Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Only Formby!!

Lovely sunny day today with a real touch of Autumn in the air. The trees are now beginning to colour up, and the leaves starting to fall. the road outside looks quite nice at the moment.
We were going out to get some veggies as is usual on a Tuesday,so after a bit of nose wrinkling by Vin we didn't go to Waitrose, but off to tesco in Formby. 
very quick whizz round and parked outside the front which is a bonus. Reasonable selection of veggies and a few other things that we wanted like cat food for little Rusty, and then off to Costa for a coffee. Always a bonus that is. Quite quiet actually, we were saying that if it wasn't for the older customers there wouldn't be anyone in there. It is surprising the customer base that Costa has, everyone really, but you do notice a lot of older ones.. the wrinklies with money that this government should be looking after!!
Nice coffees too. W2e both had Americanos with the new limited edition Old Paradise Road number 3, which is a change from the ordinary blend. Share a little bag of tiny shortbread biscuits and a very pleasant chat. then home in the sunshine with the air con on in Vins really nice new car.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with a sauce,
baby potatoes boiled and squashed
mixed vegetables, carrots broccoli and eans.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Bits and Bobs..

Another sort of bits and bobs sort of day today. nowhere in particyular to go, and no appointments this week at all, so it was a case of stopping in and doing things. 
Vin did quite a bit of gardening and i pottered about inside, catching up on the puter, hair washing and other mundane things. nice though, it beats a load of stroppy kids on a Monday morning!
greyish day today, although we did sit outside for our coffee this morning and it was quite pleasant. Even little Rusty came out to join us too which was lovely. We were sitting on our bench and she just appeared, a real surprise. She must have wondered where we were and come out for a nosey. Aaah bless her.  The injection that she was given the other day..Wednesday..seems to be doibng the trick, and helping her at the moment. Must be making her more comfortable.
Christmas with Rusty and little bobby. She still keeps coming out of her hole and looking around. We wonder if she is looking for her. they were a long time together, and even though they weren't close exactly they were always near each other.
Vin has put some nice little lavender plants on the top of where Bobby is today. When he was potting the seedlings up she was with him in the garden and nudging his hand! so it is right that there are some on top of her. It must be about twenty weeks ago now that we lost her, gone very quickly actually, it was a Monday that we took her to the vets. Aaah!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with cheese and mushroom and pepper for Vin
green saladwith avocado and baby plum tomatoes
pasta salad with spinach and pine nuts.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Off To Aintree Again!

Today was cebtred around an appointment at Aintree at 2.15 this afternoon. Vin wanted to leave at about half past one to give us time to get there so that was the morning sorted.  To be honest i felt a bit rough today and was a bit worried about going, but things sorted themselves out and we did. 
Good traffic our way, but the motorway on the other side ws well choked up, so vin said we had better come back the Wango lane way. We made great time and got there quickly..always the way when you think the traffic is going to be choked. Gave my letter in and Vin went off to park the car in the multi storey car park. Another £3. When he came back my name was called and I went straight in to see the Dr. head man this time, that's two top consultants in two weeks. good going.  A bit of chat, then he prescribed a tablet to be taken two at night to keep things movingso we'll see how that goes. Back in six months.
Vin took my prescription to the pharmacy and came back in a bit to say that it would be about half an hour, so we went to the coffee shop in the entrance and had a nice coffee. Not bad at all actually, Starbucks I think. Then he went back, got his car and off home. 
Traffic not bad at all on the way home which was a bonus.
Bit of a different friday anyway. No shopping done so that will have to be done tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls,
Little baby potatoes sliced and fried
Something tomatoey.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Parcel Post...

Today was very nuch a day of deliveries. Started off very early with a delivery from Emma bridgewater. This was a present I had ordered for Vin for Christmas, and I did think it would have taken a lot longer to arrive than it did. That surprised me.Very speedy delivery I do have to say. Couldn't exactly hide it from Vin though because it came in a great big Emma Bridgewater box with the name ALL over it and pink hearts etc., So I shall have to leave it unopened until Christmas. So much for shopping early.
Then the post arrived with a delivery from QVC for moi that should have come the other day.  Then we got the label from them to send the Bethlehem lights back so Vin went off to the P O to take it back. 
Vin has been in the garden quite a lot planting bulbs, he has planted a pot of russian snowdrops which sound nice, I stopped inside  trying to get a letter to John and Ann started. What I generally do is chip away at it a bit over the next week or so, get there eventually.
Poor jane just rang up on her way home very grumpy about their lectures today. Too much work to do this year and no time to do it in. Oh dear. 
Tonight we are having:
not sure exactly, something from the freezer,
baby potatoes sliced and fried in fry light
Veggies that are left.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Rusty Day Today...

Very autumny day today. Quite a lot of leaves outside, and a sunny but cold day. At least I think it is cold, but then I am always cold!! Vin is lucky, he doesn't seem to feel the cold, very hardy .
Little Rusty's eye and nose were in need of attention. Vin looks after her every day (and night sometimes) but it was looking like she needed to go to the vets again, so he made an appointment for this afternoon at three thirty. 
Of course, at three o'clock when it was time to put her in the basket, she had gone into her hole and gone to sleep. Typical. I'm sure cats know when they are going to the vets. Both Bobby and Rusty used to run and hide when they saw the cat baskets appear. Rusty usually right in the corner of the coffee table where you couldn't reach her. Little minx!
Anyway he got her in the basket and off we went to Ormskirk to our vets. It is a bit of a trek and takes about half an hour, but we have been going there for years, since we got a cat from the cat rescue place in Ormskirk. Rusty is usually seen by Tim who is really good with her, he gave her a good look over, she has lost about 50grms which is good, and she is holding her own.So he gave her the antibiotic injection and some thyroid tablets that we have been giving her for years, and off we went. We were door to door travel in just under the hour. Done and dusted for another few months.

Tonight we are having:
Maybe a cottage pie with gravy,
A few mushrooms for Vin,
butternut squash.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

First Day Of Autumn...

23rd of September. The start of the Autumn equinox today. To be honest we have started to notice the nights drawing in over the last few nights. it seems to be getting very dark about sevenish now, although there aren't any real natural signs of Autumn yet. The trees are dropping their leaves a little bit but I wouldn't say they have changed their cvolours a huge amount yet. A couple of weeks I reckon.
We toddledoff to Tesco this morning to get our veggies for the week. We were a bit delayed because we were chatting to a friend from down the road we haven't seen for a bit which was nice. So, the plan was to get round quickly and get the stuff we needed then go for a Costa. Good plan! Of course we did get some impulse buys..or rather I did, Vin wouldn't have got them but no matter. the Costa place was really busy when we arrived, but by the time we had finished doing our shopping it had emptied so we got our favourite seats. Good! Vin had a caramello and I had one of the new coffees as an americano. Very tasty.Then home, a bit later but that didn't matter.
I was just about to do my blog after lunch when Jane rang, she was fed up with hjer lectures a bit, and people shouting out the answers to questions before she had a chance to view the screen properly, so she said it made her feel as if she didn't know anything. of course she does, but it doesnt help really. We had a lovely long chat, but by the time she had gone it was our afternoon coffee time so I didn't do this. Catching up now at half past eight.
Tonight we had:
Escalope with lemn and black pepper,
bread sauce
Baby  potatoes boiled
Broccoli for vin and carrots for moi.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Clear Out!

Didn't go anywhere today, we don't usually n a Monday unless there is an appointment somewhere. Got up a bit later so didn't really get going till mid morning but no matter. We made a couple of phone calls first, one to the National Shopping monitor because he couldn't get through to their website last night to post the receipts and we would have lost the scanning points. Apparantly the site was down and they are working on it, so that was sorted. The other was to QVC about some Bethlehem lights that we had bought from them. We only put them up about two weeks ago, and they gave up the ghost about Friday. Started flickering, then stopped altogether. He bought some new batteries and tried them but no joy so rang QVC. The girl was lovely and explained that she would send a pre paid label and we could send them back so that was good and sorted.
 vin decided to do a bit of clearing up which is always good. He started doing the cupboard behind the bedroom door which is full of stuff. Got rid of a load of old VHS tapes, the system is obsolete now,but we have loads of tapes that just don't see the light of day. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get rid. Well done Vin.
I had a bit of a blip with my "innards" this weekend. Doesn't seem to matter what I eat or don't eat these days, still get them. Anyway we had a couple of nights where sleep was well and truly broken,so hence the sleep last night was well needed. No wonder we slept in a bit this morning. Sorry Vin XXX
Tonight we are having:
Salad with avocado and plum tomatoes
Noodle salad.

Friday, 19 September 2014

All Change!!

Today being Friday we needed to get our weekend things, and we had decided to get going a bit quicker and go over to the new Sainsburys in Walton. We used to go there a lot in times past especially when I had appointments in the old Walton hospital. Vin looked in his diary and found that it was last September when we last went there. Couldn't believe that at all, certainly doesn't seem like a year ago.
We did know that  it was being refurbished, or rather rebuilt because they had taken over the Next store next door, and the Poundstretcher also so it was going to be a big job. That p4robablly put us off going hence the gap. Anyway off we went today. It is ten miles actually so a bit of a trek and we were surprised when we got there. it is huge now..clothing, home and wear, electricals stationary etc.,one big massive store. We did park right outside the front so that was good, and went in and got our weekend things. Took some time because everything is in a different place of course but we got there in the end. Vin went and took the stuff to the car and then we went upstairs to the cafe.
Quite busy cafe, and much bigger than the old one used to be. I found a table while he went for the drinks. he had a latte and I had an americano. Big mug full too. Extremely noisy environment, but very effiecient.
Home by half past onish.OK but I wouldn't rush back there, not that cheap either and not as many lines as I was expecting either. Tonight we are having:
No idea actually,
Maybe something from the freezer not sure really.
Left over veggies.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Delivery and Doing!

Waited in for the delivery this morning. Spot on eleen he arrived which was good.Excellent firm, very good at ringing you up for the order and the delivery is always a week later and on time. Little glitch last time but it didn't matter.
Today was the big ironing anyway because of the washing yesterday. Takes an age to iron but we  do it it fits and starts so it gets done eventually. 
nice pleasant day today actually, Vin has done a bit of gardening because it is the green bin on Monday so he was getting some stuff ready for that. The hanging baskets are just about coming to the end so they have gone, and he has replaced them with some primulas which give a nice bit of colour. 
They have been lovely this year and not gone too leggy either, must have been the cooler summer that we had.
We had our morning coffee outside today, very pleasant too, blue skies not a lot of breeze and a bit of hazy sunshine to keep us warmer. Vin made his own sort of coffee with a milk pod and an espresso pod, he said was really good. I had an Intenso which was a bit stronger than usual but was a nice tasty one. 
Big Scottish referendum today and Scotland is going to the polls to decide whether to opt out of the United kingdom and be Scotland on its own. I don't think they have thought it through properly and the repercussions will be enormous. But we shall see what happens tomorrow. 
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer maybe lamb steaks
Gravywith a few mushrooms for vin
Potato croquettes
Any mixture of leftover veggies.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Doing Day!

Were due to stay in today because we were waiting for a delivery of my supplies from Bullens. Nothing had arrived by lunchtime however then we got a phone call to say that the girl who took my order had made an error and got the areas wrong. so would it be ok if they came tomorrow which was the right day.
no matter because it was a doing day anyway. the bedding to be done, washed and Vin put it out on the line, and the bed remade . Then the floors to be done, kitchen, bathroom and porch.  Only trouble was i broke the mop! The head came off it completely..luckily vin found a spare one under the sink so that was ok.
I did a bit of computering upstairs while the floor dried, listening to a very boring radio two which is wall to wall Scottish debate. getting thoroughly bored with the whole thing now. What about the English!! It seems to me that England doesn't exist any more, no sense of identity now.  I suppose they will spend the next week discussing the results now too. 
Tonight we are having:
pasta with a cheese sauce
butternut squash and maybe some asparagus.
garlic bread with olives.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


It should be Dobbies really, but I always think that it looks like Dobbles so that is what it is. Anyway, that was our destination for the day today. We had a few things to top up, and it is a lovely day plus the bonus of our free coffees so off we went.
had a mooch round when we got there for a bit. Horrors!! All their Christmas things are out. Cards decorations, trees, everything. It is after all the beginning of September..well the 16th. Far far too early. just puts you off. We haven't had Halloween or bonfire night yet either. Gosh it must be horrible to work in a shop..all of that to put out, it's all such fiddly stuff too. 
I spotted a couple of things I wanted to get so kept them in mind and went for our coffees. Sat on a table by the open door..it was lovely and sunny, but a bit bright for sitting outside for me anyway, vin probably would have.  Very nice coffees too, i had my Americano, and Vin had a flat white, with a bit of a top up from mine because his was a smallish one. Sat there people watching for a bit then went off to get our things. I had seen some nice letters that I wanted to get John and Ann to go into their Christmas parcel! I know but I like to be prepared for them. Then to the food hall, where we picked up some other things that we like and can only get from there. Did quite well today, they had everything that we wanted.
Home by lunchtime after a very nice morning.
Tomorrow will be a doing day!
tonight we are having:
mushroom and garlic escalope,
potato croquettes
Baby carrots
Some sort of sauce..not sure what yet.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Another Appointment!

Today was centred around another appointment at Aintree, this time at the Nephrology clinic. It was earl;ier though for ten to two.
earlier than normal coffee this morning inside because it was cloudy outside, and has looked like rain all day.  Vin mooched about a bit and I had a catch up on the puter, then it was lunchtime which agaqin was early for us. 
Out by around a quarter past one, and a decent trip along the motorway with no hold ups so a nice clear run. Vin dropped me off at the front, and I went up to the clinic while he parked the car and caught me up later. I was called through very quickly actually had my weight done..very good, blood pressure..good..urine sample done..good and wait round the corner to see the Dr., Vin was there waiting for me, and the Head man called me into his room . I haven't seen him for ages actually, I generally see his underlings. He was very nice, explained what was going on and to increase my dose of injection to maintain a good blood level. See them again in six months and a blood test in three months at the beginning of December. While I waited at the reception desk vin went off to get his car because he said we were under the half hour and it would be free if he got a move on. Excellent! saved £3.
Left Aintree and went along to M&S on the industrial estate to get the veggies for the week so we didn't have to get them tomorrow and can go out somewhere.  I fancied a little coffee so went up to the cafe and we had a nice small coffee  since we didn't have one after lunch. 
Down to the food hall for our veggies. I do like M&S veg., always nice and fresh and some quite good offers too. Got a good range which will do us all week, aqlso got some extras which  usually do, and then home to a little cat who wanted feeding. As usual :)
So a good day today really. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza from last night,with cheese and mushroom
Green salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado,
Pasta salad.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Just Another Costa!!

Oh what a nice life this retirement lark is! Today being Friday it was go somewhere to get our weekend things. So since we needed a few things that we usually get frrom there it was a Tesco job! PlusI fancied a Costa as well! 
We didn't go too early becuse we didn't get up early this morning but no matter..no rush. Vin wanted to get a car wash on the way in, but the garage part was really busy so he decided to go after the shopping. His car is covered in the sticky stuff from the dratted sycamore trees that are outside our house. Pain n the neck they are, and you don't get any relief until the leaves drop which won't be too long off now.
Anyway we parked by the front, and went round fairly quickly, then we went for our coffees. Very nice. Vin had a new one today..a limited edition ...old paradise4 road number 3. Heaid it was lovely. 
Tonight we are having: 
Sausage rolls
Something tomatoey,

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bits and Bobs...

Well it was a bits and bobs sort of day today. After going out yesterday we stopped in today to do various things about the house.  Vin did the bedroom and we cleared away a few books that can go to the charity shop. Some I haven't read, but the print is too small for me to read these days so someone else might as well have the benefit. I tend to read my Kindle all the time these days, and have a lot of books on there. A mixture really, some free ones, some cheap nes and the very occasional one for £3 odd. I have some that I watch out for and you can spot when they have the price reduced. I'm quite good at that now. I am presently keeping my eye out for the new James Patterson to be reduced but having to wait a bit.
Nice morning this morning quite sunny but not as hot as yesterday, nevertheless we sat outside with our coffees today. Very pleasant, and little Rusty came out to join us too. 
Yesterday on my blog, I meant to write about the garden centre. When we were on our way back from Maghull, Vin decided to call in to the garden centre to get a new bench cover for our outside Jack and Jill bench. The one that we have has become worn from last year's cold Winter, so it needs a bit more protetion. Anyway he went in to get one, and the woman told him that they had just put them away that morning.to make way for......Christmas things!!! We haven't even had Halloween yet, 
Tonight we are having:
Escalope southern fried style.
Bread sauce,
Baby potatoes sliced and fried,
Veggies left over. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

%20 Day!!

Well I had a twenty per cent offer burning a hole in my subconcious for a few days so it was over to Maghull to the Bon marche to see what they had. Vin wanted to get a few things from various shops so that was ok. 
Absolutely gorgeous day today, sun shunung and very warm. I went out in my light coat, but if I had known how warm it was I wouldn't have bothered. You just can't tell these days!  The air conditioning in Vin's new car is proving to be really good.
So, over to Maghull this morning. Parked in the centre and I went into BM first. had a good look round and eventually settled on a pair of trousers in navy that I know fit, and yet another pair of slippers that I hope will last a bit longer than the ones that I have been using. When I got to the counter the girl said that the trousers that I had were on a two for £22 offer but I didn't want two pairs. She said you can mix and match with the tops on those tables so I went over and saw a top that I really liked. So got that, excellent value. Plus everything fits from there.
Went from there to Superdrug, and got my spare nail varnish and remover, and cotton buds etc.,  Then out. I was wilting a bit by this time probably because of the weather, so Vin went and got me a lucozade which works quickly. When that had worked we walked to the Costa and got our coffees. Vin had a soy milk latte and I had an Americano which is my favourite. Shared a lovely little bag of little biscuits. 
Home in time for lunch. Jane rang up while we were having our lunch on her way home from Uni. She had been for a training session which was supposed to be two hours but ended up being 45 mins. They still get the two hours pay though so she wasn't complaining. She said she had a good night's sleep last night, went to bed at half past eight and didn't wake up till half past seven this morning. She needed that so it was a good thing. Poor kid works so hard. I'm really proud of her.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce,
Garlic bread for Vin,
Butternut squash.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Wandering cat and Posh Nosh!

Today began very eventfully. Vin went down to make our coffee that wakes us up, and on his way back decided to wind up the downstairs clock which had stopped. he spotted Rusty going under the back door and turn right. Then he saw some ladders being carried into the Dentists back plot. So he thought Rusty would go and have a look because she is becoming nosey lately. Sure enough she did. Came back upstairs, got changed and went off in search..one disappearing catty!

He ended up going into the Dentist and asked if they had seen a cat. judith said no but come through, so he went through to the back of the house and she spotted her by their back door. So it was a scoop up job and brought her home. Naughty little girl! She is getting awfully nosey latekly. So she has had her dental visit!
It was off to Waitrose for us this morning..we had a voucher for £1 off frozen foods and the lure of a free coffee helps. Went round fairly quickly, got some nice veggies..I do like their veggies, and a few other bits and bobss, including a box of ferrero rocher chocs which were quite good value.She says!! Coffee shop had cleared a bit so went on for our free lattes. Not bad, but could have been hotter today! can't complain though because it is a free coffee after all!  Little thin biscuits to go with..Duchy originals shortbreads as you would expect from Waitrose.
Went back for our frozen foods..oven chips!! and then checkout and home. Lovely sunny day today, but still not terribly warm. I had to warm up a bit after being in Waitrose though, it is always such a freezing cold shop. The cabinets where the veggies are, and the chilled foods are are really really cold. I see some women going round with sleeveless tops etc., and wonder how they do it. I must be cold blooded. Vin is never cold, an opposite I reckon!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with broccoli and cheese
green beans and carrots
Baby new potatoes boiled and squashed
hollandaise sauce.

Monday, 8 September 2014


Today was centred around an appointment that I had in the afternoon. We don't generally go out on a Monday for anything specific but this was a Diabetic clinic appt., at twenty to four.
Vin had a busy start to the morning. First he went for the papers, then recycling. The post came..ramg the bell and he fot a load of bulbs that he had ordered for the Spring.  Nice little tete-a tete ones for the barrel in the front. Then to the post office to post one of his loetters to Australia and get the lottery, and also to take back a parcel for me. Well done Vin.
Coffee inside today, wasn't warm enough to sit out this morning, was sunny but quite cool, really a touch of Autumn in the air. I did a little bit of computing, and then it was an earlyish lunch.
We had to leave the house by just after three to allow time to get to the hospital. He went the motorway direction, so it was fairly quick to get there. he drops me off at the front entrance and goes off to park so I can get booked in, and he actually joined me very quickly because he parked on the ground floor. £3 parking..what a rip off!
Called in for blood test, blood pressure..good..weight, good...and smaple..fine. Sit outside to wait for Dr., I was dreading getting the Prof..and Vin said he had been out and collected a file and gone back in his room..phew! few minutes later a Dr came out and called me in. nice one, very effiecient and to the point. Asked me the right relevant questions said I was doing very well, and see me in a year. Very good, we were out in a few minutes. 
Home by five..excellent.
Tonight we are having:
Pizzaq, with cheese and mushrooms
Green salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado
American pasta salad for Vin.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Something Different!

We were4 trying to decide where to go for our weekend thing today, and I suggested that we gave ASDA a go since we haven't been there in an age. 
So it was up a bit earlier this morning because it is a bit further and a bit of a trek, over in Southport. Beautiful morning today, sunshine all of the way, and a very pleasant journey actually. car park not bad. The parking has gone up to £1.40 but you do get it back off your shopping. Shop was very busy, it really is a very busy store, i had forgotten just how busy. Had a little bit of a mooch before we started on the main shop. The only trouble with not having been there for ages, is that everything seems to have been moved. But, that is the nature of supermarkets.  Got loads of bits and pieces, some things that we haven't had for a while. filled a trolley quite quickly then out through an empty checkout.
It was my plan to go to the Costa on the same complex, and was quite looking forward to that, but as we were walking out we noticed that their cafe had been re-vamped, and they now had proper cups and saucers instead of plastic ones. So...Vin said we'll try that, i don'5t fancy a Costa!!!!! and pulled a face, so in we went. not a bad coffee and some nice little biscuits, but wouldn't rush back if I was given a choice. 
Home not long after one so a good morning.
Unpacked our stuff andlunchtime.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers with tartare sauce
Chips!! 200grms
Green beans for moi  mushy peas for Vin.

Vin has just been up here and said it was sometime in June last year that we last went to ASDA good grief I didn't think it was that long ago!!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Rusty's Little Adventure!!

Today our little Rusty had somewhat of an adventure. Vin was in the garden this morning after we had our coffee doing a bit of gardening. The back door was open because he was putting some stuff out, and he noticed that Rusty wasn't there. So off he went in search of her, she had gone down the entry at the back of the house, and along a bit and passed one of the chaps doing a bit of painting. he said she had gone into the house and was in the garden now. So vin scooped her up, and brought her home. Little minx! I like that spark she has.
Started today with the ironing, I didn't want to leave it all weekend looking at us and we are out tomorrow to get the weekend things, so today it was. Took my time, but got it done in the end. Vin played concierge again! one parcel fo5r moi and one for next door. That seems to be shoes, she sent one pair back last week, now has ordered three pairs more!! Woman after my own heart. 
Bit of a looksee online after that, then our coffee outside. Really lovely today, bright and sunny and quite warm, warmer in fact than it has been for a while. Vin had an Americano and I had a cafe Crema. Mmmm!
Vin went back to his gardening, and I went back to my puter bits and bobs. 
No word from our Jane, but I was expecting that because she will be in a state about her resit exam this afternoon at 4.30. God, I have everything crossed for her. D hope she passes this one, it is a practical, and is about taking x-rays of various bits of the body.She has worked so hard poor kid, I really hope that her hard work pays off. XXXX
Tonight we are having:
Some sort of Quorn fillet, maybe crispy
Baby potatoes sliced and fried,
veggies left over,
Some sort of sauce.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


No not moi phew! but the bedding. Mainly because we had an appointment at the chiropodist yesterday so we couldn't do it, it had to be done today. So it was strip the bed to start with this morning and get the load on. Hopefully the weather will stay at least nice to hang them on the line. been a bit dodgy throughout, but it is lovely and sunny now as I type this.
big go back to school day for the kiddiwinks today, lots of pics on line of proud parents showing their offspring in their new school uniforms. Seems only yesterday that our jane was standing in her St. Mary's uniform, 31 now and it still seems so close. She isn't at work today so won't ring up probably, do hope her exam goes well tomorrow.
Nice macchiato's in the garden this morning. not exactly sunny but quite pleasant. I happened to mention that the hedge between us and next door was getting long, so when we had done Vin set about it with the clippers and trimmed it right back. Well done Vin. XXX
Really really quiet today. no post at all and no phone calls either. Not even call centre ones or solar heating or replace the gas boiler ones. it is unusual that The worst ones are the ones that ask for you by name..first name that is..and then hang up when you won't answer their questions. very rude!!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with a tomato and mascarpone sauce, 
Asparagus and some broccoli
A focaccia bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Up earlyish this morning because I had a Chiropody appointment at Thornton, got there on time and only waited a short while. Went into the little room and had my nails clipped and filed..very nice job she made of them too. They are all ready for a nice coat of nail varnish now! 
Since we were halfway there we decided to go over to the M&S at Aintree. It is a gorgeous day today too so a nice journey with Vin's air con going. Vin posted me into the store so i could have a look around, and he went off to Halfords etc.,Caught me up inside, he knows where to look! and we went off upstairs to have a mooch there. Saw some new towels for the bathroom, lovely fluffy ones in a deep midnight blue, so kept them in mind. Since that dept was near the coffee shop we went in there (of course). It was actually quite quiet in there and he went for the drinks while i got a table. Vin had a chai latte for a change, I had my Americano. Nice sit and people watch, no hurry today because we were reasonably early.
Then off to get the towels and took them down while we got our food bits. Nice display of coffees by the entrance, picked up some coffee syrups. nice offer too three for two so got one of each. haven't seen them before so they must be new. Got our veggies for the week, and a few other bits, then home. 
Jane rang up just as i was getting my good stuff off, and we had a nice chat. She was on her way to work, and we end up talking about all sorts, till she gets to work, then she says Bye and off she goes XX 
Tonight we are having:
escalopes wigh broccoli and cheese
baby potatoes boiles with a little spray,
carrots and broccoli
Cheese sauce.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Hares and Rabbits!

1st of September already.good grief how the months fly by.  This week the kids should be going back to school, and probably the Halloween things will be appearing in the shops!! followed closely by the Christmas stuff. 
Nice day today after a bit of a grey start. It always seems to warm up for when the kids go back, all those little bodies sweating in their new blazers etc.,
We didn't go out today because we don't need anything today. We did bits and bobs I did a bit of ironing and Vin sorted some of his books and papers out and the cat's things. looking after little Rusty is getting to be a full time job these days, between her eye and her nose and other things, but she is so lovely she is definitely worth it. She is so good, she lets him do anything to her..Aaah!
I have just rung up the clinic where I go for chiropody for an appointment. Fistly she said the 11th of Sept but that was eight fifty in the morning which was too early for us so then she said hang on I have a cancellation tomorrow at ten thirty, so we took that. Very good eh! Don't usually get appointments that quickly. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime, for a chat on her way to work, she is four to ten tonight, gosh she works hard that kid. I am so proud of her. big week for her because she has her exam on Thursday which she is very worried about..fingers and everything else crossed. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and a bit of extra cheese,
Salad with little yellow plum tomatoes and avocado
Cous cous salad for Vin.