Thursday, 31 July 2008

Slap or Not to Slap...

No..not corporal punishment..make-up slap. Yesterday and today I came up, got my slap on, and got ready to go out. Yesterday VT spent the morning on the computer so it was too late to go anywhere. This morning we were intending to go and get some memory for the puter, and then he went online to see what kind to get. he found a website specialising in memory sales and they had the one we need for £10 cheaper. So we ended up not bothering again. Oh well never mind eh.
Waiting for two parcels actually, a top I have ordered for Christmas!! and a pair of Dr Scholl shoes I have bought in the sales for £20. Bargain really.
Mixed day today, keeps going dark then lighter, supposed to be rainy, but nothing has materialised. Looks like it though.
tonight we are having:
Something with asparagus. I have the best part of a packet left.
Carrots and green beans,
Potatoes, saute I think.
Then something from the freezer..not sure what yet.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Computer problems..

VT spent the morning on the computer trying to do something about the slow speed of it. he got in touch with Compaq, and eventually got through to a helpful bloke who got him to do a few things on it. Anyway he has done something to rearrange the files on it, and has given it a "spring clean" and it is completely different, much faster.
Hopefully, the crosswords on Sunday will not take so long to do between each clue now..that will be a real bonus.
I downloaded some photos on to the Delia site, and managed to do that ok when he told me what to do, so that's a bonus as well.
Last night we did have the Green Thai Curry, which was really tasty, with carrots and beans.
Tonight we are having:
Either peppered steaks or Lamb steaks,
Cabbage and leek steamed then done in a stirfry with a little creme fraiche.
Some roasted plum tomatoes maybe.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Strange Day...

very odd day today, sort of quiet and still. The weather is funny, hot and warm and sunny in patches, then it goes blackish and dark and thundery looking, but no storms yet. Then the sun comes out again, I suppose you would say changeable.
We went to the garden centre this morning, VT wanted to get some stones for the fountain to change the appearance of it. he has put a new pump in it, and cleaned it up, and wanted some different stones around the top. So he settled for plum slate chippings which look good.
Home for coffee well that saves a fiver, and he went to do the garden in between the rainy spells.
Finally sent a letter off to Australia to John and Ann this morning. My letters to themtend to be done very much in fits and bursts, and over quite a long time, I expect they are very bitty to read. it cost £1.56 to post, but it was 6 pages long, and had some photos of Jane that she had sent from her holiday in Tenerife.
Tonight we are having:
Not actually sure really,
Maybe pasta with asparagus, or a green thai curry and a bit of rice, yes I think probably that, we haven't had one of those for ages, and I have some mushrooms to use up. I could do some cabbage to go with too. We shall see.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Poor Gordon!! and Countdown!!

I started this blog on the day that Gordon Brown became the Prime Minister, just over a year ago now. The papers are full of his Cabinet Members, and back benchers who want him to go. The labour party have had a few disastrous results in the latest elections, and look in a bad way. At least our healthy eating plan is doing better! He is on holiday at the moment, and has been pictured in a jacket etc walking in Norwich or somewhere. david cameron is in shorts and shirt on his holiday too. He seems to be on a roll at the moment.
News today is that the pier at Weston Super Mare has burnt down overnight. Looks very bad too, it is a shame since it had only just been refurbished for £1million pounds.
And...what about Countdown!! what a fiasco this is turning out to be. first Des O'Connor announces that he is leaving, the Carol vorderman announces she is leaving too!!! What a shame. the show will definitely not be the same without her. 26 years she has been on Countdown, and they want her to take a massive pay cut to carry on. BIG mistake producers.
Terrible names being put forward..Mylene Klass?? God Forbid! and other wqually stupid ones like Ulrika Johnson and similar. God Help us. I don't know why it has to be a "Name" at all, that's the kiss of death if you ask me. What a real shame..poor Richard Whitely would be turning over in his grave.
Very warm and sunny today, we nipped into crosby this morning to get a few things from Sainsbury's, just had the 1/2 hour parking and home for a cup of coffee.
tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes..gruyere and leek
vegetables, not sure what yet,
Potatoes, might do a gratin with a little cheese sauce.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Quick Crosswords

What a blasted pest..I was typing away and the computer made a strange noise, and the whole blog that I had done and nearly finished disappeared!!!
So...what I remember is...
The crosswords were really quick and easy today, I'm sure they are getting easier. VT had done most of the MOS one downstairs and I only had a few easy ones to finish on the net. The other two we finished without any problems at all. We didn't even have to look at the Quizzes and Answers site at all today, which is quite unusual.
Very hot today, VT went out for a very short while but it is too warm for him, and the cats are in the shade. Bobby is on the little green chair in the corner of the garden in the shade, and Rusty is in the middle room under the table in the corner in the shade. very wise. The patchwork quilt is drying beautifully on the line. VT washed that yesterday in the machine, since it is finally too hot to have it on the bed!
I made a Laucke bread this morning in the machine, a German Rye one which has a good flavour, then we did the pizza dough for later. We have a good recipe for that now, have perfected that over the months.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our dough, and home made tomato sauce,
Fresh pineapple, meatless sausage which is like pepperoni, mozzarella cheese,
Salad with avocado, baby yellow plum tomatoes, cucumber etc., and seeds to top off.
Potato salad, and rice/couscous salad for VT.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Su Sun Sun!

Very warm today, and very sunny, for the first time for absolutely ages. The sun is blazing through the window this afternoon. VT went out but didn't stay out long, came in and said it was too hot for him out there.
Ordered a couple of things from QVC this morning..A Christmas top!! from Quacker Factory in the sale..only £10, a nice bright red colour with a lovely christmas tree on the front. And, a pair of Scholl sandals with gelactive bases. They only had my size 7s, and only in brown, but they were £23 instead of £40 so a very good buy. A bargain in fact, looking forward to getting those.
Nothing much doing on the websites today, everyone must be out in the sunshine with their glasses of wine.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese as usual, Spring Rolls,
Stir fry vegetables,
4oz Egg fried rice, and spring onion and ginger sauce.

Friday, 25 July 2008


Pain in the neck!!!! I came up here after our lunch to log on and have a bit of a browse of the main sites I use, and it took me 45MINUTES to Log on !!! What is all that about as they say?? What a waste of time, and it leaves you no time at all to look at things. 45 minutes I ask you..what a pain.
Took my money to ASDA this morning..VT went to Boots to put his camera thingy in the machine, but it wouldn't he went to use the ASDA one..a load of very odd photos came up. I don't think he knows what he is doing really. They were supposed to be the nice pictures of Jane from her holiday, so that was a shame, I wanted to send them to John and Ann in Australia.
Bought our usual things for the weekend in asda, and a few stockpile items as well. They have some very good deals at present..vine tomatoes for £1 a pack which is really good.Avocados for 50p each. I think it is a really good food shop it's a pity it takes so long to get there, about 20mins and quite heavy traffic. Nice run back along the coast road though.
Got my new Waitrose card this morning with the wrod dates on it..valid from 07/08-03/08!!! what's that about? Rang them up and they are sending a new one.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
beans for moi and peas for VT
Tomato and tartare sauce.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Cheap Day..

Spent no money today, apart from my magazines that I usually get on a Thursday. I'm up to four now, all puzzle ones so I do them over the week.
Don't really read the stories unless it is one that is interesting or catches my eye, mostly they are minging as the saying goes.
Did some ironing this morning before the weekend and it all mounts up again, and had a quiet day otherwise. Lovely bath this afternoon with my candles and my bood..very relaxing. I have started a new book, "The Outcast" by Sadie someone, and it is looking quite good so far. A fairly classy read after the James Pattison one I finished yesterday..Step on a Crack. I enjoyed that.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer, like Kievs,
Baked potatoes,
All the leftover vegetables from the fridge, plus mushrooms sauteed in a little creme fraiche.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Got some lovely pictures from Jane today, of her holiday in Tenerife. She has a T-Shirt on saying..Never ever ever ever ever ever give up!! Maybe that is about her degree.....hahaha..Went to Ormskirk this morning and it was really hot we actually walked round without a coat on. Bought some nice tops in the sale from Bon Marche, really cheap and will do for wearing round the house. Went into Morrisons to get a few things to pay for the arking, and bought 6 bottles of Arniston Bay wine. This was 3.99 and 5% off for buying 6 bottles. Godd deal that. For some reason today the next row down button won't work, it does that sometimes, so this blog will look like an essay rather than paragraphs. Ah well never mind these things are sent to try us. I rang up for the appointment this morning to the dieticians clinic, and the first one they could offer me was 28th October!!! Good Grief. Tonight we are having: Pasta with asparagus, green beans and peas..all fresh. a sort of pasta primaverde.With a touch of parmesan and a slice of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


First..the phone went this morning but couldn't get to it in time..anyway it was Specsavers to say my glasses were ready. So that meant a quick trip into Formby to get them. I had a plain glass put into the right lens because the cataract op has altered the sight somewhat. That was good, now I have glasses that don't make me look like an idiot.
Then went to TESCO for bits of shopping..that's a joke, came out having spent £44!! and we only went in for a few veggies!!
I did buy a book "The Outcast" and VT picked up a jar of coffee he fancied for £4.99!!! some sort of Parisian coffee by nescafe. He also picked up a can of posh Charles Worthington deodorant which is quite expensive the poundies mount up don't they.
After lunch I decided to have a look at the Klimt exhibition at the Tate Liverpool online. I wanted to go and see this, so wanted to book the tickets. He started puffing and blowing, and always makes a big thing of going anywhere..unless it is something he wants to go to. Anyway tickets are booked for 5th August at 11 O'Clock. I have a lovely figure downstairs of one of the Klimt women, so I at any rate am looking forward to that.
Tonight we are having:
Potatoes of some sort..
Soft cheese and ham style escallopes,
Carrots and tenderstem broccoli.

Monday, 21 July 2008


Nice day a parcel from QVC that I sent for last week. A new black handbag from Stone Mountain range, just the right size and lovely soft leather. Also got a parcel from John and Ann my brother and his wife in Australia, for my birthday. It is a beautiful scarf, in lovely colours of blue, red and gold, just right for the new coat I bought. A really really pretty new necklace in glass which is the most lovely shade of purple, and a sweet little bood of cat stickers. So thoughtful.
Then Emma came to do my hair at 1.30. She is still with her boyfriend Russell, and there are developments..she is pregnant. This is lovely news, and she is really thrilled and so am I. She has been coming to us for years, ever sinceJane was very small, and she just comes to us because I don't get my hair done very often..mostly a cut and colour about two or three times a year. Can't believe she is pregnant..lovely news.
Nice hairdo too..makes a big difference.
Because she was coming we had a quick sandwich, so Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad left over from last night, which we usually have at lunch time but couldn't.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Lots To Do...

Busy day on a Sunday really. VT went into Maghull to get a few things as he usually does on a Sunday. He went to get a few vegetables, so we don't have to go out tomorrow.
Emma who does our hair is coming at 1.30 so we need to get the house straight before she comes. We tidy up and do the floor in the kitchen, bathroom etc., so everywhere is tidy and nice. She is a great girl, we first went to her when she was in a hairdressers in Formby, then she went mobile, then she went to train to be a Radiographer, which she is doing now at Clatterbridge. But, she still does a little bit of hairdressing as well. Thank Goodness.
I dread the day she gives it up....
We made a beautiful loaf of Sourdough Oatmeal bread this morning, and our Pizza base, and a batch of roast vegetables. So all is set for our tea tonight.
The eye is doing good today, VT is still putting the drops in, 4 times a day, has to do that for a month.
Just loistening to the golf from birkdale in the background, and there was an enonmous cheer for greg Norman who had been leading but dropped down today. it was won by an Irish man who won it last year. Podraig hamilton???
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with home made base, and tomato sauce,
Salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado cucumber etc.
Side salads..potato salad and rice salad.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Windy Golf..

I can't believe I have just spent half an hour or even longer watching the golf on the television from Birkdale. it is sunny, and the rain kept off, but it is extremely windy, and it is causing real confusion on the course, with a lot of balls going off kilter. Ah will give them a challenge.
Had a really lovely meal last night, the little tarts, and the salad were delicious, and the cheesecake, raspberries and cream for pudding were sublime. it is a long time since I have had such gorgeous raspberries. from heredfordshire apparently, and the most beautiful rich red colour.No seedy bits, and full of flavour. Well done Waitrose, and only £1.99 too..excellent price.
Nothing much in the papers today, very quiet, and no news to speak of. The magazines full of the usual rubbish, with articles about summer clothing..that's a joke.
The little cats are asleep and quiet too. They appear at about 1.30 for their chicken treat, and Rusty hangs around for her bit of dip, then they about cupboard love..
Just shown a film on the news about the Pope's visit to Australia, and beautiful blue skies there..and it's their Winter. The world is going mad.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese, Spring Rolls,
Stir fry vegetables,
4oz Egg fried rice.

No pudding tonight..that was a real treat last night, and we have had a half a scone this afternoon with the rest of the raspberries and cream..Yum Yum...

Friday, 18 July 2008

Happy Birthday To Me...Happy Birthday To Me...

62 Today..My aren't we ageing!
Nice card from VT, and Jane rang this morning to wish me happy birthday. Apart from that a nearly normal day.
The eye is better today, don't want to rub it today like I did yesterday.Must be settling down.
Took my money to Waitrose and M&S this morning, and bought a few treats. We are having a PUDDING tonight...Big Treat. Since we have been on the Healthy Eating Plan we don't eat puddings..Honestly..apart from Christmas and VERY special occasions.
Funny in Waitrose. VT said use your Waitrose card or it will be getting de activated so I did. Stood for ages, and it was blocked apparently. Had to wait for the supervisor to unblock the machine, and tried again..same thing happened..then the cashier said maybe it is out of two years!!!!!!!! Red faces all used my Nat West one which is well used.
Bad Idea VT.

Tonight we are having:
Gruyere and Spinach Tarts,
Side salad of lettuce, toasted walnuts, egg and potato, blue cheese and dressing.
New York Cheesecake,
fresh Raspberries,
Clotted Cream.....Is that yummy or what!!
Many Happy Returns Jenny Nine Toes XXX

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Awoke this morning to quite a breezy day, cold and wet. it is the first day of the British Open just down the road at Birkdale Gold Course. This is right on the coast, and is very open to the elements, the television pictures show the flags on the greens blowing like mad, and the spectators mostly with golf umbrellas and windcheaters. Poor sods!
We were going out today but decided not to since the weather was so wet looking, mind you it has cleared up a bit now and there was a bit of sunshine out just now.
The eye is recovering apace, and is not so sore this morning, we still put the eye drops in four times a day, and these sting like mad, but it is all for the good.
Tonight we are having:
Totally no idea...
Something with mashed potatoes, and carrots. Apart from that it will be something out of the freezer.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Cataract Be Gone!

No blog yesterday, ran out of time actually. I had an appointment at Walton Day Centre for a Cataract operation to be done at 12.O'Clock.
Time arrived quickly, and VT drove me there at the right time. Was undressed, eye dropped, and done by 2.30. Out and on the way home by3.30. Patch was the worst bit really, or rather the awful plastic strip that they use to stick it in place. Endured that all night and was extremely glad to take that off this morning. Only trouble is that my glasses are now useless,at least one lens is, so VT has taken the lens out, and I am now like Jack Duckworth with wonky glasses!
Vision is much better this morning..the net curtain effect has gone, and I'm not looking out through a fog now. Not going out today however since it is a bit blowy, and I don't want to get anything in the eye which is a bit sore..but hey..can put up with that!
Last night we had:
A pack of Quorn Bolognese Ravioli, with..
A jar of Weightwatchers tomato and mascarpone sauce,
A couple of tspns of parmesan and 2 slices of garlic bread.
Very tasty actually. It is a new range, and we would definitely have it again.
Very impressed with the weightwatchers sauces, we have had the curry one a few weeks ago, and the tomato one last night. Excellent.

Tonight we are having:
No idea really.
Brocolli with a cheese sauce,
Sausages maybe, or a tomato fillet,

God Bless the NHS anyway.
Jane went of to Tenerife yesterday, hasn't rung us up yet or texted or anything..probably sunning herself. Which is more than we are doing!
Some mashed potatoes

Monday, 14 July 2008

Funny Monday..

Woke up this morning a bit under the weather for some reason. Very dizzy and everywhere was swimming. Went down for breakfast, and VT went off to Formby Tesco to get the veggies, recovered by mid morning. I wonder if it is the tablets I am on? Who knows?
VT is outside burning the weeds with his weed gun. They grow everywhere! We have a paved back garden, with lots of tubs, and it was meant to be low maintenance, but it is far from that actually, weeds grow in between all the paving cracks, and they are very hard for him to keep at bay. I hate gardening, don't take after my Dad who was a wonderful gardener. He used to have the back garden like a proper cottage garden, but very high maintenance. It was his hobby though, and he was always in the garden, either front or back.
Tonight we are having:
New potatoes..squashed,
Carrots and peas and green beans,
Mushroom sauce.
Just something simple tonight, since tomorrow I am going to Walton Day Hospital to have my Cateract done. It is four years since I had the left eye done, so it is the right eye's turn. Hopefully my vision will be a bit more balanced, at the moment it is like looking through a net curtain on one side, which gives a distorted view.
Nice easy tea tonight then.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

"Awoke this morning to the calls of nature"

Actually two little dogs barking..which you don't often hear these days. It got VT up to get our coffee so did us a favour.
Beautiful day today, sun is shining, and not much of a breeze. VT is sitting in the garden as I type this, getting a tan, with Bobby at his side. She is a funny little cat, she loves company actually, and will greet you in the garden, and rub round your legs, and maybe jump on a lap if she feels like it.
I thought there would be barbecues out today, but can't smell any yet. They have been few and far between this year, think there will be a lot on sale at the garden centres this late summer.
Made a nice wholemeal loaf from the Laucke range this morning. We often make Sourdoughs on a Sunday, but decided on a change. When that was done, we put our Pizza dough in, and that is rising nicely, waiting to be finished off. Then did the batch of roasted vegetables, so all is done for tea.
The crosswords were quite easy this afternoon, and we did them very quickly, all except two. One was a plant, and the other was a word. Put the clues into the Quizzes and Answers site and there was an answer in a couple of minutes. Wish we had that site years ago, it would have saved a lot of time in the past.
VT went off to Maghull this morning to return a DVD which was scratched, and he got another. Blockbusters have a good deal, 4 for £10, which is a good buy, and he has got some smashing dvd's. One is a George Clooney one..Michael Clayton.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with home made dough, Goat cheese,
Salad with baby plum tomatoes, and avocado. Also some new seed toppings I got from ASDA which look like a good mix.
Home made tomato sauce, we made last week, a batch of about 8 tubs full to last us.

Saturday, 12 July 2008


Yes it is actually sunny today, just enough to hang the washing out, but still has to be dried a bit in the drier. Ah Well.
Nothing much doing today, very quiet so just having a bit of a mooch about the net. i read the Delia online site, and the Delia FSM site, I think that is what it is called. QVC I always have a look at, and a few other sites I look at most days. Sometimes I have a bit of a browse, but generally stick to the same ones. Had a look at a site written by a woman on the Delia site, she has just started it, and it is about her battle with Breast cancer. What a brute of a disease that it. Sometimes it seems that it is caught early, and others not until the damage is done. She is 36 with a husband and an eight year old son. She has written often about her medical procedures, but I had thought it was on the mend, I remember her saying a bit ago that her hair was growing again and she had been for her first haircut. I was thinking of Carolyn Auld as I was reading hers, she was such a lovely person, with a little girl of 8, she was so thrilled with her. I bet Kathryn misses her mum.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese Spring Rolls, from ASDA. For some reason they have started to do Vegetarian ones again,
4oz egg fried rice,
Stir fried vegetables,

Friday, 11 July 2008

Still Cool...Back in Sweatshirt...

Cold again today, certainly not warm enough to go out without a coat, at least not for me.
We took our money off to ASDA this morning, don't friday's come round quickly, at least twice a week I reckon. We haven't been to Asda for a while actually so we stocked up on some of the things we normally buy from there. It is a cheap shop, and things like their frozen vegetarian ranges are excellent, Garlic Kievs, Spinach and leek tarts, Swedish style meat balls, at 2 for £3. Pretty good.Their Chinese spring rolls for tomorrow have been revamped too, now they are properly vegetarian.
Had a look at their clothing, but not impressed, I think their things are very flimsy, and not well made. I never see anything that shouts out at me, but I did buy a pair of cheap slippers for £5, mainly to take to my appointment on Tuesday. You have to take a pair of slippers, can't remember why now.
Tried out the new television last night, and very impressed. It certainly looks better in the house than the showroom.The picture is bigger and you can get subtitles too, very good for the money. Might get a new little laptop cpomputer so it can be used downstairs, and VT could use it too.
Tonight we are having:
Shredded lettuce, tomato salsa, soured cream,
Minced quorn mix with red beans,
Taco shells, grated chees3e, a very small amount.

Thursday, 10 July 2008


Today we got up really early, and since it was a nice day we took ourselves off to The Cheshire Oaks, over on the Wirral.
Got there by 10.O'Clock and plenty in fact acres of parking space.
Walked around a bit then got over to Costa Coffee for our usual Latte with soya milk. Very nice it was too, but not cheap. Good job we don't go very often!
Wandered around the shops for a while and bought our usual things. I got myself a new purse a nice black one, and VT got a wallet..I think it was, he was hiding it. Nothing to wear today, there aren't any clothes shops I like now, since Liz Claiborne went, and the Elvi shop!
Tried some shoes on but nothing shouted out at me.
Then we went to Pret a Manger for some lunch to takeout, and over toi Sainsburys.
Back to the mall to the Toshiba shop, where we bought a new little television for the kitchen. it is a little digital one, and VT has spent the time since he got back fitting it up.He reckons it is great, and we will be able to watch better channels than the normal ones we have.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn cornish pasty,
Cabbage and leek mixture,
A few squashed potatoes.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Yet More Rain!

Another not very nice day today. The little cats understandably don't want to go out much, and have stayed in, mostly sleeping. Mind you little Rusty has just jumped on my knee as I type this. A small chirrup and she nuzzles into my hand. Lovely, but it makes typing difficult. Who Cares.
VT went off to get some petrol this morning, and came back to complain about the price. I did give him £20 though!
Just watched a man on Deal or No Deal, with two boxes, £50 and £1000.000. and the Banker offered him £25.000. He turned it down, and turned the swop down, and Noel opened his box to reveal......£50 !!!
Why on earth do they do it..surely £25 thousand is enough for anyone?? it would be for me.
Tonight we are having:
Tomato sauce I have taken out of the f4reezer,
Maybe a pasta bake, or maybe..
No I think it will be a pasta bake in the end.
Cabbage on the side.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

July Weather!!!!!!!

What July weather? woke up this morning to a dark outlook, and the trees blowing a gale. Not rained today much, but still very blowy, you would never think it was July. VT went to the garden centre yesterday and said how quiet it was, I think the sales this year are going to be good if you want to buy garden furniture.
We made a big batch of tomato sauce this morning, right after I had cleaned the top of the cooker! stupid or what, it was bound to get splashed with tomato. Then we did the kitchen floor, so that is nice and clean again, but the floor cleaner we use left the floor foamy, not as good as Flash.
Quite cold today too. I am sitting here with a T-shirt on, but I am thinking of going to get a sweatshirt on again! in July!!
little Rusty is all curled up on the bed behind me, she looks absolutely so sweet. She is lying in front of two of Jane's teddy bears, and the whole picture is just lovely. I must learn how to put photos on this site and liven it up a bit. Not good with the technology at all here, could do with some lessons.
Tonight we are having:
Mozzarella and pesto escallopes,
New potatoes sauteed,
Vegetables with a white sauce.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Tennis and Sundays..and Monday!!

Missed doing the blog yesterday..Sunday, since we did our crosswords, and finished those, then got involved watching the Wimbledon Men's Singles Finals.
What a match that turned out to be. it started off fairly sedately with Sadal winning the first two sets, then when you thought it was a formality, federer pulled back the next two sets to even up. It was really a great match, one of the best I have ever seen I think, and kept us enthralled until about 9-15. They certainly earned their money, £750,000 for the winner, and £375,000 for the runner up. The women get the same, but their match wasn't in the same league really, only lasted about an hour.
We made our usual bread, a Sourdough oatmeal and potato, and then a Pizza, and roasted vegetables for later. Busy day really.
Last night we had:
Pizza with tomato sauce,
Roasted vegetables,
Goat's cheese and Mozzarella.
Salad with avocado, and baby plum tomatoes, cucumber and toasted seeds.

Today Monday:
Busy this morning. Went to the library to take some books back. I still had "The Book Theif" so had to return that one. I wanted a bit of a look round, because they have done the library up a bit, new carpets, and new shelves. BUT they have reorganised all the books, and I couldn't find anything. So didn't have much time to look
. We will have to go back when we can spend an hour or two. Looks quite good though, except the shelves are low, and the books on the bottom shelf are too low for me!! Can't be bothered bending all that way down for a book!!
Then I had to go and get a blood test, at Thornton clinic on the way back..sort of.. so went there.
Then to Sainsbury's for a few veggies and bits, and Farmfoods for some Quorn Ribsters, love those babies.
Then home for coffee. Did a lot there.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Ribsters..pork style little near as dammit to a pork chop!
Mushrooms, brocolli or carrots,
Potatoes, maybe mashed.
Little gravy.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Saturday Finals etc.,

Bits and Pieces as usual today, VT went out this morning to get some things from Maghull, and get a DVD for tonight. He came back with quite a good one, August something. It has gone fairly warm and sunny now so he has taken his cup of tea and gone outside with his book. I think little Bobby has gone to join him She is really good company actually, and loves being with you outside.
Saturday papers not up to much today, not much news really at the moment.
Watched the Ladies finals at Wimbledon this afternoon. It was the William's sisters, Venus and Serena. venus won by 6-3 6-4. Nice match with no swearing etc., and good natured throughout. Closer match than the scoreline suggests, and venus looked really pleased.
She is playing later on with her sister in the Ladies Doubles finals, so she will be a tired girl tonight.
There is a match on screen with a young english girl playing in the final of the girl's tennis. She is only 14, and is playing really well against an older girl from Thailand. At the time of typing they are one set all with the English girl 2 up in the third. we shall see what happens, she certainly has the crowd behind her anyway.
Tonight we are having:
4oz egg fried rice,
Stir fry vegetables,
sauce of choice,
Spring rolls or dippers.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Update Friday..

Didn't get a blog done yesterday as it happened. i was going to do it after my bath, but the old blood sugar was quite low, so it was making me type rubbish. So, gave up in the end.
Last night we had:
Kiev..vegetarian ones,
Squashed new potatoes,
Broccolli and green beans,
Cranberry sauce.

Today friday, we had to wait in for the Doctor from Crosby to phone, whicgh she did at 11o'clock ish. This was about a query I had with my new pills that she put me on last June. I had a vivit to the kidney clinic last Monday, then was contacted to get a prescription for calcium. Apparently the potassium levels were up. I have taken that, but needed to know about taking any more. So, hence the phone call.
Blood test on Monday at Thornton, then all will be done I hope.
Went off to Formby Waitrose since it was nearer, and did our weekend shop there. Got all our bits, and a few more besides, then were quickly home for coffee. very teaching anyway.
VT says that if he were left to do the shopping there, he would come out with much less and a much smaller bill! This from the man who picks up a carton of olives for £289 odd and says these look nice! and some Spanish cheese to go with his quince jelly for £3.89! Cheek! But grief I don't care, if he want them he can have them, all the waiting round he does for me. And, when I got home I mentioned that a pair of earrings that I really liked were too long, he took the exrtra bead off for me, and has made a smashing pair instead. It makes a massive difference. What a gem he is...and a cat lover too!
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fishy fingers,
Chippy chips, a measured amount,
Mushy peas, and green beans for me.
Tartare sauce.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Off out for a bit of fresh air this morning. Went over the way to Ormskirk,which was ver quiet actually. Our little cafe had a few people in, but I wouldn't say it was busy.
Phone went mad last night, the Dr from Walton rang twice, and the surgery once. Apparently the Potassium levels are high so she has prescribed a medicine to take for that. If it isn't one thing it is another, why don't people leave you alone!
Tennis quite good at the moment, but rain has stopped play for the minute. Roger Federer is playing, and Andy Murray due on again later today. Must admit not keen on him at all, he is very aggressive.
Tonight we are having:
Burgers with tomato, salad, relish and a bit of cheese for the tops.
Got a couple of nice buns from Morrisons which look quite authentic. It is ages since we have had them. VT isn't keen because of the salad! but they will make a change.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Slooow Day..

And who cares! it is one of those days when there is nothing much going on. VT went for the papers this morning then came home, did a bit of recycling and had a coffee then mooched.
Where does the recycling come from? sometimes I wonder how we managed before it became popular to recycle everything. Life was so much simpler then. Now we do plastic, papers, glass etc and VT is for ever going over to take it all to the bins. Newspapers are a big thing in our house, and we don't get that many, just one a day, and two at the weekends, but there are the free ones, and the I suppose they mount up.
Tonight we are having:
A pasta verdi..I have some nice asparagus, some green beans, soya beans, and some fresh peas. I will put all those together with a smattering of parmesan, and a square of garlic bread, and good to go. Got a tub of tomato and marscapone sauce..low fat in the freezer that should go well

Sitting here typing this and just had a phone call from the hospital regarding my visit yesterday. Apparently the potassium results are up, so she suggests that I watch the potassium intake. I need to go on the internet and see what foods are low in potassium, and she will ring the GP to let them know about a prescription to pick up. Never ending this mix of drugs that they use.. What a pain really. Life is so much simpler when you don't take anything..but that isn't good either.