Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year's Eve

Really cold today, very frosty and foggy looking outside. VT went and let the little cat next door out at about 9.15 and it went running off for a wander.
Last night we were a bit worried. Went to bed about 12.15 and I just got into bed and all warm and he vame into the bedroom with Bobby in his arms to say her paw was bleeding. Poor little thing must have had a bit of a barney with Bully Tom from next door the other way. He said there was blood all over the cat flap, and she had dripped blood in the kitchen and on the mat at the top of the stairs. She had come running in, he had heard a commotion at the cat flkap and come upstairs to us. Anyway luckily it stopped fairly quickly and didn't seem to bother her too much, just before he went to sleep he had a look for her and came back to say she was asleep in the basket in Jane's room.
We went over to Ormskirk this morning to have a bit of fresh air and a look round. Sales very disappointing, nothing much on offer at all really. Got some things from Holland and Barratt and another nightdress from Bon Marche. Why doesn't anyone make really nice wintry nightwear. It is all in light colours with little tiny sleeves totally unsuitable for our climate.
Had a lovely cup of coffee in our cafe, and got a few things at Morrisons. One funny thing we saw was a couple in an open topped Morgan sports car on the main road!!!!! The coldest day of the year by a mile and them in an open topped car!! Mad or what.
Home to a gorgeous bowl of soup Stilton Celery and Watercress from Morrisons and a piece of my Sourdough Bread toasted. Really Good!
Tonight we are having:
Sage and Onion Fillets,
Vegetables Gratin...Potatoes, asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower and carrot under a cheese sauce.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Stayed in Today..Did Things..

Didn't go anywhere today, but stayed in to do a few things. VT got up to let next doors cat out, and it wouldn't go. He said it was Miaowing round his knees,and wanted feeding. So he gave it some cat food and then it went out.
We made a batch of tomato sauce for our pizzas to put into little containers to freeze. It makes enough for about 7 tubs, which is good going.
We use:
One onion chopped very small,
4 tins of chopped tomatoes,
A good squirt of garlic puree and tomato puree,
About 3-4 teaspns of bouillon powder,
Salt and pepper,
About 2 good teaspoons of Italian herbs,
2 tspns sugar
You let that simmer away for about two hours till the whole sauce3 is nice and thick. Cool then put into tubs.
VT went into Gardening mode again, he went over to Ince Blundell to get some compost, and then he planted his last bulbs into pots. he says you need to get them in by the last day f December. Proper little Alan Titchmarsh! When he came back the little cat came running up to the car..amazing how it knows. It wanted to be let in he said..doesn't seem to like the cold. So it is in now. VT says next door is very cold, we always leave heaters on for ours..but they are spoiled.
Tonight we are having:
Sausage and
Mashed potatoes,
Yorkshire puddings
Carrots and Swede.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Normal Monday???

Very cold today, so we only went out for the normal Monday vegetables etc. Nipped over to Maghull and had a bit of a look round the square. Went to the bank to put some money in for Jane. Gave her £200 for her Christmas present, and VT sent her a text. Then went into the card shop to see their cards on sale. They have Hallmark cards and I got three boxes of really nice cards and a couple of single cards for next year. Quite a lot for £10 I thought good value.
Ended up at Morrisons for our veggies and got a selection of those for £7.50. Enough to last the week.
We need to eat a bit more carefully now I have put a couple of pounds on so we will go back on the Healthy Eating plan and lose it again.
A lot of shops looking dodgy according to the papers, we walked past the Woolworths which has now closed, and there is nothing on the shelves, everywhere totally sad. I feel so sorry for the workers who will have had an awful Christmas probably. Apparently there are going to be many more now too. Alongside...Adams, Dolcis, Roseby's, The Pier, Whittards Zavvi etc., Some of the High Streets in this country are going to be looking very bare.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes
Small crushed potatoes 4oz each,
Vegetables, carrots, beans peas and sweetcorn.
Mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Weekend posts.

Did things a little differently this weekend because of Friday being Boxing Day.
We went into Formby to Waitrose for our weekend shopping. I expected it to be frantic and busy but actually it was fairly quiet and we parked outside! The shelves weren't too bad but still a lot of spaces. nevertheless we got everything we needed mostly fresh things. must admit I expected some of their Christmas things to be reduced but nothing!!!Mingy lot...
Last night we had:
Chinese Spring Rolls,
Egg fried rice with peas and spring onion
Stir fry vegetables
Lemon and ginger sauce.

Been busy today VT got up earlish to let next doors cat out. She had been in all night which was a good thing because it was very frosty last night. He also got the papers and then brought them up to bed with a lovely cup of coffee and a biscuit. What a man..Bless Him..
When we got up we put the loaf on. White Oatmeal Sourdough, and that made a beautiful loaf.
VT went out to have his usual mooch and I did the birthday quiz. Roasted the vegetables and then we made outr pizza dough when he came back. The cat went in a bit later. VT reckons it doesn't like the cold and looked like it was telling him that hshe wanted to go in.
Tonight we are having:
pizza with our home made dough,
Tomato sauce,
roasted vegetables
Mixed salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes,
Potato salad and Rice salad.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Off To The Sales!

Not on your life! Join the hordes of people who have flocked to the sales all over the country..No Thank
Nothing much to put today since it has been really quiet.
Thousands of people were at the Trafford Centre in Manchester before it opened this morning. Must be mad.
We mainly stayed in today. The shop down the road was closed so VT went into Formby to get some papers. He said it was very cold,so he got his papers and then came home for coffee. Let the cat out early and when he came home it ran to meet him
+so he let it back in again.
Tonight we are having:
Our usual frozen bits and pieces of party foods. We always have a nibbly Boxing Day meal
Mini spring rolls,
Baby quiches,
Mini cheese bites,
Cheese sticks etc etc.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Day..

Well it is here. Christmas Day. 5.30 now qand it is all but over bar the shouting. And there is none of that in out house.
Jane rang us up this morning, she had been to church with Rachel, and was going there for a festive meal. I hope they have a lot of |Bread Sauce!!
VT bought me some lovely things this year. He got me a yankee candle for the bathroom..Clean cotton scent. and a book I had been looking at and was going to buy. A James Pattison one, and a set of little knives in The Pier shop I had been looking at, and he made a special journey to the shop to get them..isn't that lovely..Bless Him!
I got him some after shave balm he likes..Nomad, a Country Almanac 2009 edition, some olive picks in a steel holder which he seems to like, and a little folded man's umbrella.from the National Trust Shop. All in all very successful.
We had a lovely Christmas Dinner:
Melon to start,
Quorn Sage and Onion Turkey style escallopes,
Cranberry, bread sauces,
Roast Potatoes
Yorkshire puddings, Sage and Onion and Apple stuffing,

Happy Christmas Everyone...
Peas and sweetcorn and Maple roasted Parsnips,
Hazelnut Gateaux for dessert, made with raspberries and cream.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

"Twas the Night Before Christmas"

And everything is organised! Got all of the food things, wrpped the present, cleared up and that's it. Done.
Jane rang up and sounded a bit more cheerful today, she said maybe the new tablets were working.She was babysitting some cakes that Rachel had left her in charge of, and she rang up to see what they should be like when they are done! I hope they are OK for Rachel's sake.
Christmas Eve and it is very quiet actually, another couple of firms in trouble, it has been a dreadful year for retail firms, with Woolworths being the worst. That will leave a lot of gaps on High Streets in Great Britain. Not to say a lot of people without jobs for the New Year.
VT went next door to check on the ginger cat's food bowl and he said he saw a ginger blob on the path, so he opened the door and it shot in! it was out all last night so at least it is in for Christmas. Aaaah.
Started a lovely book last night. A Maeve Binchy, called "This year it will be Different". It is a real Christmas book about different families at Christmas. About relationships and situations at this time of the year. A perfect read for now. I love Maeve Binchy she always writes a good book. I saved this one so I could read it over Christmas and I'm glad I did. I love my books have always read a lot, and it is a joy to read one like this.
Tonight we are having:
pasta with a Spinach and Ricotta sauce,
Roasted Butternut Squash and Asparagus,
A little bit of Garlic Bread.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Rushing...

Have A Very Happy Christmas
Nipped into Formby this morning to get a few final things for Christmas. We were pleasantly surprised to get a parking space in Waitrose car park as soon as we drove in. There was a car pulling out so we pulled in. Usually we go round and round queuing for an age to park. So that was good.
We walked through the village down to the bank but my bank machine was empty. No matter got some later at Waitrose. Anyway there is a new shop, the Village Deli which had a good display of chutneys, jams and biscuits etc.Will do quite well there I think. Got VT his cards and then we went to M&S to see if they had Peaches in brandy. They didn't but got some crackers and pears as well.
Over to Waitrose and had a coffee since it was too late to go home. VT came back with a Cafetiere of coffee which was really good. We usually have Latte's but you can get tired of those. This made a change and better for the calories.
Got my raspberries but frozen ones..they are British though.
We now have everything for our Christmas meal,Starter, Mains and Pudding. Plenty of things in the fridge and freezer for at least six months!!!
Jane is not coming home..there's nothing new.. She rang us up to tell us her woes, and sounded very miserable.
A sprinkling of cards today in the post, a nice one with a photo from Emma, and one from Anne Cromack which said Elaine Cairns had died a few weeks ago from a massive heart attack. That is a real surprise, wasn't expecting that.
Tonight we are having:
Toad in the hole..reduced price one from Waitrose,
Mixed vegetables Carrots beans and endamame beans.
A few squashed potatoes.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Weekend posts...

Going to be a quiet Christmas in the road here. Janice and graham have gone off to Aviemore for the week so that is two houses empty, and Ken and Jan next door are going to friends down south so theirs will be empty too. They have asked VT to look after Cat their ginger cat which seems to be getting to be a routine now. But, he doesn't mind, he loves that little cat who comes running when it hears his car. it also follows him down to the shop with him when he goes to post a letter.
Yesterday..Sunday was quite busy, we did the bread in the machine, the pizza dough for our tea, and the roast vegetables.Did the cfrosswords in the afternoon but not the big Daily Mail one it is the huge so we work at that a bit at a time.
VT does the big Monday crossword in the Daily Express on his own.
Went to Sainsbury's in Crosby this morning to get our veggies for the week, and some other things for the upcoming week. it was horribly busy I really hate that shop of all the shops we go into, it is so small and crowded and yuou cannot get round.Terrible.
Jane rang up sounding as miserable as ever to say that she has an appointment tomorrow so will ring after that. She will probably not bother coming home and to be honest she doesn't like Christmas anyway so there would probably be trouble.
Tonight we are having:
Mashed potatoes,
Carrots and green beans,
Garlic kievs possibly.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Monday Washday!!

Not in our house..Saturday is washday. We strip the bedding and do three loads of washing. The bed is usually made up again by fiveish in the afternoon.
I remembeer the days of my childhood when the bedding was dried round the fire in the winter on a clothes maiden. The house always smelt of steamy a laundry. We don't know we are born these days really, with washing machines and tumble is all so easy.
VT went off to Maghull for his mooch this morning and I messed about on here and looked after the washing machine etc. Nice lunch then we watched The Barefoot Contessa. For once it was a programme that we had not seen and it was a really nice one about their anniversary. they are such a sweet couple, lovely with each other.
I love the little bits when they go out to the shops or farm stands etc. gorgeous programmes.
Tonight we are going to watch the final of Strictly. Hope Tom Chambers wins, he isn't as weepy as the others, the girls get on my nerves they are so full of themselves.
Tonight we are having:
Thai Green Curry with Quorn pieces and rice and a stir fry vegetable mix.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Thursday's and friday's Accounts.

Yesterday I didn't get round to doing the blog. Just ran out of time really. Had a long soaky L'Occitaine bath in the afternoon, so didn't get to do the usual blog entry. But, never mind. Nothing much happened anyway.
Been doing Christmas things on the last two or so evenings. Did my Christmas cards, but didn't do a newsletter to go with, but found that it takes so long to put a note in everyones card, I will definitely do one next year. Saves so much time, and biro! Getting a trickle of cards through, but quite late really this year.
Last Night we had:
Pasta Bake done with Spelt pasta and it was really nice.
I roasted some Butternut Squash in the morning and that was very tasty.
A tiny bit of garlic bread just two slices each.

Friday's Blog:
Today I had to go to Walton to have a blood test done before my appointment on January 5th.
It was actually very quiet, there was only me waiting so I went straight in. The girl had two goes at the arm and then I moved over to the other girl who got it first go.
We then went to Sainsbury's over the road to get some of the Christmas and weekend shopping.
Spent £100 in there Lord knows what on not like we bought a lot of wine or anything, just bits and pieces. We did get a lot of the Christmas items though so we are quite well stocked up. Got some Ben& Jerrys for Jane. I hope she comes home now or we will be stuck with it.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers baked in the oven,
Chips weighed out.
Mushy peas for VT and beans for moi,
Maybe a tomato too.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Out and About and a New Baby!

Went out for a bit of fresh air this morning. not too cold today and a low sun that gets in your eyes.
Started off at Dobbies for our free coffees..we take our own biscuits so it is a cheap do. Had a bit of a look round but didn't buy anything except a Crumpet..a little animal shaped gadget for gathering crumbs from your table. Ah Well..small things!
then went to Homebase up the road. i have been looking for a Poinsettia for my gold pot in the kitchen, Dobbies had some real ones..but to be honest they didn't look very healthy, they did have some artificial ones which looked good but were £6.99 which I thought was a bit steep. So had a browse in Homebase. The last time we were there last week they had some nice white artificial onesbut they had all gone!!! couldn't believe it. They had reduced all the Christmas items and were two for three also, but we couldn't see any Poinsettias. So I went to have a look at The Pier shop in there, and VT went to get a few things he wanted.
Browsing in The Pier and I heard my name called. It was Emma with her new baby Maisy. Absolutely gorgeous..really tiny, and very good Emma looked really good, and thrilled to bits. She had seen VT in the shop and he told her where I was so she came over. I was delighted to see her..beautiful baby.You forget just how tiny they are.
I bought a new cushion from Pier 1/2 price, and some condiment spoons 1/2 price. Very nice too quite heavy, very attractice handles. The shop is looking really tatty now, such a shame, and not a huge amount left.
Tonight we are having:
Chicken style drumsticks,
Carrots and beans and peas,
Bread sauce,
Sliced saute potatoes,
Cranberry sauce.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A Quiet Day..

Very little doing today. Really quiet. We didn't go out anywhere, and did some sorting out.
VT did some more lights, and I have mooched about on here but nothing going on at all.
Just listening to "Hallelujah" on the radip by the X Factor winner Alexandra and she really did make o good job of it. Beautiful voice. Set to be the number one for Christmas song.
Must do my Christmas cards tonight. We are getting a few through now. So far I have only done the neighbours ones, but must do the post ones also.
Tonight we are having:
Casserole with Pork Steaks and apple and Somerset Cider.
Carrots swede mushrooms and Potatoes.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Amazon post...

Got my Amazon delivery today. Two books for £12 which is good value, Nigella's Christmas, and White Tiger, plus a present for VT. I have got all of his things now. Not too many he has everything so is very difficult to buy for, but I hope I have interesting things for him.
We nipped over to Maghull this morning for our Monday veggies and had a look round the square. I went to the bank, then to some of the shops. Had a look in Woolies, but didn't see much really. Bought a set of two teatowels for £1.67 which won't save them unfortunately.
Then went to Bon Marche and bought a new bra..they have very pretty bras there, then over to Somerfield for our veggies. They have fairly good ones on offer there, but not a huge selection really, and no Quorn to speak of.
Haven't done much today, intend to do the cards tonight and tomorrow. I need to do a bit of a news letter, not that there is much to put on it this year..which is a good thing really these days. Been quite a quiet year on the whole.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes,
Potatoes squashed.
Mixed vegetables with a mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Deck The Halls...

Got round to doing the Christmas Trees and decorations today. We did the three of them one for each room. The one in the extension looks lovely, it is all silver and white with some coloured lights. The tree in the front bay window has the expensive decorations on and the special ones, and white lights. This tree is beginning to look a bit sparse now, and I think will be replaced for next year. the only thing to watch is that we don't get one that is too tall, since it has to fit in the window. The tree in our middle room is mainly red with cones and other decorations on it. We have some nice things now, tend to get some from America when we are there I love their wooden ones. I have a sign in the hall which simply says Merry Christmas and I love that. It was expensive, but we have had it for years now. I have a little set of tiny wooden angels on the tree in the front room which were a horendous price in the seventies £1.75.. that was really expensive but I am still using them. They are my favourites.
Had a hectic morning.. Made our Sourdough loaf and our Pizza dough, and did the roast vegetables. Between doing the decorations etc we have done a lot today.
VT has just come up with the crossword which we finished fairly quickly because we didn't start them till later, and he said he put the middle room tree up on the table and the lights didn't go on. Isn't that typical!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our own dough and tomato sauce,
Roast vegetables and Goat cheese,
Salads each..potato fopr me and a pasta one for VT
Salad with avocado baby plum tomatoes etc.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Secret Santa Day..

is here! December the 12th and we are due to open them today. The ones from Delia on line that is. Mine has been sitting here for weeks being looked at, and so far I have resisted tering open a corner. Going down to open it in a bit, wonder what it is.
Haven't done much today, VT has put up some lights outside, and we are planning to do the decorations tomorrow morning. We do three trees, one for each of the downstairs rooms, one in the bay window at the front, one on the coffee table in the middle room and one in the corner of the extension.
There is a tree on the village green which looks good this year, sort of bluey white lights this time. It was lit up when we were away by one of the stars of the Panto in Southport Sherrie Hewson..she used to be in Corrie once.
The little cats are very quiet today, Bobby has been practically on top of the heater in here all morning, and only came down for her chicken at lunch time. Rusty just hangs about wherever you are, and runs to meet her Daddy when he comes in.
We watched the two programmes of Grays Anatomy that VT recorded on our video when we were away, and they were excellent. Such a good programme, it would have been a shame to have missed them. We still have one to watch the one we recorded last Thursday night.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese since we haven't had one for a few weeks.
Spring Rolls,
Stir fry vegetables..mushroom,
Egg fried rice 4oz
Sauce of some sort.

Friday, 12 December 2008

My Purple Period!!

I seem to be going through a purple period at the moment. i wonder if it is to do with the poem "When I grow old I shall wear Purple". I bought a purple coat in Street last week, but it is a lighter one for the Spring, and I have been looking for a thicker one for the cold weather. Went into Ormskirk to do the shopping this morning and the Bon Marche shop were having a 25% off everything over £20. I saw a lovely light purple coat to replace my Wintry one I have had for years and is a bit shabby now. 25% off and the Vat off as well. Not bad.
We had a good look round the town centre, went into Woolies, but there didn't seem to be any real bargains to me. Got a few things in Superdrug, and M&S and had a nice cup of coffee in our usual little cafe. Nice to be normal again.
Then we went to Morrisons. We had a £50 card which we wanted to spend, and in the end we spent £72! Got a lot of things for Christmas, 6 bottles of wine, and other bits and pieces.Quite a lot of different coffees, well a girl can't have too much coffee.
--Countdown!!! We have to say a word about Countdown. Today it is Carol Vorderman's last Countdown after 26 years! The channel has treated her disgracefully, and it is a real shame that she is going. Des O'Connor is going too but he has only done two years so not in the same league. Since the story broke that she was leaving and the various reasons for the decision, she has behaved with dignity and good humour and she will be truly missed. I can't imsginr Countdown without her. it just about survived without Richard Whiteley but I'm not so sure about Carol. It really won't be the same.

Tonight we are having:
Delia Smiths Egg and Madras curry,
Tomato and red onion cacumber,
Poppadum and banana.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Get Organised!

Still a lot to do to get ready for Christmas. Cards are arriving daily, and I have to do ours. I generally put a little note in with them so I have to do that yet. I wish I was better on the computer really, there is so much I can't do that I would like to. We usually do a little newsletter to go in with them, but we haven't done anything exciting this year so far.
VT nipped out to Tesco this morning to get some Cat Chicken. They have a little bit of chicky every day at about 1.30 and they gather in the kitchen to wait for it, so we haven't got the heart to deny them that. If I had gone to Tesco I would have come back with loads of things, so he went. He just gets what is on the list. Very organised he is..not an impulse shopper like me.
He got some of the decorations down this morning, and I cleared the front romm a bit. There are bits and pieces everywhere though I wish it was clearer, VT does have a habit of putting things down and they are still there two years or mors later..but there again, he is lovely so who can complain?
Tonight we are having:
Carrots and Swede to use them up,
Something from the freezer, not sure what yet,
Saute potatoes.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Out for Coffee!

VT treated me to a cup of coffee today. Well actually it was the free ones at Dobies, and very nice they were too. We had a bit of a look round beforehand, and saw some nice things there. Quite tasteful and some good names too. Didn't buy anything from the Food shop, mainly because we have already bought a lot from Bath and its environs. As I type this I am looking at a big box by the computer full of lovely treats, which will probably last till the middle of next year.
Then we went to The Pier shop to see if they had any bargains! Picking over the bones of the shop to see what is doing. Funny how the shop is beginning to look just a bit shabby, papers all over the place, and the stock depleting. Shame! They had a lot of Christmas stuff reduced by half but then again a lot of shops are reducing Christmas things at the moment. VT bought two votive candle holders and I bought some wrapping paper and little chocolate buttons to go on top of my Hazelnut Gateaux which is our treat for Christmas.
Home for lunch and we
are mooching about this afternoon.
Cold today, and the lunchtime weather had a cold weather warning today, so it looks like it is going to get colder too.
Tonight we are having:
A vegetable hot-pot. I am going to do it with a vegetable pack, carrots, leek, swede and potatoes.
Plus pork style ribsters and some apple juice for the gravy.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Getting Straight!

Still unpacking from our holiday. I did my bag this morning, and VT did his a bit later. He had to stop his because little Rusty went to sleep on the bed and that means everything stops..well you can't disturb them can you.
I must make an effort not to take so many clothes next year. I took far too many this year, and didn't wear most of them. I was quite surprised not to have put any weight on over the break because we did have some treats like pasties and the like, but we can't have gone overboard too much. So that's a good thing.
We did the kitchen this morning too, put our new place mats on the table. I bought some Portmeiron ones and the coasters to match too, and they look really good. Gradually getting straight. It is nice to be home, especially with the little cats, you really miss them when you are away. Little Rusty follows you around for ages when we get her home. She goes back to the things she does, like the toast and marmite for her breakfast! and jumping on the bed at night. She didn't move from there all night Bless her.
Little Rusty has just jumped on my knee,and it is quite difficult typing with her perched on the knee! You have to stretch round her, but who cares, she can go on my knee any time!. She smells can bury your face in her fur, and she is purring. It is the best feeling in the world.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes of some sort, and
Gratin of vegetables, with cauliflower and broccoli and some small potatoes,
With a cheese sauce on top.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Back From our Bath Break!

Hello Again
Came back yesterday, but had too much to do to update this. Got up early this morning and went for the babies Bobby and Rusty. They seem fine but glad to be home. It is a lovely Cattery though, and they are secure and warrm and totally safe and that's all that matters.
We had a lovely break, went somewhere most days. The Bath Christmas market is really nice to look round, but the products are fairly expensive. VT bought a nice little Olive wood bowl which has beautiful markings. I got myself a new necklace and matching earrings from The Podium, otherwise we didn't get a huge ammount from there.
We went to Street twice to the Clarks Village Outlet Mall, and bought loads of things from there. The shopping is great, and it is really nice to look round. Got some Portmeiron place mats and coasters, which I have been after for ages. A new jacket much reduced, and lots of other bits and pieces. Got VT a couple of things, he is very hard to buy for, especially since he says he has everything!
Went to Farrington Gurney Farm Shop twicve too, it is a lovely farm shop, and we generally get some treats for over Christmas, so we now have a box in the room where the computer is which is now overflowing.
We also went to Wells a few times. I love Wells, and could actually live there quite happily. It is a really small friendly city and is always interesting. Some changes since last year though, the Curry's has gone, and Dixons, and I suppose Woolies will have gone nexct year when we come back. The Cathedral Coffee bar ? Cafe where we usually get our cup of coffee has gone too, and they have a swanky new characterless coffee shop/restaurant upstairs, which is nowhere near as nice. We only went once,then defected to Starbucks. We had a lot of Lattes everywhere , and now need to give them a break.
Meals last week were varied...we had pasta twice, with some gorgeous mushrooms from Wells market and Bath market. We had Pasties twice from the Pasty shop in Wells. it's a good job we don't live there we would be as fat as pigs!
one night we had a lovely Spinach and Broccoli flan from Farringtons, and the last meal we had before coming home was Quorn Sausage rolls , Spaghetti hoops, and Croquette potatoes.
Went to Tescaw this morning to get some things for the week, and ended up spending £72 !! just on catch up bits and pieces.
Came back to 300 emails, now having to clear them all..mostly rubbish!
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs (Quorn Swedish style ones)
Swedish style sauce.
Rice or boiled potatoes..not sure yet,
Cranberry sauce,
Tenderstem Broccoli,