Friday, 29 July 2016

In Again..

Once again were sort of forced to stay in the house today, we did think that if the nurses came early we could pop out for a coffee somewhere . But, we were foiled by the fact that she didn't come till elevenish so that meant by the time I had got ready it would have been nearly lunchtime. We stayed in and had a nice coffee inside instead. Saved a bit of money anyway.
Today started off grey and drizzly but has now cleared up nicely, enough for Vin to hang some of the sheets out on the line. He also put some of the things back in his car after its service. He was quite pleased with the service anyway because they had finished it off with a valeting, car wash, inside vacuuming too so that got rid of all the leaf rubbish that had collected on the car mats. Looks lovely and shiny now.  Still can't believe he has had it for two years!

Absolutely no idea how this happened to be posted on here.! I was looking for a picture of Vin's car but must have pressed the wrong button. Ah the mysteries of the internet.!  No idea how to remove it either. :(This picture is an oldish one which shows the baking we used to do on a Sunday. ..Aaah those were the days!

Thursday, 28 July 2016


Vin had his car booked into the garage in Crosby for a service today. It is a major one so he had to leave it in the garage and come home. He went early, after an early coffee and biscuit as normal. We have a little "cow" biscuit every morning, it's a sort of ritual!.
Then he was off to Crosby aiming to come back by train. Actually he was able to use his travel pass because he waited for the 9.30 train.Then it was breakfast for us both and about our daily bits and bobs. 
Beautiful morning coffees, and a light lunch. He rang up the garage just after lunch and the car was readyso he has set off to collect it. They were also doing the air bag as well because apparently they had been recalled in for them to be, they had done quite well to do everything in that time. Expecting him back shortly, I don't think he was going anywhere else. 
Little Tootsie two huts was in one of them this morning sheltering from the drizzly rain. She loves going out in the mornings, but doesn't like getting wet, well who does :) .
Funny weather we do have here, as I type this athe sun is shining so all the blinds in the house have been pulled down!!
Weather set fair !!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Busy Afternoon.!

Well it turned into a busy afternoon, I had an appointment at the podiatry clinic at 2.30 so left the house at about a quarter to two. Vin had stripped the beddiang this morning and we both washed our hair so he had done loads of things before we went. Expected a nice straight forward appointment but when we got in the girl said that a Mr Butcher had requested an x-ray of my standing foot so they could judge the pressure on the foot. It had to be a standing one without the cast, so that meant having the left foot done and dressed and the right one lightly then Vin used their wheelbchair to get me to the x-ray department.. I had to stand on a board, then go on a stair so they could do another one. Only took a few minutes and I was done. Not as much waiting as we had thought.
Then back to the podiatry to get that foot dressed again with the cast on. Future appointments made and off home. Then to the co-op to get a few things and Vin suggested that we could call in at the garden centre and he would treat me to a cup of coffee. Trouble was it was closing because it was 5 o'clock. He thought it shut at 6. Never mind it was a lovely thought. Thank you Vin XXX

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Change of Plan..

There was a change of plan today. We were going to go out somewhere for a coffee but in the end decided agaqinst that idea since we were going out tomorrow anyway. 
Quet day therefore, Vin went off to Tesco to get a few veggies, via the farden centre where he had seen some copper garden labels he wanted to get while they were on offer. He got those then went along the bypass to Tesco. He rang me up from there very quickly, to say he was on his way back! He'd got the things we needed and got round quickly. 
Nice surprise this morning, the doorbell went and it was  the postman with a large parcel from John and Ann in Australia for my Birthday.It contained a lovely chiffon scarf complete with a really dinky little jewelled clip that you use to slide up and down to keep the scarf in place. Very clever idea and you don't see them very often. Also there was a pair of nighties  great for the summer.

Most of the plants in our garden are in pots or containers and Vin says often they have ost their labels and he doesn't know what is coming up, so at least now he will have the labels to put in them!.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Typical Mondays...

A typical Monday these days is waiting in for the District nurses, and everything else revolves round that. Today she came at twelvish so I spent the morning on the computer catching up with what was going on there,mostly facebook and there were lots of photos from the Australia family of beach walks etc., and lovely blue seas and skies. They do say it is cold there though but there cold is like our summer weather. 
The nurse did my dressings and put loads of wadding on so my feet look like footballs now! Podiatary clinic on Wednesday then the nurses back on Friday. 
Vin did some of his admin. work this morning including arranging for his car to be serviced which is Thursday. He has had the car for two years now which is unbelievable, and it is ready for a service. He reckons his car did 6,ooo miles last year. Most of those would be on visiting me in Aintree :( Oh dear!
Presently he is in the garden putting some little gravel beads round some of the plants in containers.

These two one of the back garden wall with the hanging baskets still looking really good, and the bottom one is of the barrel in the front garden showing the osteospermums which we bought this year to try. Initially we thought they were going to be a bit of a washout because they didn't do well at all, but they have picked up nicely and are showing good colour now.
This is a "Christmas Rose" which didn't flower at Christmas but later than that.Vin has cut it right back ready for this Christmas!!
Oh so true. Little Tootsie is quite  quiet today but is around.

Blink and you might miss her.

Friday, 22 July 2016


Friday and nearly the start of another weekend. Actually when you are retired weekends don't mean the same as they do when you are working. 
The District nurse was due this morning so we couldn't go out anywhere but it didn't matter because we didn't have plans to anyway. She came at roundabout twelve o'clock and made a very good job of the dressings too. Next ones due on Monday. It has been quite a nice break this week not having any hospital appointments. At least it has given Vin and his car a break.
Not as hot today, no breeze much but very overcast and cloudy , however as I type this the sun is coming out and is presently shining through the window of the room where the computer is. 
Vin is outside taking some pictures for the blog, but too late for this one so will have to wait till Monday's one. 
Little Tootsie is in and out as usual. She tends to stay in out of the high sunshine, but does like the shade that the huts give her. We call her Tootsie two huts now!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Out for Some Air..

We have had a bit of a breather this week from hospital appointments this week, which, given the hot weather was quite good.. Today though it is a bit cooler and fresher and Vin wanted to get some veggies because we had run out, so we went out to Tesco. So, we could get some bits of shopping and also have a coffee out. Actually the Costa was quite busy and our favourite seats were taken so we had to go in the corner, which is nice anyway. Vin had a popcorn cappucinno and I had a a plain one. The popcorn one sounds not very nice but really smells quite nice. Not up my street because I don't really go for flavoured coffees but Vin has had a fair number of them.  He left me in there finishing my drink with an Echo to look at while he ran round the store. 
Ourlittle Tootsie has been visiting again. Apparently she has been next door on one of her beds, and on her window sill. Wonder why she goes on the neighbours beds but not on ours? She has never really been on any of ours. 
Little madam.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Another Warm One..

Yes it's another warm and sunny day today, but not thankfully as hot as yesterday. We have largely stayed indoors and there is a nice little breath of a breeze coming through the blinds which are wafting away. 
Little Tootsie has been in her hut having a nice rest and keeping in the shadee. Very wisely. No appointments this week the next one is next Wednesday at the podiatry clinic but it is a bit to warm to be going out really. Might go somewhere tomorrow.
Vin has just been up to check on me before he goes out into the garden, and check that I am drinking enough. Ever vigilant he is.
Lady of leisure! It must be a nicer life than she had at the catte rescue, although to be fair they are well looked after there.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Phew is right. Hottest day of the year so far they reckon today round about 34 degrees. The plan today is to stay cool, and even Tootsie has that idea too preferring to stay inside in the front room which is nice and cool after the morning sun has gone round which is mid-morning. 
Relaxing on the coolish windowsill. She has the right idea.
Vin went off to Formby this morning mainly to take back a crossword machine which I had bought from Argos but had proved to be no use because the print is too smallfor me to read. Also to get some veggies from Tesco which is opposite the Argos store. He said that the Tesco was lovely and cool, they must have the air conditioning full on, but the little Costa that we go to was full which is surprising. Anyway he was back in good time for his coffee and later after that lunch. Two deliveries this morning, one with parcel force which was the American sweets that Jane had ordered to be sent to our house, and the other was my delivery from Bullens of my bags etc.,
This little beauty is the orchid that my lovely Vin bought me for my birthday. It is a gorgeous shade of deep cream almost yellow but not quite. I love orchids because they last for ages, and are easy to look after. We have three now in various stages of growth.  Jane will probably ring up in a bit because she is on half eight to half four shift today. I bet she is warm today, all the radiography machines give out heat and she is bound to be tired, it's a long day. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Happy Birthday to Me.

Yes these birthdays come round with monotonous regularity. This one is the big 70!! I really can't believe that. Where did all those years go? 
Couldn't really go anywhere because we were waiting in for the District Nurses, and you never know what time they are coming. In the event the one today didn't come till 4O'clock but she has made a good job of doing the dressings and they are done now till Friday.  
So, we had our coffees inside this morning a lovely cappucinno and some baby shortbreads. It was quite a good job we didn't go out because there was a delicvery of a basket of beautiful flowers from the folks in Australia.
Gorgeous and a lot scented too. Even some lavender too which I really like and a scented rose in the middle. 
Vin bought me two beautiful wall plaques for the garden a sun and a moon Really attractive.
Look great on the wall too.
It is sweltering today, we are finally getting some proper summer weather. Bright bright sunshine and lots of flying ants around according to Vin who ventured outside to do a bit of mooching.Little Tootsie has been outside in her hut asleep., nicely shaded at the bottom of the garden.
Spot the Tootsie.
Jane rang up to wish me a Happy Birthday, She is off today so was going into town to do a bit of shopping and then go to Morrisons. Hope she doesn't get too hot!!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Best Foot Forward!

Our appointment today was at the podiatry clinic at 11.30. We got there in plenty of time and waited. Finally got in the clinic at around 12. Apparently due to see the vascular doctor as well which I didn't expect. Turned into a real long winded marathon in the end. Lots of discussions about the feet, and in the end decicion was to leave well alone for a bit and continue with the foot care. So itn is still  District nurses twice a week with Podiatry in the middle for checking.  When we eventually finished in there the time was going on, and I had to go for blood teeest as well. Vin had left my prescription for another 6 weeks of antibiotics!!!! so he went off to get that done.  Did go and get a reviving coffee at the small Starbucks but they didn't have any suitable things to eat for us which will teach us to take our own in future.  He left me in there to finish my coffee while he went to get the prescription and rescue my wheels from podiatry,  then get the car. Poor lad. Really makes me feel guil;ty for wearing him out. 
Off to the Co-op for a quick shop, then make our way home, finally getting back at about 3 !for some lunch. Poor Vin must have been starving.
Horrible weather for July, grey drizzly that sort of rain the gets you wet without you realising. 
Little tootsie lost her collar last night, Vin noticed that she didn't have it onwhen she came in, and went to have a look for it abut no sign. So he found a new collar and put that on her with a new tag, When he went round to get the bin in this morning she appeared at the bottom of the steps just sitting there, and lo and behol;d there was the missing collar nice and dry because it hadn't been raining, so he replaced that and saved the new ones.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Another Little Outing!

Since there were noo appointments today, and no District nurses we decided to go out this morning. So we went along to Dobbies for our free July coffees and browse around a bit. 
Nice sunny day today but it is always but it is always blowy there. It seems to be in a particularly windy spot, which prevents you sitting outside never mind though, there is plenty of room inside.  Vin gets a wheelchair to save my feet wobbling about in the store, and we had a bit of a browse round first. Looked at some of the sale items but basically there was not a lot we would buy. Did spot some nice Yankee Candles tea lights, in Wild Fig flavour which we haven't had before so that makes a change.  Had a check in the food hall and noted some of the the things we would pick up later then went for our coffees. I had a lovely cappucinno and Vin ordered a latte but he reckoned it was a flat white. No matter they were beautiful coffees.  Went and collected the items we wanted from the food hall, mainly little loaf cakes that keep for ages, and came home via Tesco where Vin ran in for a few veggies to keep us going. 
The radio is full of Theresa May's new Cabinet. So is the television news . Quite a lot of changes, and some surprises.
After our lunch I came on here to do my blog,then our Jane rang. She was on her way to a fun evening at the Breakout event with her work colleagues.  She was on nights last night and on an eight eight day tomorrow. Weird shifts they do there. Poor kid, hope she has a good evening.  

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

New Prime Minister.

Well 13th July and we have a new Prime Minister. As I type this he is leaving number 10 to go to the Queen to tender his resignation and Theresa May will then go to the Palace to present herself as the new Prime Minister. Wonder what she will do in office? Time will tell.
 We didn't go out today again, which was just as well as we had two deliveries, one via the postman and the other via Hermes. This was the nail varnish that I had only ordered on Monday so that was quick!
Bright and sunny today outside but still qquite cool with a temperature of about 61degrees or so. Still not quite warm enough for us to sit outside with our coffees this morning, but it is supposed to be warming up by the weekend but we shall see. We do plan to go out somewhere for a coffee tomorrow  though so hope it keeps bright and sunny.
Vin trimmed my hair this morning, well it is now so thin it isn't worth going to the hairdressers but it had gone straggly at the back so he has evened it all off. Well done Vin, hairdressing , another string to your bow :) :) 
At least I had some hair here!
Now gone to this !!!!  How to age ten years in one!!! :) 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Sad Today...

Very sad today, one of my "Delia online friends" has so sadly died I will miss his postings and notes and messages. Too soon gone and too young.  He had so many hurdles to oveercome in his young life, but in the end the cancer got him. Very popular on Facebook, and it is today full of messages and posts and photos. Such a kind individual he will be truly missed. R.I.P. Jamesy.
Very mundane day today otherwise, we didn't really feel like going out so we didn't. I spent the morning on the computer and Vin did some bits and bobs that he wanted to do. We had nice machine coffees late morning. He has been doing a bit of clearing out, and come up to say he had found some bread mixes in the cupboard that are fourteen months out of date!!!! No point making them up so they are headed for the grey bin on Friday. It's just the way that  things have turned out these days and this year.  Mostly my fault for not being up to scratch. Ah well never mind. 

Monday, 11 July 2016

What a Day!!

What a day indeed. You would never think that it was the middle of July, more like the middle of March. Rainy, blowy and really quite cool. However the sun has now come out, you juat nwvweknow what  to wear these  days. 
Not a lot going on today otherwise, a bit of computing for me this morning, and the District nurses came this morning, it was the nice one ccalled "Muffin" or Meg, who is off to Australia in 6 weeks or so. Another one escaping the country, what a shame. Vin did some pottering about today and sent a package back to QVC for me. Some nail polishes that I had ordered but didn't like when they arrived.  Tootsie has been quite quiet today, came in a bit wet this morning and then stayed in. 
Big news in the country is that we now have a new Prime Miniater another woman in Theresa May who has been Home Secretary for a number of years so is experieenced. What she will do in the country remains to be seen. 

Friday, 8 July 2016

Another Early Rise!!

I do hate early get ups! Never get used to them. Funny thing Jane is the same, I wonder if it is genetic. :) 
We had an appointment at the vascular clinic this morning at 9.30 so it was a case of beat the rush hour. As it happened there wasn't really much traffic anyway so I don't know what happened to the rush hour at all. Got there by about 9.20, would have been earlier but I was long winded getting ready. Sorry Vin, you'r a very patient man.
Had both feet undressed and then Jane the nurse practitioner came in to examine them to see if an angiogram would be possible. She spent quite a while doing that and then went off to  see Mr Joseph and ask his advice. Came back with some more looking and then himself came in. That was an extra since I wasn't due to see him for two weeks. Anyway he said that for now they are better letting them well alone and just stick with the dressings and the anti-biotics. But he wanted an ultrasound scan done on the leg, and said that if it could be done today that would save another appointment. Had the legs re-dressed just to the ankles to allow for that, and waited in the waiting area. Not long to wait,and had the ultrasound done. Two very nice girls one younger and one older both shared the job not sure why. Then free to go home.  Vin had a great parking space so picked me up quickly at the front entrance.  Yesterday we got the free coffee vouchers for the Ladygreen garden centre, so Vin suggested that on the way home we called in there for the July ones.  The upgrading that they have done there is great. A lot more space and it is now a pleasure to go in there. We had our free coffees and a pack of biscuits between us and enjoyed a bit of a breather and a people watch for half an hour or so. Then home. No post but Tootsie was waiting for us Aaaah!.
After lunch we watch the Roger Federer match, and he came back from one set down to even it up against some unknownish Canadian fellow called Ranios. Anyway to my real disappointment he lost three sets to two but it was a very very close match. So it looks like the Men's final this year will likely be Murray and the Canadian.Ugh!!
Nice breather tomorrow for a change. :)

Thursday, 7 July 2016


We are like the couples on one of those clocks where they go round and round. One day we are in all day and the next we are out! Today is an in day. No appointments so made the most of being in.  Mundane things mostly apart from sorting out the Tassimo delivery. We ordered a delivery on Tuesday and it came today Thursday!! Amazing delivery. Vin had checked the tracking of the order this morning and it said with the courier, and it seemed like straight away that the doorbell went and it was there! So, we are well sstocked up with Tassimo pods in fact I think we have more than Tesco!! I had a lovely Macchiato less sweet coffee this morning which is one of the ones you can't buy in the shops so that was good. Vin had a Latte which he enjoyed because he usuallymakes up his own version so that was nice.  What a good firm!
Hairwashes and did my nails ready for re-doing so that was good.  We were short of shampoo but Vin found a tube of Linco Beer shampoo tucked away upstairs. I used to use it for Donkey's years but then they stopped making it :( :( :( REALLY miss it too, I LOVED that product. I have tried everywhere on the Internet, but to no avail none to be had anywhere, so this tube is very precious. Like gold dust actually, in fact rarer :)
Weather is sunnier today but not that warm I don't think. In fact it is only three degrees warmer than Perth Australia and it's their Winter!
Tootsie was on Vin's knee after lunch looking all appealing lying on her back with her little paws in the air tummy waiting to be tickled. Then as soon as he does that the paws get hol;d of his hand and cling on. What a little minx!

I wish I had a camera when she does that. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Podiatary Plus...

No matter what time we get up in the morning, we always seem to go out in a rush. Today's appointment was for 10-30 but we did leave on ttime and got there at the time appointed. Waited a short while and then called in by Jo one of the lovely podiatrists. Feet are doing ok so she skinned them a bit and re-dressed them. Still got bandages up to my knees. and casts on both feet now so walking a bit hard, but we get there with the help of the wheels. Since that appointment finished quite eaarly we went for a welcome coffee at Costa on the retail park at Aintree. It was surprisingly busy, every time I go there I always say I wouldn't mind shares in that Costa because it is always busy, all sorts of people young ,old, couples etc.,  I had a nice flat white and Vin had a flat white with soya and hazelnut syrup. Very  nice breather and people watch.
From there we went to the other retail park which is adjoining but has the M&S and Vin went in quickly to get some things for the rest of the week. I stayed in the car and listened to the awful Vanessa Feltz who is standing in for Jeremy Vine.Typical discussions with her doing a lot of screeching.
Home then we went to the other retail aprk which has an M&S and Vin went in there quickly to get some things for the rest of the week. Mainly he wanted some pasta sauce for our tea tonight.  Then home for our lunch a bit later.  Started watching the tennis match between Roger Federer and Cilic. What a match!! Federer was two sets down and then went on to pull the two sets back and win the fifth set to gain the match. I was almost afraid to watch, it looked like the other fellow was going to win easily, but you never write off Federer. Well done Roger..what a player.
Bit of computing in the afternoon and then down for coffee and a bit of cake. 
Football tonight Wales playing Portugal Yuk!!! 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Bit of Sunshine!

Its a bit sunny today, not quite warm enough to sit out though. We stayed in today because we are outtomorrow fairly early for a podiatry appointment so we had our coffees inside this morning. I also put in a Tassimo ordeer because they have some different pods that you can't get in the shopsWatched a bit of tennis after lunch  Serena Williams winning again. She is such a good player to watch, and a nice woman too, always gives a good interview afterwards. 
Jane rang up early afternoon on her way home, quite tired because of the shift patterns they have there. 8to half four today and two till ten tomorrow. She was saying everybody is tired because of these, and they are short staffed, waiting for new ones to start. 
Little Tootsie was up and about earlymiaowing outside the window, and havingt a standoff with Sammy from down the road. Vin went down to sort them out, and got well scratched in the process. How Nice!! 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Two Bricks!!

Well yesterday turned into a bit of a marathon! Went for the Podiatary clinic appointment at 11 O'clock for what I thought was an ordinary appointment and it turned into something longer. Turned out that the dressing put on by the last District Nursie hadn't been put on properly so the cast had been rubbing on the ulceer, so that needed a bit more attention. She also felt that the other foot needed a cast on it as well, so one was done for that. Hence I am now walking on two bricks rather than one. Ah Well, all will heal one day I hope.
Meanwhile poor Vin is ferrying me round the appoint,emts like a trooper. The 8 O'clock one was hard going though. It was like getting up early for Disney but without the fun!!We did get a lovely breakfast in Costa though so there was a bit of a silver lining.
The weather this weekend is awful. It is sunny today, but cold though.   We were watching Wimbledon ladies tennis yesterday,and there was a good match between Venus Williams and a young 19year old who was more than holding her own. In fact they were neck and neck until the final set and Venus was 6 5 up and at match point, and the Heavens opened so they had to draw the covers over the court. We didn't actually see the end but she did win 10-8 so she had a good battle.I do like a bit of tennis, at least it is more interesting than football!Wales won their match last night so now suddenly everyone is Welsh!!