Monday, 28 February 2011

Chandlers and Clinics....

Last night we were getting organised before retiring for the evening, washing up, making drinks etc., and VT was telling me about a fuel that used to be used before diesel.. tractor something or other. He you remember the old parafin that you could buy at Chandlers shops? I will never believe this, but I had been doing a crossword not ten minutes before, and one of the answers was 16d Chandlers.!! How spooky is that? It is a word that neither of us had used for years, and yet it crops up twice in ten minutes..Weird!
Weekend things were normal, the crosswords yesterday quite easy for a change, not too much looking up on the computer.
Had an appointment at the Diabetic clinic today at 1.0'clock. Very awkward timing, I normally have morning appointments, but they seem to have changed things. This might be because they have moved the old diabetic centre from the now shut down Walton Hospital, to the very built on Aintree Hospital. Multi Storey car park at £2 a pop!. Brand new spanking new diabetes centre. Electronic doors, massive foyer, white and blue paintwork and ceiling lights with a lovely blue lighting area around the reception area.
Still...the same amount of waiting.. still the place where you get weighed and have your blood pressure done, and your blood taken like a cupboard!! if anything, smaller than the one at Walton.. Nobody moving very much, people walking about aimlessly it seems, and people left waiting like lumps. Just the same as Walton except with pretty lights! There is one Dr there i was particularly dreading..I got him once at Walton and never about slow/dead stop..he comes out of his room and glides about with no purpose..and sees about one patient to everyone elses six..he is a professor too...dread to think what his lectures are like.
Anyway...missed him this time.Saw quite a nice young asian chap who was fine really, didn't talk to his computer much. Told me to see the chiropodist, which I should do really, and made another appointment for a years time!! Lost weight too, i wish I had had those crisps and a drink on friday night now. Just the renal one in about three weeks and thats it for a bit.
Poor VT, he is so patient driving me around, he made a lovely omelette for lunch today, which we had to have really early before we went.
I shall treat him to a coffee somewhere this week.
Came back to find a letter from John and Ann in Perth. He had received the CD's of The Goons, and enclosed some photos of their house which had its roof blown off in a big storm in february,,on his birthday as it happened.
Tonight we are having:
The remains of the pizza that we usually have for lunch on a Monday,
Potato and agg salad
potato salad for moi and Rice salad for VT.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Oh I Wish...

VT loaded this yesterday, and I thought it was just a beautiful calm image.
I was better at the technology of life. We seem to be surrounded by it so much these days,and learning how to do things does not come easily to me I'm afraid. I remember the "Baker" days in school, where we would spend all day trying to cover some aspects of computering. I wasn't on my own by any means, and most of the trainers were really dreadful to be honest. You would go wrong, and they would lean over you and press a few buttons, and say "there you go"m and you hadn't a clue what they had done.
I did learn a lot after I left school, mainly by using websites I was interested in, and I can do some basic things, like post a photo, send emails use forums etc., but i lag behind when it comes to the more difficult procedures. Facebook leaves me floundering to a large extent though, it is quite hard I find getting anywhere on that. You can..poke someone!! send a private message?? post on a wall!! post on someone elses wall etc., etc., It's a whole new language. No wonder the children of today are proceeding so quickly, it must be easier when taught in school. Remember the good old days of exercise books and pens? I can even go back as far as slates!! I can!! the little school which was in a house (small) round the corner from where we live, we were all taught in one room, and we used to use slates to learn writing. Darn good school it was too.

We went off to ASDA this morning. We don't go there very often, because it is a bit of a journey. VT bought some petrol on the way.. I told him to stock up a bit if it is going up. so gave him £40!!!!!!! Good grief, that only half filled his tank!!!! Good job we don't do a lot of driving.
Stocked up in ASDA, and got the things for the weekend. Quite busy, and a woman at the checkout with a terrible cough.. Hope it isn't swine flu!! That seems to be on the wane now, it isnt't in the news any more.It is all about Libya at the moment.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Chips ( a treat and only 200grms)
mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi.
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Sun is Shining...On the Dust!!

Woke up this morning to a bright sunny day for a nice change. We hadn't made any plans to go anywhere, so i started moving things around a bit. By things..I mean stuff which is left lying around and makes the house untidy. Neither of us are naturally tidy people, with VT being marginally worse..well maybe a lot worse!. he has flat surfaceitis. He cannot see a flat surface without putting something on it! Consequently it all piles up, and needs major clear out every now and again. Tables, chairs, up the stairs all has stuff on them If i leave the ironing board out long enough, that gets covered as well. Can't complain though, when he brings me a cup of coffee every morning, and goes up to put the electric blanket every evening, plus hundreds of other thoughtful things he does every day.
We caught a glimpse of a property show this lunchtime, where a young couple were looking for a property for £430,000!!!! These property shows are dreadful, they never show the reality of looking for a first place to live with a tiny deposit and a mortgage they can't really afford, or are scraping by to meet. We were so lucky in that we have never had a mortgage, our little house was the one that belonged to my mum and dad, and dad left it to me when he died. must have saved us thousands over the years. I keep telling VT he married an heiress!! It's so tough for kids these days, but they do seem to want everything at once some of them. Jane seems to be stuck in the rental market. To us it seems like dead money, but she says it is too expensive to buy where she lives.
She rang up last night, thrilled because she has got an interview at salford for Radiology for a deferred year. She had got a rejection letter from them a while ago, but this was an email inviting her for intervciew. That's really good news for hershe does interview well because she has plenty to say for herself, so maybe she will get on that course.
Tonight we are having:
pasta with Spinach and Ricotta Sauce,
A little bit of garlic bread
Mixed green vegetables to go with.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Bank of Mum and Dad...

Very grey day today, drizzly and dripping. We were going to go out today for some fresh air, but one look at the weather and we dicided not to. Then the phone rang..our best daughter had been to the hospital for her injections+, and was on the way home on the bus, so rang us up. The injections are in her back and in between her shoulder blades. She said that she was held up because they have lost her notes, but they did them anyway.
I was telling her about the trolleys in the new hospital we went to on friday. All newly refurbished, and up to date, and the trolleys with the patient files were behind the receptionists, and labelled EYES in great big letters!!
Anyway, she is pennioless at the moment, has been off work because of the shoulder problem, and only on sickness benefit, so no money for her rent so she was tapping the bank of Mum and Dad.
So, we ended up going out anyway. We had to go to my bank in Formby because a checque wouldn't have cleared by the first when her rent is due. We drove round the car spaces about three times, no luck, into the car park at the back, no luck there so had to drive round that again as well. This is only a piddly little village , not a great big town either!! Anyway, got one at the second attempt, so went over to the bank. Got some out of the hole in the wall and gave a cheque also, so that should help her out. Can't say I was still expecting to bail her out at the age of 27..but hey there you go.
VT was getting a bit crabby with the driving and wouldn't go to Costa because there was a big crowd of kids outside..he mutters.."Where do they get the money for Costa Coffees from?" i said bank of Mum and Dad..which is where we came in!!
Tonight we are having:
Steak and mushroom pie
little roast potatoes 8oz
Mixed vegetables
Mushrrom gravy.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Everyday Musings...

of an ordinary life I suppose. Everyday, mostly i do a little account of things that happen in our house, or the neighbourhood or in the family. I actually started it on the 27th June 2007, the day we began a healthy eating programme, and coincidentally, the same day that Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. He didn't last as long as our Healthy Eating programme, and although we are at a sort of plateau with that, we are doing fine.
I notice in the Daily mail for the last couple of days Sarah brown has been publishing her diary of her time in 10 Downing Street. Very interesting, but I suppose in a situation like that you are bound to have an interesting life meeting interesting people. She writes today of her meeting with George that's something to write about.Wouldn't mind meeting him!
brighter today, so VT let the little cat from next door out. He said it chased him down to the paper shop, and sat on a gate post waiting for him to come back. He has been looking after it for about nine weeks now, and it has got really used to him. I hope she looks after it when she comes back, but life will be very difficult for her as it is.
Seems to be half term down south this week. No Ken Bruce on the radio two, or Jeremy Vine either. You get used to the same people in the mornings, can't be doing with Vanessa Feltz and her high pitched voice..too shouty for me.
Watched a bit of This Morning while doing the big pile of ironing this morning, which is not something we do , but i can't hear the radio, so like the noise. Items on fashion, showing very expensive clothes..nothing from the high street, or Bon Marche where I shop!!! I do get nice stuff from QVC though, they have some good American names like Quacker Factory. One jacket they were loojking at this morning was £149.99 !!! obscene!
Tonight we are having:
Not sure actually, Something from the freezer with assorted veggies.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Murky Monday...

Not a nice day to wake up to today at all. Quite grey and drizzly and nothing much doing at all. Nothing growing yet, and certainly no signs of the green shoots of recovery. The little cat next door VT says went out for about five minutes then hung around waiting to be let in again. Even though the house is cold it's better than being outside i suppose. Our two have been out very little, they both know which side their bread is buttered on.
We went out to Crosby to get our weekly things.The fields on the way are still very soggy looking, with a few "lakes" jere and there.Noticed the book bus in Little crosby as we passed through, I wonder how long they will keep that going for? It comes to our village on a Saturday morning, and it doesn't seem to get many people visiting it. I used to use it a lot when Jane was small, but we tend to go to the big one in Waterloo now, and renew our books online too. We don't go to the library that often nowadays, because we tend to get a load of books out, and that keeps us going for ages.
I remember the days when I used to go to the library on a Saturday morning on the train, and get three books out of the children's section. If you got a new "Famous Five" that you hadn't read, oh the thrill of it. You used to be able to get three fiction and one non fiction book, and the non fiction was always something you didn't really want. I would much rather have had another Secret Seven book. We never had bought books in our house..books were obtained from the library, and that was it. Completely changed now of course, the house is full of books.
Tonight we are having:
Mozzarella nd pesto escalope
Baby baked potatoes
Roasted squash and sweet potato
Mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

It's The weekend...

Don't they come round quickly, here it is the last days before return to school after the half term holidays. I used to hate that time, the feeling of dread before you went back to the rigours of exam work etc.The rush to cram things into the last couple of days, and the horrible early mornings which I really used to hate.
It is truly lovely not having the pressure of all that, and to be able to do what you want.
Saturday was cold again with snow in some areas of the must be awful to live somewhere like buxton, they are always in the news with blocked roads. Even colder today Sunday..VT just nipped out to crosby to get a few things he wanted, the cats are nmainly stay at homes, curled up in one or other of their places in the house. Next doors cat went out when he went to Crosby but soon wanted to go back in again. When she came back last weekend she turned the heating off which was only on very low, and VT says it is really cold in there. However it is inside and safe and a lot warmer than it would be outside. Not as lucky as our two though poor little thing.
We did the washing today, and the crosswords this afternoon. They were a bit tricky today actually, mine had a racecourse theme, and one of the clues was exactly the same which is odd. The name of an opera singer who was born in New Zealand. Well who could forget Dame Kiri singing at Charles and Dianas wedding in that hat with all the feathers on? What a spaectacle! VT had to look up her name because we weren't sure that it was Te kanawa or Ta was the former. he found a quote from her which said that Susan Boyle was a Whizz Bang performer..and Andrea bocelli wasn't a proper opera singer. I thought she was a bit niocer than that!.
Tonight we are having:
our Pizza with our new batch of tomato sauce
Mushrooms meatfree sausage and pineapple
potato salad for me and rice salad for Vt
egg and potato salad.

Friday, 18 February 2011


Up very early this morning for us. I had an appointment at the eye clinicwhich is now in Aintree, so we had to leave fairly early. VT booked an alarm call, and set the alarm clock, but I was woken up by the furry alarm clock at about sixish anyway.She was perched on my hip, and just sits there wobbling occasionally and scratching her ear very occasionally.

So you are aware that she is there.The only trouble is that if you go back to sleep that is it for the next couple of hours.
Left the house at nine and VT went down the motorway to the Kirkby slip road, and then along to Aintree. We avoided all the traffic that way, and were there by twenty five past nine. great going. Parked on nearly the top level of the multi storey and got to my appointment early. Quick sight test, and eye drops put in, then along to wait. Saw the Dr in about ten minutes or so, and he says the eyes are stable, but i probably need newer bifocals to help with reading. Return visit in four months. So that was it, out by the new walkway straight to the car park and off to Sainsburys for our shopping.
Car Park of Sainsburys for our coffee. VT does a lovely line in car coffees, and then into the store for our weekend things. The only trouble was that because I had the eye drops done, I couldn't see a thing, and everything is a white blur. VT is very good though, he gets the right stuff.Arrived home at about twelve fifteen to the little ginger cat greeting his car. It's amazing that cat,the minute his car draws up it comes out to greet him. Doesn't do that for anyone else. They are getting quite bonded thoise two, I wonder what will happen to her?
He was nodding off after lunch, says he feel like he has got jet lag! it's the difference in the routine I suppose.
Tonight we are having:
Savoury vegetable pasties from Waitrose,
Rice pudding to go with.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Crust of Life...

Well I had run out of my bread, and we had a coupon from Tesco for £1 off £8 so we decidid to nip out there.Tescaws is actually our nearest store, it only taking about ten minutes to get there, but, we avoid going there since we don't really like the store's monopoly on everything. It's a horrible shop anyway, always so crowded.
So, we got the bread, and a couple of other things we needed and the bill only came to £12..I was quite pleased with that!...The only thing was, with our receipt, we got another voucher for £3 off thirty next time we shop there!!!!
Once they get you, theyve got you.
It was surprisingly cold today and fairly misty, the little cat was out, but VT let her in after lunch. She doesn't like the bad weather, I think they were kidding themselves when they said that it liked being out...maybe in the sunshine, but certainly not in this weather at the moment.
On the way to Formby, we passed a farmhouse which has been pretty much derelict for a while. It had been bought by some people, who knocked out the windows and then left it!! We noticed today, that it has suddenly sprouted new double glazed windows, after being open to all the elements and the snow all Winter. Now today they are putting a new roof on!!! Seems a strange way of doing things to me.. Ah well maybe the builders know best.
I have an appointment at the eye clinic tomorrow morning quite early, so we will have to get moving tomorrow. VT is good at getting up though, he hears the alarm clock...I don't, unless a cat is treading all over me!So we will probably end up in Sainsburys for our weekend things. The only trouble is that when you go to this clinic, they put drops in your eyes, so you can't see a thing, especially when it is bright. Oh the joys of hospital appointments!!
Tonight we are having:
Roast butternut squash and sweet potato, VT fancied that for a change..
Something from the freezer to go with it.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

In Which VT Plays Coalman...

We ordered four bags of coal the other day, and was expecting it this morning.We got up fairly early for us, but were listening to the Radio 2 in the extension after our breakfast. Somehow we must have missed the doorbell because VT went out to see if the little cat was there, and came back to say there were four bags of coal in our front garden!
I think he was blaming me really, because he said the music was too loud...meaning I had it turned up to hear the Popmaster Quiz. Since I am as deaf as a post, it is the only way I can hear the questions.Poor VT..he does suffer with my bad hearing, often there must be times when I drive him mad with the sound being too loud, or having to repeat what he says so often. he has the patience of a Saint really..I wouldn't put up with me easily. I wonder what it must be like to have good hearing? There is one advantage to being deaf though, I take my ears out at night, and then I'm dead to the world.
Anyway, because the coal was in the front garden, VT had to hump it round to the back. This involves quite a long trip, along one entry, up a set of steps and the final entry at the back of all our houses. He was soon to be heard saying.."They earn their money these coalmen!"
Little Rusty was keeping an eye on him as he was doing this,she is a nosy little cat, and always wants to know what you are doing, so she follows him down the entry and stands on the step usually till he comes back...Aaaah.
Our next door neighbour rang up this morning too, to ask VT to turn off her mobile phone, she had left it on charge, so he said that the girl at the end house had a skip still outside the house, and did she want the old bike he ended up doing that as well.They are having a memorial service on Friday for him, down there in Chichester, that will be another hard day for her.

I have a couple of appointments this next few weeks, the eye clinic on Friday, then I had two appointments for the diabetic clinic, one for next Monday and the other a letter one for the Monday following, so I rang them, and it is the one the following week which is right. Good job i rang, or it would have been a wasted journet, and it is a faff going there.
Tonight we are having:

Maybe Spaghetti and meatballs, Or,
Quorn fillet in a sauce with rice and veggies.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Garden Plants...Too Early...

We nipped out this morning to Dobbies for a bit of a look round, and to see what plants they had etc., It was really cold actually, with quite a breeze blowing when we got there. They had on display some very pretty primroses, of some gorgeous colours, but it is too cold yet to be putting them out. VT said there was a frost last night, i thought it had gone cold.I don't think the green shoots of Spring are coming up yet a while.
We enjoyed our coffees, VT had a Latte and I had a black coffee. It was surprisingly busy actually, the half term makes a big difference, there were lots of grandparents there with their grandchildren, and young mums with buggies. The kids running around makes such a difference, and because of the weather they can't go outside, so the run round indoors. It is actually a horrible half term, I used to do things like get glasses done and go to the dentist etc,
VT went to let the little cat out before we went out, but it didn't want to stay out so he let it back in again. Then this afternoon he took it the ball we had bought for it, and it came out . I don't think it will be out for long though because it doesn't really like the cold. Our two are inside fast asleep in their respective baskets,they don't go out in the cold either.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn sausages and mushroom gravy,
Little squashed potatoes
Mixed carrots and beans.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day..

Come round quickly after Christmas. Also the start of the kids half term. which usually means we stop in a bit more to avoid the extra people! VT went out to Crosby yesterday to get a few things, so he got some veggies, just carrots and green beans, so that we didn't have to go out today. My plan was to use up some things from our stuffed up freezer this week, so wanted to avoid getting more stock up items.
We made a big batch of tomato sauce for the pizzas this morning, and this will be frozen in small tubs for each week. It usually lasts for months, VT reckons we will have enough to last to May!! We got some really good tinned tomatoes from Morrisons last week, on a buy one get two free offer, worked out at about 33p a tin, and they are beautiful toimatoes. Very thick juice so have done quite quickly. We add a bit of sugar, some boillon powder, seasoning, onion garlic puree and mixed herbs, then simmer the lot down for ages till it goes thick. Makes a beautiful sauce, and it costs a fortune to buy these days.
We did a load of clearing up after that, while watching the sauce. It's amazing where all the papers and magazines come from in our house.Looks a lot tidier now. One of the things that you notice when you finish work is that you tend to leave things lying around much more than when you are working. We tend to have big clear ups, then it is straight for a bit, then gradually gets untidy again.
When you catch sight of these property shows, it always amazes me the houses a clutter freem no-one ever has an untidy room anywhere. never a newspaper lying round, or a magazine or book.Where do they put it all??
My house is just lived in!!!
Tonight we are having:
Potato croquettes - from the freezer
Cheese and leek escalope - from the freezer
Cauliflower gratin - I made a while ago and froze,
Mushroom baked and left from last nights pizza.

Saturday, 12 February 2011


grrr indeed. Sometimes cmputers can be a real nuisance. VT went out as is his usual wont this morning, and i normally go on the computer. Would it turn on! Would it heck!!! i tried rebooting it and restarting it and clicking all the (fix it for me) little things that came up on the screen. But, nothing, no way was it going to start up.
Pain in the proverbial...
Anyway when VT came hom,e he did press a button at the back and got it working. no idea which, it's all a mystery to me.
There are lights on next door, VT usually goes in to put a light on for the cat, but he noticed they had some lights on all over, so he went to take the jkey back. Apparently they have come back to get some things, and are going back tonight so he is still looking after ginger girl for about another two weeks.
Terrible cat fight in our back garden this morning. It was ginger Thomas from next door the other way, and a very big bullyish black and white one that comes vidsiting. VT saud there was fur all over the garden. Thomas is a naughty boy, and he has already had a bad foght with this cat, and had to have an operation on his face which was infected. Aren't they naughty.
Tonight we are having:
Green Thai curry with quorn pieces
1/2 a packet of rice
stirfry begetables.

Friday, 11 February 2011

A Change is as Good as a Rest..

Since uit is Friday we went out to do our weekend shopping. VT had rung up the Vets to order some more tablets for little Rusty, so we decidied to go to ormskirk which is only a bit further on from there. The other reason is that we went on Tuesday primarily to get some fishless fingers from Holland and Barrats but they had run out. The girl did say that she would be getting some in tomorrow, so that decidid us.
So we parked in the car park behind M&S and walk through to H&B, and get some stuff from M&S while we were there. Bought four packs of fishless fingers since they were on a buy one get one 1/2 price great offer.Well chuffed with that.Bought almost their whole stock, but the freeze beautifully.
Then went to M&S and had a good look round there, lots of impulse buys, they do havee tempting things there.
Down to Morrisons. VT was grumbling about getting out of the car park because you have to cross the busiest road in Ormskirk, but there was a lady crossing at the traffic lights, so we got out of there imediately. Ha! That got him.
So, we drew into Morrisons just as a car was pulling out right by the entrance lucky there too. Had our coffee in there instead of our usual little cafe, and surprise surprise it was cheaper!! i had a lovely black one and VT had a Latte , a pack of shortbreads and it was £2.65.
Goat loads of shopping from there, surprised at the till it was only £42...bought loads of stockpile items as well. Tinned tomatoes for our pizza sauce, were buy one get two free!! works out at 33p a tin which is pretty good going for good tinned tomatoes.
Came out of Morrisons and I imediately turned right to go where we usually park, and realised that we were parked the other way! It's amazing how you get used to going the same way. Pavlovs dogs I suppose!
Home to the little ginger girl from next door greeting our car... what a little poppet she is, she has got into such a good routine, I wonder what will happen when she comes home?
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Chips!!! 200grms between us
Mushy peas for VT and green beans and carrots for moi
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Changed Plans...

Today we had planned to go to Southport on the train since we both have free passes. However, at about six o'clock or thereabouts the two cats decided to go walkabout. One...Bobby jumps on the bed with a big wallop, she is the bigger cat, crawls up to me and gives me the whisker torture. lovely, but not exactly what you want at that time of the morning. The other..little Rusty had been wobbling on my hip for some time before that, jumps off everyt time I move a leg, then comes back on me. They never go on VT in the morning, which is a bit silly since he is the one that feeds them! So I wake up, go along to the bathroom and that wakes VT up who does the same. It is too early to get up of course, neither of us are early risers anyway, so we settle down for another snooze...Ha!!! three hours later we eventually move.
So, it was too late to go to Southport, but no matter we can go again.
I did a big bathroom clean and VT sorted out next door with the little cat there. It has been such a good cat, beautifully behaved, and has only ben out one night in all of the eight weeks he has been looking after it. I wonder what is going to happen to her, poor little thing, at lerast it has been looked after really well. VT is a very good "Concierge"
Tonight we are having:
Left over vegetables,
Cheesey kievs and mnushrooms
Sliced potatoes..8oz.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

In Which We...

Did bits and pieces. Sometimes you wonder where the day goes you do a bit of this and a bit of that and before you know it, it is teatime.
I began the day with a pile of ironing, mostly the bedding which needs a lot of ironing with it being Egyptian Cotton. Gorgeous bedding to sleep on, but my word it does get creased in the washing machine. Never mind it is worth it. VT started to do some clearing up, and sorted out a pile of papers that have been creeping up. He went to sort the little cat out next door, and she was sitting in the window waiting for him. It's a lovely little ginger girl with a funny tail that has a bump at the end. very independant,but he has got it beautifully trained now. It will be six weeks tomorrow that they went away, and no idea when she is coming back.
Jane rang up at lunchtime...she is a naughty girl because she hasn't rung for about three weeks, but she said she is at home and hasn't anything interesting to say. As if that matters!! She finally has an appointment for the special injections that she needs on the 23rd, so hope that will help.
VT went to post a letter and came back to say that a bloke doing some work in the end house said there was some room in the skip if he wanted to use it. So he came in and got rid of quite a few bits from the garden that needed throwing away.
Talking of skips...I always remember the sketch in "One Foot in the Grave" where Victor Meldrew had a skip and the next morning it was full..including a 2CV car perched on top" Hilarious.
The men were laying gravel in the garden of the end house and they had too much so they gave VT some, and the Dentist two doors down took two whellbarrow loads for their front garden. Quite a little community our road.
Tonight we are having:
Moussaka with root vegetables, mushrooms and a cheese sauce topping.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes...

Woke up this morning to a lovely sunny day, no winds gusting around, and so we decided to go over to Ormskirk for some fresh air. Nice journey there, and the fields round Ormskirk are not too waterlogged, but ditvches are full.
Actually the furry alarm clocks woke me up this morning. Little Rusty has taken to jumping on the bed, then ending up on my hip which is really annoying, but you just can't move her, she is so sweet. I keep thinking that I would have given anything for her to be on my hip when she was missing.
Bought a new top for wearing around the house from the Bon Marche shop. They have some great bargains in their sales, and I rarely come out without something. They are getting their summer stuff in now so a good time to pick up some cooler spring things.
We had a coffee in our usual little cafe which was quite busy today, and thank goodness they didn't have their horrible big television blaring out parliament question time. At least you could hear yourself think today.
Quick stop in Morrisons to get a few things to get our free oparking, then home for lunch.
Guess who came running out to greet our car...The little ginger girl. She is a real sweetie. She was waiting to be let in, he has got her so well trained now.
Tonight we are having:
Casserole with a cheesey topping.

Monday, 7 February 2011

A Gusty Day!!

Really blowy and stormy today. The trees at the back of the house in the distance are waving like crazy, with a lot of them being conifers, they are very noticeable.
our cats don't like the wind, it makes them jumpy and they tend to run out and straight back in again.
VT went and let the little ginger girl out this morning, came back in for his breakfast, and when he went to get the papers it was in the front garden miaowing to be let in again.. They were under the impression that it liked to be out all the time, but VT says that it doesn't actually. If the weather is didgy it will hang around waiting to be let in. It is such a shame that it doesn't have a cat flap like ours, but with it being a rented house that is a problem.
We went to Sainsbury's in Crosby for our Monday veggies. I was astounded at the state of the ditches and fields between our village and Crosby. The ditches were full to overflowing, and the fields were like lakes!! Some of them had such deep water that
they had waves on them!! The poor farmers are going to have to do some draining before they work the fields this spring. You can see how flooding happens, especially in the lowlands.
Bought our usual selection of veggies, and a couple of stock items, and home in time for our coffees.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope of some sort
Mixed vegetables with a hollandaise sauce,
Baby baked potatoes.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Happy Anniversary Little Rusty!!

It is five years today since our little Rusty went missing. Can't believe how the time has gone so quickly. It was a Tuesday when she went, just disappeared and we didn't get her back for five weeks. We traipsed all over the village, and put posters up everywhere, and in the local shops. everyone was very good actually, and we did get a few sightings, and eventually she was found in one of the big houses over the line. The owner had seen her picture in the shop and given us a phone. VT went racing over and it was her...hiding under a bush in their garden. He called her name and she had a moments hesitation and then came ryunning to him. She was sooo thin, but soon recovered. She hasn't done that again!!! Touch Wood!!
Very wet yesterday (Saturday). VT didn't go out anywhere because he has strained his back and is on the Ibuleve ointment. I can tell his back is bad because he is walking with a list to one side, but he says it is better this morning...noty that I believe him!
We had Chinese last night with it being the Chinese New Year, so we had
Sweet and Sour sauce
Stir Fried vegetables and a portion of seaweed from Waitrose.
Today (Sunday) he went out to Crosby,he went for the free loaf that was advertised in the paper, but they didn't have any in that shop.Never mind... He came back with some things from the Bargain shop. They are very good for cat biscuits and cat food, and special lines that are ends of lines like 4 bottles of Echo Falls spritzer drink for 2.99. It was really nice too, we had some for lunch.
The crosswords this afternoon were quite easy today. Mine had a T.S.Eliot theme and wasn't too hard at all. So those are done and dusted for another week. i do enjoy doing the crosswords they keep your mind going.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our own bread dough and tomato sauce,
Pineapple, mushrooms mixed roasted vegetables, and mixed cheeses.
Potato salad for moi and rice salad for VT
Potato and egg green salad.
Yum Yum

Friday, 4 February 2011

A Very Blowy Day...

Woke up this morning to a really gusty windy day. The trees are waving like mad, and my poor little Buddha had blown over in the garden. He is right again now, and smiling blissfully at the world.

We were going to go to ASDA over in Southport, but we decided to go to Waitrose in Formby instead. Had a good look round there, and chatted to the woman from the chemist in the cat food aisle, she has four cats. Funny the people you meet in the cat food aisle! Treated ours to some Waitrose chicken, hope they appreciate it, I suspect not.
VT bought some more food for the little ginger girl next door, It is our neighbours funeral/cremation today,so it is a sad day for that family. It is down in Chichester which is quite a way away, but they were there for Christmas. Poor woman, her whole world is changed. Such a shame, and so quick really. The kids will be devastated, they are in their early twenties, but they were a close family. it will be so hard for her coming back here.
VT has just been in next door to sort the cat out. She didn't stay out for long today, I don't think cats like the wind, I know ours don't.
Tonight we are having:
Pasties from Waitrose..VT's favourite
Rice pudding (microwave)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Groundhog Day!!

VT said that it was groundhog day in the States yesterday actually, but it seemed like it was here today.
VT had an appointment at the dentist in Waterloo this morning at 10.30. Exactly a year since his last one. We drove to Waterloo, parked in the library car park, and he walked down to his dentist while I had a look round the library. Got a few books, nothing very exciting really but some different ones to look at, and was sitting having a read of the paper when I was tapped on the shoulder. He got back very quickly. Nothing done his teeth are stable, so he has made another appointment for the same day next year! Definitely a case of Deja Vu going on here.
From there we went on to have a look at Aldi, but didn't see anything much there either, got some little limited edition toblerone mini bars for our treat jar, and that was about it. From there we went to the garden centre in Ince and had our free February coffee. Lovely gift shop there, they have a lot of things that you covet, but we have enough. I did buy a little red hand crafted heart to hang over the fireplace where we put the Christmas Noel sign this year. There is a hook there and it looked bare, so this fits beautifully.

The space has looked really bare since we took the Noel it's alright now.
Ginger girl met us when we came home, AND the little black and white one from down the road. Maybe they are breeding! Our two are fast asleep on the bed but they came down when we came in, because they know it is chicken time...cupboard love!
Tonight we are having:
Sliced and sauteed new potatoes, 8oz
Cauliflower cheese from the freezer,
Something to go with from the freezer.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Happy Birthday John...

My brother in Perth west Australia is Eighty today! I have just looked up the birth/wedding certificates, and found that he was 25 when he got married in 1956 so that makes him eighty today. he is my big brother, I am 16 years younger. I wish I had realised that he was eighty, I could have got him a better card. We had a real problem getting a nice brother card..they were either too footbally or beer mugs or cars etc., and in the end we settled for a standard one..but it did have a nice design.
He has packed quite a lot into his life..he did his National Service in the Suez crisis..emigrated to Australia to Queensland as a £10 Pommie. Came back then returned a few years later to Perth this time. He and Ann have four children, all married with families of their own, and they have toured the coast of Australia TWICE some years ago. Quite adventurous in its own right that is. So Happy birthday John XXXX

VT had had a cat day today! He has been attending to the little ginger girl next door, sorting her out, and getting her food done etc., he got a letter today from our neighbours sister which said that she will be with them for a whiole yet...the funeral is on Friday, I feel so sorry for her..her whole life has been turned around, and since they live in a rental property that is another worry. You just never know what is going to happen. He was on their roof in late November mending their sattelite dish..can't get over that.
Then VT went down to the Post Office a nd had a conversation with the woman who looks after the ginger cat the other side when she is away... then he took a parcel to the girl at the end house and was stroking their cat which is a Pedigree Persian and a house cat. Quite a little catty community along here! Then there are the visitors..a very big black and white one which comes around the back and bullies the others..and a little black and white one which comes to the front and is really sweet. Only one dog..a big dalmatian in the house at the other end of the road.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn fillets in sauce with mushrooms
1/2 a pack of white rice
Green vegetable medley to go with.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hares and Rabbits...

February the first today...already! Just where did january go to? It doesn't seem long since Christmasand here we are with no sign of Christmas in the shops, and everywhere full of Valentine cards etc.,
Nipped out today mainly because VT wanted to get a car wash. His car was filthy, but the bad weather has put him off getting one till today. it was quite a nice dry day today, and definitely not as cold as it has been. I put a slightly thicker jumper on today, and was a bit too warm actually, but I won't be putting my wintery things away just yet though.
After the car wash and dose of petrol...which is getting to be a horrendous price, we went along to Dobbies for a look round and coffee. Didn't spot anything that I wanted to buy actually, and it is too early for the spring bulbs, even though they had plenty out. Beautiful bowls of primroses, and spring flowers, but I think there still might be frosts so so will leave them for a while. Maybe the end of the month.
VT let the ginger girl out this morning when he went for the paper, and she showed up just after we returned home. She hears the car drive up, and sits waiting to be let in.

My orchid plant is still in beautiful bloom. It flowered on the 1st of december, and here we are on the 1st of February and it is still flowering. What a star.And the colours are as bright as they were on the first day of flowering. That was a good buy. VT bought it for me on my birthday July18th a year aned a half ago. he did repot it in orchid compost, and given it some tlc, and i expected it to flower on or around July again, but no, it waited until December. the snows were on the ground and it decided to flower!! Unbelievable.
Tonight we are having:
Toad in the hole and mushroom gravy,
Carrots and mashed potatoes.8oz.