Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hear Hear!!

As planned Vin went into Formby very kindly for me to get my repaired hearing aid from Specsavers. Methinks they had been holding on to it because it was in a drawer, but never mind it is now in my ear again and much clearer.  he also popped into Waitrose to get a couple of bits because it is only just over the way and he was parked there anyway. Then he went to Tesco I think to look for a couple of things from there.
We had originally planned to both go out and get a coffee from Costa but decided he would be quicker going on his own. As things are at the moment it is all a faff getting me around and really slows him down, he is so much quicker than when I am with him.  Got to use your common sense in the end really. 
Little Jess is doing something different every day now. This morning she jumped up on the bed to nuzzle up to Vin. She has most certainly taken to him and lies in her basket looking at him adoringly. If he hasn't stroked her for a bit she puts her little paw out to touch his arm ..just to remind him to stroke her. It's lovely to see. 

Jane rang up on her way to work she is on two to ten  and will most likely ring again on her way home. We have a general chat about all sorts of things whatever comes into our minds really and I enjoy them.  I think she mostly wants to know what Jess is doing really!!!! :) :) 

Monday, 30 January 2017

Mondays Doings!

Vin got us up earlyish because the District nurses were due  to change the dressings. Since you never know what time they are coming you need to be up and prepared. As it was it got to our coffee time and we were just about to go down when the phone rang. It was the girl who had been for the last few weeks and she said she would call on her way home tonight so that would be about fourish. At least we knew where we were then, so we went down for a lovely coffeewithout worrying.
In fact she arrived just on four and was very quick and afficient, lovely goirl does them just right.  The op foot is clearing up beautifully, but the other one is a bit worse. It's a matter of waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. 
Meanwhile  Vin did some ironing, vacuumed the middle room  Bless him XXXX and rang up Specsavers about my hearing aid which they were repairing.  That is actually ready and we can collect it, which we will probably do tomorrow. 
Little jess was funny today, she came up to have a look at the DN, who has cats herself. She normally runs away from people in the house.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Brrrr It's Winter!

Certainly winter with a vengeance. Podiatry clinic on Wednesday afternoon, where it was cold and draughty but not freezing. I was expecting a short and sweet simple change of dressings then home, but it wasn't to be. They were a bit concerned about another of my toes that had just had a little dressing on but had suddenly become red so she sent for a Dr to prescribe some antibiotics.. again!! Ah well never mind. Thus we were late going home so didn't have time to go to the garden centre over the road to look for a present for John's birthday.
Therefore we had to go to Dobbies on Thursday.
No great difficulty going there because we had our free coffees at the same time. I had a gorgeous cappuccino and Vin had a Latte. The only trouble was that it was absolutely freezing! Bitterly cold day to start with, and it is placed in a really windy spot, So the wind chill factor really kicks in. Poor Vin had to brave it twice because he goes in for some wheels for me, brings them back to the car, then wheels me round. Oh dear, I do tire him out and feel very guilty about it too. 
We had a good look round and settled on a book of poems by Pam Ayres, and a wooden sign with a poodle on it, saying welcome to the house where the humans pay the bills but the poodle rules the roost.  Hope he thinks that a bit of fun ! Dobbies was really cold actually, I felt very sorry for the girl on the till, every time the doors open she was blasted with cold air.  
Still cold today, frost on the cars this morning. Jane is on nights tonight in the Children's hospital, Wonder if she managed to get her coat. She has a voucher that expires on the 3`st so needs to use it up, it's for £25 off so worth getting.  She will probably ring tonight so leet us know how she is doing.  She had a cold yesterday so hope it hasn't got worse.  . 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Haircut Day...

We  weren't going anywhere today so when I got up I told Vin to go and get his hair cut.! It was getting longer and longer and properly curling up over his collar. So we had our breakfast and off he went. Firstly we had to go through the rigmarole of "if the queue is too long I'm not going in! which is what he says every time he goes to the barbers :)
He rang up after a while to say he had his hair done and there was only one man in the queue and he had a crew cut so he was quite quick. It looks great and I'm sure it makes him feel better being nice and tiday. He actually said that it was the beginning of September when he last went!!

I have given up with my hair! it is horrible. Just made do with washing it today so it looks reasonable for going out to the hospital tomorrow to the podiatry clinic.It is so thin, never really recovered from the hospitalisation last year. I keep waiting for it to grow a bit, but it's a long wait. :)
Jane was on nights last night so I don't expect her to ring today.  It appears that quite a few of the people on the Delia site that I use have had it happen to them or a member of their family. I didn't realise it was so widespread. It is a closed site so no fear of others seeing by the way.  She rang yesterday and said she still had the gift cards her Dad and I bought her for Christmas so she could use those for her bits and bobs and still have a bit of dosh on her. Hope her new card comes soon. 

Monday, 23 January 2017

All Sorts!

Couldn't think of another title:) but no matter. Quite cokld here this weekend, Vin didn't go to Tesco on Saturday but he did go to Crosby on Sunday instead. We had been to the Co-op in Aintree on Friday after seeing Mr Butcher so had stocked up a bit there.Saturday was a cold day anyway so we stopped in a and did bits and bobs, and little Jess benefitted from us being in the house too. 
Poor Jane rang up Saturday night to say she had found that her bank balance was much lower than it should be so on Sunday she was on an eight to eight long day and ussed a break to ring her bank. They checked her transactions and found some large ones totally around £750 !!! Good jpb she rang. Had her card cancelled  and a new one is being sent out to her. But, the inconvenience is horrible for her. She can't pinpoint where it was done, but it's so common these days who knows. It appears that it only stopped because her card had got to the maximum. Mine waas done a couple of years  ago and the bank picked up on it because it was used in Japan!!! Good job they did because it would have gone on a lot longer!! I didn't lose out neither will Jane but it must be costing the banks billions. Why aren't they doing more about it?
They never seem to catch anybody either. So that is two mambers of our family of three who have been done for the same thing. 
District nurse this morning a really nice very efficient and good one. Did a great job of the bandages. Hopefully the feet are getting there and I should be measured for "proper" shoes soon.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Tiptoe Through The....

Tulips! Well maybe not quite just yet but getting there. Yesterday was a visit to the podiatry clinic for me, and they were extremely pleased with the state of the feet and how they were healing. I have another appointment at Aintree with Mr. Butcher tomorrow and I think he will be a happy bunny when he sees the results of his operation. 
Most of yesterday was taken up with the appointment which was at 2.O'clock so by the time you get back the afternoon is gone.
Today has been a sort of free day but we were waiting for a delivery from Bullens which actually came at lunchtime. Just as Vin was sitting down to eat his soup the doorbell went, isn't that typicl.!
Little Jess has just come upstairs to see me which is quite uunusual for her, she usually prefers to stay with Vin.
She looks just like this.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Going Nowhere!

We were going to go out today but in the event we were both comfy in the bed and so didn't get up till later. One of the benefits of being retired. :) :) 
Since neither of us really fancied going out, and didn't quite know how the weather was going to go we decided to stop in instead. Vin can always find bits and pieces to do, and I like messing about on the computer catching up with some of the forums, we can find stuff to do.
Last night Vin put a collar on Jess. All of our cats have had collars on in the past, I always think it makes them look more like part of the family. He has tried her in the past but she has resisted trying to get them off. Last night he put it on her neck and she was going at it again so he started to play with her to distract her and it worked!  She totally forgot it was on and settled in her basket without any trouble. Still had it on this morning so that is great. She is now the proud owner of a sweet little black and white collar. 
Finding a nice warm spot to sit in. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Blowy and Rainy. !

Not a nice day today at all, been dark and blowy all day with a good amount of drizzle to boot. 
Wehad quite a busy start to the week with two hospital appointments . Monday we went to the Podiatry clinic early afternoon. That went well and they and the Dr were pleased with the way the feet were going. Back there next Wednesday. I had a prescription for some hydrocortisone cream for one of my legs which is very itchy. That takes an age because he had to go to the pharmacy, so  we ended up having our sandwiches in front of the hospital before he went in to collect the prescription. Then home. Only snag was that when we were nearly there there was an accident in Ince Woods which caused the most horrendous queues. We were in one from Holy Family school right up to Little Crosby Church which is a fair way only moving one car at a time. Still we got home eventually. Little Jess was quite happy in her basket and didn't look like she had moved much at all. 
Yesterday we had an appointment at  Southport  Which was excellent all went well and the Dr there discharged me from thereso that's me finishedd with Southport I hope.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Twelth Night..

Gosh that has come round quickly!  Time to take the decorations down. The house looks so incredibly bare now with them all gone. Poor Vin has had to get everything down from the "exploding" cupboard we call it because it is a cupboard over the wardrobes that is full to bursting with the decorations and one of the trees. I helped a little bit by putting the decorations in the right aboxes but Vin won't let me move around too much so that prohibits me from taking anything else down. Maybe this year.  We have both said that we would try and get them up earlier next Christmas so you get longer with them.
Little Jess has not been worried abbout all the movement and moving of things at all. She has been asleep in her basket on the sofa just getting down for a feed or a bit of a play with her new daddy!. At one point I saw her absolutely race through the middle room and the door to the hall. I said to Vin what were you doing to her? he said oh just playing a game. What a pair.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Cold Today!

Cold today indeed. We hadn't planned to go out anywhere because we were waiting in for the District nurse to come and dress my feet. You never know what time they are coming so you cannot plan to go anywhere anyway. Today she came at twelve o'clock, and she rang up first because she didn't now  which our house was. Probably because our houses have names not numbers.  Anyway she was nice and made a good job of them so sorted till Monday when we go to Podiatry. I think they will be quite pleased with the way they are going.
Decorations down tomorrow so that hate doing that, the house looks so bare when they have gone.
I love our decorations, we have built up some really nice ones over the years.
Little Jess still playing, probably waiting for Daddy to chase her. or to trip me up. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Posh Shop!

Out today for a change! it was actually a bit of an enforced outing because the night before last we were watching the television and one of my hearing aids just died. No sound at all, nothing. Vin put new batteries in in case it was a dud abattery but no joy at all. Completely dead. Yesterday being a bank holiday we had to wait till today to do anything about it so it meant a trip to Specsavers to hand it in. Fortunately it is covered by warranty so that was ok. Just wait and see now! Meanwhile I have my old one in which is awful in comparison so I hope they sort it out soon.
While  we were parked in Waitrose car park, we went in to do a bit of shopping and get the free coffees of course and the paper. Vin got me some wheels and the  trolley that fastens on to them so it was easy to get round. We got some top up veggies, biscuits and other things that we saw and fancied. It is very much a shop for that for us really. 
Little Jess is absolutely beautiful. She has really taken to Vin and adores him. She plays quite a lot with him,chasing him up and down the stairs and playing with the toy that Jane bought her for Christmas. She totally loves that and is very clever at getting the biscuits out. 
Isn't she beautiful. XXX