Thursday, 10 November 2016

One in One Out !

In a nutshell, I stopped in and Vin went out today, or this morning to be exact.  We had to return the monitor that I had been attached to since yesterday by ten o'clock, which would have meant us getting up very early again. That isn't good for me as it takes me a while to come round in the morning. Vin,  probably very sensibly volunteered to take it back for me, because he said he  could get there quickly. When we went to Dobbies yeaterday we also spotted a lovely large Colony candle in a mulled wine flavour on offer for £10 and he said he would call in there very quickly to get one.  They are running a %20 off everything week too so it would possibly make it cheaper too, and in fact it did. It was only £8, which is a bargain for a huge candle.
Poor Vin still has his cold it is really hanging in there, he's had it for a full week now, and the cough is still bad, despite him taking the cough mixture and throat sweets. It isn't as bad as it was last weekend though so maybe it is on the wane.Fingers crossed.
The nights are really drawing in now, as I type this it is around four thirty and already going dark. I am expecting our Jane to be ringing up any time soon, I think she is on nine to half four today. Her shifts are absolutely terrible poor girl, but it does seem that it is the same in all the hospitals. I don't know how they keep track of them all. Be stuck without their phones I suspect.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Out (Eventually!)

I had an appointment at Southport hospital this morning at 10.O'Clock, so it was an early rise for us this morning. Nice coffee and  cow biscuit to get up with, then breakfast. Quick visit to bathroom again before going down and then the trouble started, the time was getting on and Vin was getting fidgety so he rang them up and they said go in when you can.  We did get there, and waited a very short while then went in to be fitted with the monitor.So now I am walking bags! :)  Good news is that  I son't actually have to be there tomorrow so Vin can take it off me  and take it in quickly. 
Well we have a new American President! Donald Trump of has won their election much to everybody's surprise. We shall have to wait and see what sort of a job he does. The television is wall to wall of what happened there.
Trouble is today with the net, so it took me an age to get signed on  hence the post is short and sweet! 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Scary Season Gone!

Halloween been and gone, and bonfire night too for that matter. No problems this year, no kids ringing the doorbell or little cats to worry about with the fireworks. I always feel sorry for pets at this time of the year it can be so scary for them.
I suppose it will be all systems go for the run up to Christmas now. I got a parcel this morning with two packs of meat free burger mix which is our christmas dinner basically. I make it into a meat loaf which we can have with gravy and all of the other trimmings.  We all enjoyed it last year, the only snag was that Holland and Barratt had stopped selling it, and no-one else had it, so I ended up buying it  online but at least it was there. 
Poor Vin has had a terriable cold for the last four or five  days, he has had an awful hacking cough which he got some cough mixture for from the shop in the village,. Saturday he was quite bad, he would have been better in bed really but he wouldn't go, and stuck it out downstairs. Thankfully he seems a bit better today but the cough is hanging on there. Trouble is it has left him a deaf, and he is shouting all the time and has the television volume up loud. I offered him my hearing aid the other night and he got really cross at that. It was meant as a joke really, but he didn't see it that way at all :)
Jane has just rung up  she is having a lazy day today, she says it is too cold to go anywhere.So she is staying in her pyjamas  with her electric balanket on. Good for her she deserves that. 

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Out for Us!

For once we had nothing on today, no appointments, district nurses coming or anything so we thought we would go somewhere for a coffee. So off we went to Costa in the Tesco in Formby. It is ages since we went there actually, and it made a nixce change to just go somewhere for us. 
Quite busy but there were the odd spaces,and we sat at a table facing the bar area in the soft squashy seats. These are the ones you sink into :)  Vin went off to get the coffees using one of our cards, He came back with two Lattes, one was a Honeycomb one and mine was a skinny one. The only trouble was that he came back with the Massimo size which is huge, far  bigger than I would normally have. In fact the cup is so big it has two handles. I kept asking him why he bought that size and he eventually admitted that it was a mistake. However, it was very nice coffee.:)
Very dull day today, in fact it was just starting to drizzle when we came home, and very dark everywhere, it was a case of putting lights on in each room you went in.  It is going dark much earlier now,It is dark at around five o'clock now. Summertime has totally gone.
On the way back from Costa Vin carried along the by-pass to the garden centre over the way to get some plants to put in the hanging baskets, so he can fill them with some winter colour. This he will do tomorrow, because the only thing we have on is the district nurse visit. He got some lovely primroses, pretty mixed colours that will give a nice touch of colour in the back yard. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Truly Autumn Now.

Not like New England but the trees round here are quite nice, and the leaves are coming down thick and fast.They are still crispy, so hopefully the council will sweep them before it rains. Vin has swept some up and will put some in the green bin maybe?

5 bags of smokeless Supertherm came at 1.50pm and should help over the winter....Vin burns it with hardwood Latvian dry logs which he cracks into quarters......must hav a Lumberjack in him somewhere. Anyway thats half the heating allowance gone!!!
Just hope it doesn't get this cold.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Eye Eye!

Today the big event was to get to   Specsavers  to get an eye test. I had been getting reminders for years and made previous appointments but had to cancel them for a variety of reasons, illness or in hospital etc., so in the end it was five years since I had last been! 
Anyway  went along today, drove into Formby and Vin dropped me off outside the front of the shop. After he had made sure I got into the shop he went to park the car in the back of the shop. . 50p for an hour!!! amazed  at that. No wonder there are so many complaints in the free papers!
So to the eye test. Two parts to it actually, the first consisted of the girl using three machines to get different reactions, ending up with the one for glaucoma where it puts a puff of air into  ther back of the eyes. No matter how often I have that done it still makes you jump. The second was the actual test itself. Same chap that did it the last time, very thorough too. Much simpler test these days they have changed in all those years. Ended up with a prescription which led me to the main shop to choose some glasses. After a bit of a look round selected two nice pairs, on offer at two for £89., the only extra is extra for the bifocal lenses so I can use them for reading.  One is a maroon shade and the other is more of a lighter red.  Vin checked them for me to make sure they looked ok on me. It is difficult when you are looking through empty frames :)  When all measured and sorted paid, getting a Medi-cash receipt, Vin has already filled that in and sent it iff bless him. 
Leaving there we came home via Waitrose, got a few things that we get from there, coffee biscuits that are gorgeous. Looking forward to trying them tomorrow !!!