the way back home, got those and a couple of other things and went home for a tiny cup of coffee.There...lying in the path was my sample tube!!! Good job no-one came up the path!!!
VT is presently in the garden. It is nice and sunny but deceptively cool I think..but I do get cold easily. VT doesn't at all. He is a hardy soul and will sit out most days if the weather is reasonable. I like my heat really.Looking out of the window at the moment though it looks lovely and bright.
Tonight we are having:
Small Jersey Royals..8oz.
Broccoli, Carrot, beans and mushrooms done as a gratin with an onion sauce,
Veggie cheese and leek sausages.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday Monday..

Again! Two in May.
This one started out well and VT sat outside this morning then after lunch it deteriorated a bit. The sky started looking dull and he said there was a feel of rain in the air. He sat out for a little while then came in for a jumper saying he was frozen! I could have told him that. Pity all the people who have set out for a day out on the beaches.
The little cats are enjoying it outside though..but they do have furry coats to keep them warm!
We didn't go out anywhere today so will have to rely on what we have in the freezer for veggies. We normally do go somewhere for our vegetables on a Monday so that is a change for us.
VT did his Big Monday crossword this morning and completed quite a lot of it but came up to get the internet ones later, and little Bobby has just come up to settle on the cushion on the stool by the computer.
Haven't heard from Jane for a while, wonder what she is doing, last time she rang she wanted a loan so we organised that and she hasn't rung up much since. Probably busy.
Tonight we are having:
Potato Croquettes,
Garlic chicken kievs or a Quorn escallope,
Veggies from the freezer. possibly peas and soya beans.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday Sunshine..

Nice weather today for a change. The sun is shining and it is actually nice enough to sit out in the garden. So VT has taken his cup of tea and done just that.
Started the day with the usual bread making. I made a lovely Sourdough loaf, at least it ended up as a lovely loaf. I thought that there wasn't much flour in the machine, and asked VT how much he had put in. He said three cups.. like you said beginning to get cross. It turns out that he has put three 1/2 cups in instead of three full cup measures. No wonder the mix was looking like porridge!!!
Put straight it eventually made a really nice loaf. We also did the Pizza dough and the roast vegetables, so a busy Sunday as usual.
Didn't do the blog yesterday because I forgot it in the end. We did all the bedding yesterday, and had a Delia Curry for tea. her egg madras and spinach one which was really tasty. We used the Weightwatchers sauce which was delicious actually and would buy that again.
At the time of typing the bread is cooking in the oven and smells fantastic. No wonder that people are supposed to have bread smells going when selling a house!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with fresh pineapple. vegie sausage and roast vegetables,
Pizza sauce (not ours today we have run out)
Salad with cucumber baby yellow plum tomatoes and avocado pear,
Potato salad and rice salad for VT.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Credit Crunch????

What credit crunch? Went over to Asda this morning with my money, and there were bargain signs up everywhere in the store. Very helpfully these days most of the items seem to be £1 £2 £3 or thereabouts. Definitely some tempting bargains like the bags of kettle chips for a pound or the three bottles of wine for ten pounds..of course I had to buy six! Mind you it is nice wine like Arniston Bay and Blossom Hill Isla Negra and good value.
Anyway we bought about £70 worth of "bargains" good job I have the dos, even though the savings interest rate is dreadful.
Very little post these days, all I got today was two junmk mail letters that needed disposing of, and VT didn't fare much better either. You just don't seem to get interesting letters any more, certainly never handwritten ones.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi,
Chips but we do measure them out so we don't overdo it.
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Stop In Day..

Thursday..we stayed in today, since we have been out every day this week, and will be going out tomorrow.
Bank holiday weekend this week so I suppose everywhere will be busy tomorrow with people buying their barbecue things!
VT arranged his car insurance letter, and I pottered about a bit.Poor VT had to clear up where the videos are in front of the television because one of the ferry beauties had been sick all over them! What a mess and what a job.. Of course when that happens they are his cats!! Can't tell which one they both seem fine..must have been a fur ball, but they choose their places! One of the joys of having pets.
Lovely scented bath this afternoon, I put the L'Occitane bath oil in the bath, which smells gorgeous. You get what you pay for with bath products. This one is lemon verbena and smells fantastic.
Tonight we are having:
Lamb grills (Quorn ones)
Mashed potato from the freezer,
Cabbage, steamed then sauteed with a few baby plum tomatoes and yoghurt.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A bit of a mooch today..

This morning was a bit undecided weather wise, so we dicided to go over to Ormskirk. When we arrived it was just starting to drizzle, but went off quickly. Very quiet in the centre, so got round everywhere quickly.
Bought a new top in Bon Marche in the sale, in a fetching shade of pale purple. Everything I buy lately seems to be purple!! Got some things at Holland and Barrat and had a nice cvoffee at our usual little cafe.
Came home for lunch and VT's premium bonds had arrived so he was happy. My appointment for the diabetic clinic has arrived too, the one they cancelled. It is now the 22nd of June. They will probably cancel that as well!!
Went to Morrisons for a few extras, and ended up spending £20 quid odd.
Tonight we are having:
Quiches I bought reduced from Morrisons,
Jersey Royals sauteed!! no vinegar for VT!!
Mushrooms sauteed,
Carrots and beans.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Taxi in use again..

The day today was centred around the Physiotherapy appointment after lunch. We hqad our usual coffee at midday, and an early lunch because my appointment was at 1.50.
Started quite cold and rainy but has cleared up now and is fairly sunny, but it has to be said not warm yet.
The physiotherapist has told me to work on my posture so I am sitting straight up as I type this. He said the muscle in the neck is the problem so I must remember not to sit hunched up.
We went to Sainsbury's car park because I wanted to go to the bank. Crosby centre is pretty dire I do have to say, not a place you would really want to linger at all. Sooner go round Wells myself. The shops in Crosby are not interesting and very boring, nothing that draws you in for a look. Went to Boots because I wanted to get some of the anti-wrinkle serum and the tinted moisturiser. They were on offer at three for two so saved a bit of money there,apart from laying ut the cash in the first place.
Went into Sainsbury's and came out with a tray of mushrooms and nothing else!! that is very unusual.
VT finished "The boy in the striped pyjamas" and really enjoyed uit. I knew he would, it is such a clever book, we want to see the film now.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes Goats cheese and cranberry,
Baby Jersey Royals boiled,
Carrots and broccoli and mushrooms in a sauce.

Monday, 18 May 2009

May Appointments...

May has been the month of hospital appointments. For some reason they all seem to fall at once in the same month. I should have started the month off with one at the Diabetic clinic but they sent a letter cancelling it and I haven't had another. Then there are the Physiotherapists ones every two weeks. Eye clinic last Friday the 15th, but had some laser treatment at that one because it was quiet, so that has saved me going back. The skin cancer one today which is a busy clinic but they see you very quickly so it isn't long. Physio tomorrow, then the renal clinic at the end of the month to finish off. VT says they should have a conveyor belt that they put you on and everyone sees you at the same time..Good idea.
The clinic I went to this afternoon is the reason why I use the name Jenny nine toes I went to the chiropodists about three years ago now with what I thought was a discoloured nail, and was referred to the main one in Walton..referred then to a dermitologist clinic and then referred to the plastics clinic. Eventually saaw Mr James who said it's a skin melanoma and we need to take the toe off!! Weeks and weeks later and tons of antibiotics had a second op to take the remaining toe off so I am now toe less on my right foot..well one toe the one next to my little toe. Hence the name Jenny nine toes. Anyway today was short and sweet..go back in a year.
Went over to Sainsbury's for the Monday veggies Got the usual mix of them and still on the Jersey Royals so got a bag of those.
Tonight we are having:
What we normally have for lunch on a Monday..
Remaining Pizza with
Salad and potato salad, pasta salad and rice salad
Green salad with avocado a nd baby plum tomatoes.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday Cooks..

Started the day, after our coffee with a making a good loaf of bread. used a packet mix for a change, and added some oats to the mix. Turned out a beautiful loaf with brown crust and speckled bits of oats in it. Then made the pizza douggh after lunch and took our tomato sauce out of the freezer. Mental note here to make another batch since we have run out now. Did the roasted vegetables and that was it for the day.
Crosswords were not too taxing today, did mine fairly quickly and VT did his before me too. The big MOS one we did most of then finished it up on the computer.
Weather very changeable today, sunny spells then showers. Next door have had washing out on the line twice now brought it in and put it out again. Thuink they have given up now and kept it in..anyway it looks like rain again.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce,
Roast vegetables,
Salad with baby pomodoro tomatoes, cucumber and avocado, topped with pine nuts toasted.
Potato salad and coronation rice salad for VT.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Letter from Oz..

Early post from Australia this morning. A really interesting letter from Joh and Ann with news of their very interesting life in Australia. Ann's letters are like little novellas with snippets of what they are doing and what the family there are up to. They have four children there, three girls and one boy. the oldest is 48 and the youngest the boy is 42, and they all have children of their own too so a big family over there.
Quiet life here compared to them, very quiet today. Nothing much going on outside either, the dentist is closed at the weekend so the traffic is almost non existant.
Papers are still full of the MP's expenses claims, and I think that they have all been surprised at how annoyed the British public have been over all of this.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..Spring Rolls,
Stir fry vegetables,
Chinese sauce of some sort,
4oz egg fried rice, done with fry light and very healthy.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Eye Eye!

Up early this morning due to an early appointment over in Walton Hospital. Not before we had a good cup of coffee to get us going though!
Appointment was 9.45 so we left about 9ish, actually got there at 9.30 so we made good time. VT parked the car in the top car park after dropping me off at the entrance. I was very surprised to see there were no people waiting! The last time I went there it was heaving with people everywhere. The waiting room was empty, and I had no sooner got there when my name was called. Had the drops, the eye test then waited for them to work. VT caught up with me and kept me company after walking through the hospital. Went in to see the Dr., who I have seen quite a few times before. She had a good look and said there was some membrane on the left eye that would be worth doing some laser treatment on. She said it might work or might not, but would be worth a try. She said she would do it now because it was quiet. So off we went. Didn't hurt at all today, it has in the past. Maybe the machine is better. We then had to wait for some drops and then went over to Sainsbury's for the weekend shopping.
After our usual cup of latte, we got going. VT had to do the choosing today because I couldn't see. All the eye drops mean your pupils are wide open to light so everything is too bright. We got everything we needed though, all the salads, and things for the weekend.
We couldn't think what to have for tonight, so decided on a canneloni eventually.Home in time for lunch. VT had a quorn pork pie style with a tiny bit of salad. I had a free range egg and potato salad..mind you there were two bits of potato!! and four tiny cherry tomatoes, one tiny egg and a pile of iceberg lettuce. Not the most generous of salads.I enjoyed it though.
Tonight we are having:
Spinach ane Ricotta Cannneloni
green beans and carrots.
garlic bread.
Might change mind when we go down though since it is similar to what we had last night.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Early Appointment,

Up fairly early this morning because of an appointment at the Dr's. Not before we had a nice cup of coffee though..sets you up for the day.
Appointment for 9.40 and got in at about 9.50.Nice girl, went through all the medication and increased the insulin by 2 units in the morning and changed one of the tablets to a double dose..the Approvel, left the other Amlodopine to 5grms. Get there eventually I suppose.
Went from there to Tescaw to get some petrol, and went in to get a couple of things and use some vouchers up. Bought 6 bottles of wine for £10 and got another 5% discount for buying 6 bottles. Fairly good wines too..Lindemans and others. Looked at books but nothing I fancied.Home in time for coffee..a VT special.
Horrible programme on Doctors..they were at a phobia clinic and one was being treated for arachnophobia..(I can hardly type the word) and there was a huge tarantula on the screen. Dreadful!!!enough to give you nightmares.
Tonight we are having:
Spinach and Ricotta sauce (Sainsbury's)
Green beans asparagus and carrots.
Maybe a tiny bit of garlic bread.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Weather Woes..

This is a funny country.. VT has just said that the weather in The Isle of Skye in Scotland is warm and is seventy degrees! now we have been to the Isle of Skye when it has been really cold. Here it is blowy and cold and VT was thinking of lighting a fire tonight. I can see quite a number of trees from the window in the room where the computer is and they are blowing away like mad.It is also quite dark today and wherever you go the lights have to go on. That is the only problem with being at home, if you are at work it is someone else footing the bill.
VT has done a bit more of the garden today while there was a little bit of sun so he is getting it straight bit by bit. Good for him.
Another appointment tomorrow. The Doctor's surgery rang up this afternoon and said I had to go in and get the result of a blood test and have a review. So that is tomorrow at 9-40. So that is tomorrow taken care of. Friday there is an eye clinic appointment in Walton and yet another blood test. May is a terrible month for clinic appointments.
Last night in the end we had Quorn meatballs in a goulash sauce, with 1/2 a packet of rice and cabbage stir fry.
Tonight we are having:
Peppered Steaks in Madeira wine gravy sauce.
Cauliflower and Broccoli
The remaiming Jersey Royals.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Banking..for children

Today we had to go into Crosby to the bank. This was due to Jane ringing up and wanting a loan of £200 for bits and bobs she said. Since she doesn't often ask for money glad to help.As long as it isn't too often!
Had a look in Farmfoods while we were there and got a couple of veggie items, and diet pepsi at 79p which is cheap. Came home for coffee which was nice. VT does make an exceedingly good cup of coffee.
Then did the front garden which was beginning to look quite weedy and overgrown. The trouble is that the weather has been rainy or windy or cold and that is the excuse.Loads of weeds in the cracks of the paving stones and the cobbles so these had to be hoed out.
Next week is the Chelsea flower show again, I'm sure it is only a few months since the last one! Then you see the perfect garden..not ours! VT has a food go though..
Tonight we are having:
Not a clue actually..We have a selection of good vegetables in the fridge and on the rack so plenty of those.
Migaht do fillets in a sauce with the jersey royals,
Might do meatless meatballs with a goulash sauce.
Will see when I go down.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Monday Mooching...

Jane rang up this morning..well just after lunch really, wanted some details off her birth certificate. Found the bag with them all in and gave her those. Then she rang us up later because she needed a loan. She said she had a cash flow problem and was caught for a lot of bills. Two months council tax bills and gas and electricity, so she wanted £200. We will pay that in to the bank tomorrow morning for her. It must be quite difficult for young ones these days with their rent, all the bills,council tax utilities etc etc., we didn't have any of those really. I suppose we had it easier, but life was simpler too.
Just jumped..VT was banging on the window..I wasn't expecting that. He is cleaning the window to Jane's room. We never get the window cleaners any more these days. I think they got fed up doing the "cottage style" windows of the two houses further along the row. They must be a pain to do probably.
This morning being Monday we took a little trip to Aldi in Crosby. It is a new store and quite interesting. Not brilliant for fruits and vegetables but goopd if you want large packs which we don't. Got a few things like honey and cheese biscuits but not a huge amount,
Then we went to Sainsbury's up the road. Got the rest of my vegetables there so have a fridge full now. Nice Jersey Royals too.
Tonight we are having:
Chicken style Kievs,
Vegetable gratin with broccoli mushrooms carrots green beans
Jersey Royals boiled.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

A Day Of Rest !!!!

Was awoken this morning to the sound of purring.. bobby was nuzzling my ear and purring loudly. The doorbell went as we were about to get up, and apparently it was tree people looking for work. Well they were wasting their time because there are no trees in anyones gardens in this road.The houses at the back are a different story though.
Made a Sourdough Oatmeal loaf and the pizza dough for tonight. Not at the same time, one after the other. Then did the roast vegetables which cooked nicely while we had our lunch. Then settled down to do the crosswords. Mine was not too bad but got a bit stuck so VT finished it off. VT did all of his except for one, which was a mythology one not coming up on the crossword machine. The big MOS one he started and then I came upstairs to finish it off on the computer. That proved to be a bit of a problem because the site I often use for answers was behaving very badly today and not responmding so I had to look every clue up. Got there in the end though. Jane rang up today too. It is a bit since she has rung us up so there was some catching up to do. She had an interview in Leeds for an assistant managers job and said that went well. Also they are moving house in June. They have found another which she said sounded good and they have been to have a look.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our own dough.
Bought tomato sauce in a jar!! We need to make some we have run out.
Salad with baby plum tomatoes cucumber, avocado and topped with seeds.
Potato salad and VT got a trio of salads from M&S.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Wash Day...

Got up this morning and we stripped the bedding and left Bobby sitting in the middle of the quilt. Poor little cat..she comes up to see us and we disturb her slumbers. Shame!.
The weather looked very dodgy so we he didn't peg it on the line and left it in the drier. It is now actually quite sunny, so probably would have dried somewhat. Next door has theirs out, blowing on the line as I type and the sun is shining. VT the hardy one is sitting in the garden with his Redbush tea!
He went to Maghull this morning to get a few things, and rang up to say that the Somerfield is going to be a Morrisons!. That was a surprise since I expected it to be a Co-op. They have bought them out. But it must have been soold off to Morrisons. I love Morrisons and was sorry when the one in Formby went..missed them. we have to go over to Ormskirk now to the nearest one.
Tonight we are having:
Don't really know!
I have a Thai stir fry so something with that.
Thai green curry maybe or quorn syle chicken style dippers with the stir fry and a bit of riuce.
I think it is a make it up as you go along night!

Friday, 8 May 2009

The Blustery Day!

Went over to Ormskirk this morning to get our weekend things, and took my money to Morrisons for a change.
We nearly got blown off our feet! It is quite high up there and the town centre is on a bit of a hill, and the wind was blowing a gale up there. We were surprised to see a bit of a continental market on in the town centre, and the stallholders were having a job to keep hold of their things. Very blowy , so much so the stall covers were nearly blowing off. Shame for them.
I had a look in my usual shops and VT went to his. Bon Marche was full of summery clothes, little vest tops and skirts and crop trousers, when what you wanted was a jumper!
Had a nice cup of coffee in our usual "two thick toasts" cafe. It's lovely in there friendly and interesting, and the thick toast looks very tempting...
Then went to M&S did a bit of salad shopping there, and got the cat's chicky. And, off to Morrisons for the rest. Must admit I do like Morrisons, good value items.
Home for lunch..VT had beans on potato cakes and I had a very virtuous egg and potato salad from M&S.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Mixed vegetables for me and mushy peas for VT.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Eyes..Ears..Any other bits?

Eyes yesterday, got my new glasses. Ears today. Had an appointment at the hearing aid centre where I got them from. I go every six months for a check up and a service. Today I said I thought I could do with a tweaking, so he has upped the sound a bit in both aids. It actually makes a big difference, he played the voklume that I had when I came in and then as it was tweaked, and it was much better.
That will make life a bit easier for VT who is so patient with me..repeating things and putting up with loud television noise.
Then we went to Dobbies on the way back for a nice cup of coffee. and a biscuit. There was a party of greybies in there having a flower demonstration. I bought a mew artificial lavender plant and a box of mints and a reduced price Camembert.
Came home for lunch and then the phone went. It was Specsavers to say the VT's glasses were ready, so he went off for those. Very smart ones with a gold frame and varifocals.
Quite a busy day but nice.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Sausages, maybe with a sticky maple glaze.
Broccoli and cauliflower sheese and potato croquettes.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Should have Gone to Specsavers...

Well I did...went and got my glasses this morning. Gone for a change this time. not much difference in the prescription right eye rubbish but left eye fortunately quite good. One eyed wonder at the moment. Nice frames, sort of purply metallic coating with non reflective glass, and bi-focals.
Then went to M&S to get some more veggies since we had run out. Got some greens and things like asparagus and green stir fry etc.
VT very very kindly went to the library this afternoon to get my book. I had ordered "The boy in the striped pyjamas" which looks a good read. Have also ordered Dewey the library cat but that isn't in yet. There is a queue for that one.
I'm reading a Jeffrey Deaver at the moment which is ok, but not as good as his Lincoln Rhyme books.Bit long winded really, its called Sleeping Doll. What I want realy is another Secret Life of Bees. Now that was a book I did enjoy. I wonder of her other books are as food.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with
Green vegetables...asparagus, green beans, broccoli, sugarsnap peas etc..,
Weightwatchers parmesan and basil sauce,
Tiny bit of garlic bread and a tiny bit of parmesan.
4oz pasta.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Secret Life of Bees....

Watched this last night and really loved it. VT got the DVD from Blockbuster's on Monday, and used a voucher so it was free. A bargain.
Gorgeous film, beautifully shot and was an excellent version of the book. Excellent characters, just as you imagined them in the book. Dakota Fanning as Lily, and Queen Latifah as August. I really enjoyed it, more than a lot of films we have seen . Would like to see it again actually, but will have to wait till it comes on Sky.
VT and I went to take the DVD back this morning and the car park in Somerfield was totally crowded out. God knows what was happening there, perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the store is closing down today? So, we had to go to the square, and that was parked up too. We ended up at the back of the video shop. Bought two books from the charity shop, a Claire francis, and a harlen Coben one.
VT is presently putting a new Immersion switch on the Tank, and has switched the fan heater off. He says he is too hot, because he is on top of the tank, while I freeze.
Not exactly a warm day today, very dull and blowy and rainy showers. noat really May weather.
He had a look at the Premium Bond site this afternoon, and has won three £25 bonds which is good news. I shall still keep doing the competitions though!!
Tonight we are having:
Something simple.
Maybe Lamb grills
The remaining Jersey Royals,
Green beans and carrots.
Gravy, with mushrooms.

Monday, 4 May 2009


Bank holiday weather! awoke to a darkish morning, and signs of overnight rain. Quite blowy and cold, and been dull and showery all day. Keeps the barbecuers inside anyway.
VT went over to Maghull this morning to get a few veggies. Also the dvd of "The secret life of Bees"I am really looking forward to seeing that. I read the book ages ago and loved it and was thrilled when I heard they were doing a film of it. Since there is little on the box tonight apart from Corrie it will fit in nicely.
He came back with some veggies from the Somerfield which is closing down tomorrow. Got a bargain pack of Jersey Royals potatoes so we will have those tonight. The first of the season for us. I do love a Jersey Royal although I do have to say that they don't taste the same as they used to. He also got some carrots, green beans and mushrooms so will work around those.
The little cats have stayed indoors today, definitely too cold for them to venture outside. They go out for a few minutes then come inside pretty quickly.
Hate bank Holidays really. All the television programmes are altered, and the evening programmes are rubbish.So the dvd will fit the bill tonight.
It's a free one too since VT had a voucher for it.They only had one copy of it in the shop..strange that I thought it would have been popular.
The highlight of this week is George Clooney re-appearing on ER on Thursday night. That is an event worth waiting for. He was fantastic when he was in the easrly series worth watching just for him.
Tonight we are having:
Escallope possibly a Quorn one of some sort,
Baby Jersey Royals boiled and gently squashed with butter buds not butter!
Carrots and green beans,
Mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunny Sunday..

But cold. VT went out with his cup of tea this afternoon but came in quite quickly saying it was too cold. The sun is shining but it isn't warm with it, and the cats haven't been out that much today either.
We made a bread mix loaf today for a change, but did do our own pizza dough though. Then did our roast vegetables. So all is set for tonight.
VT went out for a bit of a mooch this morning. He said he went to have a look at a car in Formby but wasn't too impressed. Said it didn't look cared for. He has had his present car from new so knows what he has spent on it, and what has happened to it. That has probably spoiled him for getting a second-hand one unless it is a very good one.
He went into Crosby too and said that the old Somerfield store was now open as a Home and Bargain, he said it was quite a big one with a lot of home things in it. It was a fairly big shop so I suppose it would take some filling. Must go and have a look.
I had a look at some of the catty videos that VT was looking at last night. Mean Kitty videos about a great little cat called Sparta. Gorgaeous videos. Well worth a watch, it is lovely to watch a guy with such a love for his animal.
The crosswords weren't too bad today. The one I do was a bit awkward with the theme of many different languages. Like Spanish, Swedish?? french, italian and wait for it Japamese??? The other two were ok to do and we were able to finish them fairly quickly.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our own dough,
Tomato sauce,
Roast vegetables and Goats cheese.
Salad with baby plum tomatoes, and avocado.
Potato salad and cous cous for VT.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Bank holiday weekend

And the sun is shining!!! Not raining at all. We sat out in the garden this afternoon after lunch for a while and it was sunny but not actually that warm. The little cats joined us in the garden and Bobby was having a lovely time sunbathing. She is a real little sun baby that one.
Not much in the papers today, apart from articles on poor Gordon Brown time they left him alone. The media blame him for everything that happens whether it is his fault or not. never had a chance really.
Would David Cameron do any better? I think not, but we shall see after the next election probably.
VT went off for his little mooch today. Came back with cat food and vine tomatoes for me from Somerfield. That is closinmg down next week but we don't have nay idea what it is going to be. Maybe a Co-operative society since they have bought them out. At least it can't be another Home and Bargain store. There are two of those already.
Tonight we are having:
Spring Rolls,
Egg fried rice 4oz between us,
Stir Fried vegetables
Honey and cashew sauce

Friday, 1 May 2009

Hares and Rabbits!

Considering it is the Bank Holiday weekend this weekend it being the First of May today, it was actually quite quiet today. We took my money off to Sainsbury's this morning and left in very nice sunshine. Went around the store, no coffee because we got there a bit early, and got a lot of stock up items.Spent £73 anyway..God knows what on! Three big bags and a couple of bunches of flowers but no wine. Just an accumulation of items that mount up I suppose.
When we came out of Sainsbury's it was raining, just beginning to be cloudy overcast and wet. Been like that most of the day, showery. However as I type this it is sun streaming through the window. Little Rusty is on a stool directly in front of the window, and I have just had to draw the blind down so it isn't too hot ion her. She looks so peaceful and calm. Must take a photo one day.
Tonight we are having:
Beefburger..Well a Quorn one.
Try to get VT eating a bit of salad but he does complain...
Sliced tomato, onion rings and relish etc.
Ages since we had burgers so it will make a change.