Saturday, 30 June 2007

Rainy Saturday..Again!

Missed yesterday's blog..couldn't find the new post heading. Silly Me! not too good on the computer thingy..learning curve is a steep one. So far so good with the Healthy Eating campaign. Vin (husband) swears the pounds are dropping off him!!Friday's tea was a ready meal from ASDA and it was quite nice too. Calorie really do have to read the labels very carefully.Some are much higher than you think. Vegetarian Moussaka with green beans. Thursday was Quorn Lamb Steaks with the vegetables, not the Goat's cheese dish. Tonight it is Chinese as is our custom on a Saturday evening. So Egg Fried Rice Quorn Goujons Stir Fried Vegetables and Ginger sauce.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

A Good Day??

Went out today to an Outlet Centre."The Cheshire Oaks" near Chester. We wanted a few bits and pieces and ended up with a pair of curtains for our middle room we are attempting to re-vamp. Had coffee in Costa, with a very nice Garibaldi biscuit, and a Salad Wrap with Avocado and salad leaves from Pret A Manger for lunch. Never had any of their products before and we were very impressed. God knows what the calorie content is of the wrap though! It seemed the lowest calorie option of what was on offer.
Life is difficult for a Veggie in the sandwich department. Unless you like cheese or egg there is very little on offer as a rule. Very few people do an interesting veggie option. Definite gap in the market there.
Tonight's tea will be Quorn fillet with Goats Cheese and peppercorns.
Broccoli and Cauliflower
2 Frozen Potato Croquettes.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

New Prime Minister- New Blog

New Prime Minister today..and I have decided to open a new Blog. Never done anything like this before..and I am very rough at this computing malarkey..but..we will see how it goes.
Today as well we (my husband and I ) are trying to start a new regime of Healthier Eating..God knows how long that will last. Husband says "Diets don't work!"
We are going to follow the Rosemary Conley eating plan, so for tea tonight we are having:
Quorn Sausages
6oz Mashed Potatoes
Carrots Green Beans
Mushroom Gravy made with gravy granules.