Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Christmas is Looming...

Only eight weekends away will be November tomorrow and all the adverts will be starting soon. Already seen lots of them so far, they seem to get earlier each year.
People going to New York for Christmas must be wondering what they are going to. The pictures on the news look awful, subways flooded and cars and houses ruined, terrible devastation. Must have been one helluva storm.
Vin went off to get a spark plug spanner this morning! Gosh he does lead an exciting life! he needs to replace the spark plugs in his car, but since the last ones have been in for over eight years, not before time really. I wouldn't know how to do any of that nowadays, but I did on the old Morris Minors. They were such simple cars..loved them. if we won the Lottery I would get one of those to play with. Not that I can drive now though. Be nice just to sit in.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce
Green vegetables to go with
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Oh What a Perfect day! ....Not!!

Cold and rainy..and very grey outside. At least I'm not on the way to work..thank goodness. Jane has just rung up on her way back from Big School or Uni..she is off till Friday now and is going to catch up on her work.
Vin has just spent an exciting ten minutes mopping up cat sick from outside her of the lovely things about having animals!
Spent the morning doing ironing mostly the bedding which is cotton and quite hard to iron but does iron beautifully and is a treat when it's on the bed. Really going dark early now it's only a quarter to five and darkish already.  Big bad storms in the States aroung the East coast..Atlantic City and New York particularly badly hit. They are calling it Frankenstorm..very original given the time of the year./
Tonight we are having:
Escalope of some sort
Baked mushrooms
Mashed potatoes
Mixed vegetables with hollandaise sauce.

Monday, 29 October 2012


I adore our cats. I do...but...there are times when I wish they would sleep a bit more at night and less during the day! Last night, or rather this morning they were all over us, sitting n my hip...purring in my ear and picking my front which is not great fun when you have a thin nightdress. Bobby has really sharp claws too.
Little Rusty is not quite so notieable because she tends to just sit and wobble on my hip, needless to say they are both at the moment fast asleep..storing up the energy for another night of jumping around.
Vin went off to crosby this morning with my money and visited Sainsburys. it seems that the kids are back at school round here so it was quieter. he didn't have a lot to get so he was back quite quickly. Washing day today, we did the bedding and other bits but couldn't make the bed up because guess who was fast asleep on the pillow...Bobby!! The nights are really drawing in now it is already dark now and it's only a quarter to five.
Tonight we are having:
leftover pizza
Egg and potato salad with avocado
potato salad for moi and rice salad for Vin.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fall back...

This means the clocks went back an hour last night. Nice to have an extra hour in bed this morning though. Going dark about five thirty now and pitch black by six so the long dark evenngs looming ahead.
Bit of an atmosphere in the house for the last two days although it seems to be waning now. All about nothing really, but both of us really grumpy , which funnily enough was one of the clues in my crossword today.
Rained all day today. Vin went off to Formby top get some stuff from Waitrose and then on to Crosby to get things from B&M bargains. Their cat food is good value and the cats seem to like it.
At least it is Downton tonight which is a real treat.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese
Egg and potato salad with avocado
Potato salad for moi and a rice salad for Vin.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Another weekend Looming..

Yet another Friday dawns. Bright and sunny but Vin says it is cold out, and beginning to get a bit blowy now too.
The coal delivery did come this morning as promised, just before he went out. It was brought by a very big tall brawny coalman, who had left his van parked in the middle of the road. Vin said that you wouldn't argue with him about it though. 4 Bags of coal..smokeless stuff, and eighty four pounds poorer now.  Vin is on a bit of an energy kick at the moment, and is using two fire bricks in the grate which he reckons will save some of the coal, which it should actually, and a good idea. He's also altered the tim er on the immersion heater so it is on for less time during the day which is no bad thing. Then if we want extra for showers etc., it can be switched on manually. All helps.
He was in a bit of a rush when he went out this morning. Took my money off to Tesco but forgot to take the £4 voucher with him. Came home grumpy about that tooplus he said there were kids all over the place today with it being half term. So he's a bit of a grumpy git today. Good job it wasn't his money he was spending eh! Only joking...he's doing a grand job of the shopping.
Jane rang up before, she is on her way to work, after having been at Uni for the day. It makes a long day for her since she doesn't finish till 11 o'clock, poor kid. She said they were on the dummies today, doing ositioning etc., which sounds good fun.
Bobby who was asleep in her basket behind me on the bed in Jane's room, has just sat up in the basket and hissed really loudly. Wonder what brought that on, maybe she was having a nightmare? I wonder if cats do dream? Maybe she was chasing a mouse or another cat more likely.
Tonight we are having:
Crispy quorn fillets
Chips 200 grms
Carrots for moi and mushy peas for Vin.
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

In Which Vin has a Busy Day...

Following on from yesterday the coal didn't come, so vin rang them up this morning and she rang back to say that it would arrive tomorrow (Friday) . Just in time since the weather is forecasted to become very cold next week!
It was a day for him getting his car sorted today. He got up early and went off to Formby to the industrial estate to get his brakes fixed. the plan was to go in the car obviously, and get a bus which does a circular tour of Formby including the station so he could get the train home. Well that all went well, and I was amazed to see that he had arrived home at ten past ten! he said all the buses and trains were on time so he got home in good time. He thought it would have been most of the day, but the chap from the garage rang him at twelvish to say that it was ready. new brake pipes and the tracking done. £117 which seems quite reasonable.So off he went back again after checking on the bus and train timetables . You can do that online now which is really good and useful. The trains run every fifteen minutes and the buses every thirty so it's a case of getting them co-ordinated.  Anyway he did that and was back again at about twenty to one all done with his car back to normal. He'll sleep well tonight!
Car sitting outside the house again. The one in the far left of the picture..
He has spent some time today looking at the electricity bill, it turns out that it is a minefield. Standing sharges or no standing charges? cheap tarriffs or not  etc etc.,. Work in progress.
Tonight we are having:
Remaining potatoes baked and squashed
carrots, broccoli and mushrooms
Something from the freezer.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fuel Day Today...

Seems to be a day of stoking up the fuel. Firstly there is a delivery of coal being delivered four bags at £18 a bag!Won't be long before the Winter Fuel Allowance will be used up at that rate.
Vin went off to Formby this morning to see about his brakes and had a conversation with the man at the garage who looked at his car and said in his opinion that is was a collapsed fluid pipe that was causing the problem, so he has booked his car in tomorrow for that to be done. On the way home he called in at Homebase and got three bags  (on offer three for two) at £6 something a bag,of lovely hardwood logs for the fire, so there's three types of fuel. Then there was a letter waiting for him when he got home from Scottish Power with revised electricity prices on it. They have gone up 13%!!!! So he will be looking at comparisons for that.
Me? Guess again! and a bad day for me today. Think I'll just stop eating altogether since there doesn't seem to be any reason why different foods are affecting me. it's all beginning to get really wearing now, like being in prison. In a sort of Limbo waiting for any further news.  Ah well!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce
A bit of garlic bread for Vin

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

23rd october...

23rd October. Nothing special about today , but it would have been my Dada birthday today. He was born in 1901 so he would have been 111 this day. I must get Vin to put some pics on here one day that would be nice to se some famiily photos.
He took my money off to Sainsburys this morning to get the weekly things. Some stuff we have run out of, and the usual veggies and stuff that we need to keep us going. He has ordered some coal to be delivered tomorrow which is the smokeless kind and £18 a bag so he got some cash out of the bank for that. That's the first of the Autumn/Winter. Wonder how many of those we will need before the Spring again?
Very impressed with the new phones, I do have to say they look good, nice easy buttons to use and a good clear voice soumd. He has just rung me on the sort of intercom from the extension and it's really clear.They have a good liong battery life to them, and umpteen ring tones. Do have to say some of them are dire, just awful, we prefer the ordinary ring noise.  He has used them to ring up some tyre and brake places to try and get his car fixed. Giving them a good tryout!
Nothing new to report from my end, Seem to be in for the long haul on this waiting business.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope of some sort
Mushrooms maybe in a sauce
Baby potatoes baked and squashed
Mixed vegetables.

Monday, 22 October 2012


Watch this space. This is by way of being an experiment since I haven't been able to access my blog via AOL for a long while. I have been doing it on the Internet Explorer site which I wasn't happy with at all.  So, we shall see how this goes.
Normal weekend with me stopping in and Vin taking his car to the garage on Friday. Then when he got back he had noticed a hot smell coming from one of his tyres so he
arranged to take it in today, (Monday). Up early to do this took the car in and came home on the little bus. They rang up around twelvish and said it seemed to have righted itself so off he went back on the little bus to collect it. Bit of a faff for him but I'm glad it is ok at the moment. He has decided that it needs a bit of a run, and he isn't using it enough.  Think that's my fault, because we haven't been anywhere for months now. Forgotten what the Cheshire Oaks looks like!!
I ordered some new phones for the house last week and they arrived today. Great looking phones too. You get two and they have nice big buttons to use, speakers and different ring tones. At the moment they are charging up so aren't in use yet we will see what they do tomorrow.
Just started a letter to John and Ann this morning, but a tad stuck for things to write about since we haven't been on holiday or been anywhere except hospital appointments  so just chatting about rubbish really. Will have to get my thinking cap on.Have ordered the latest series of Downton Abbey for them, it's on pre order and is due for release on November 5th so nicely in time for Christmas.  I have them a calendar and there is a diary with the dvd so maybe send that as well. This series is such a good one we are really enjoying it but there are only two more left :).
Tonight we are having:
Left over pizza from last night
Egg and potato salad with avocado and plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and pasta salad for Vin.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Another weekend looms...

Friday and yet another weekend looms ahead with no prospects of anything being another week of patience. feel so sorry for poor Vin, it can't be easy being lumbered with me at the moment.
He went off to Tesco this morning armed with a voucher for £4 off £40 which isn't a bad deal. So, with some offers he got and some things that we needed he just about got the money off. he went to the garage on the way back to put some air in his tyres and was a bit annoyed because you get two minutes for 20p and the air ran out before he got round the four tyres!! Aaah. Anyway he found what he thought was a nail in one of his tyres so he downloaded a free puncture repair voucher from the tyre garage where he goes in Crosby, and has gone off there this afternoon.
He judt rung up to say that it wasn't a nail but a stone stuck in the tread, but they took the tyre off and discovered that it was a leaky vavle which they have repaired.
Put the phone down on Vin and Jane rang up from Manchester to say that she had got some shoes, that she was desperate to buy for work. They have to be black and have good grip. She has also got some trousers and a top and a belt and spent £55, which is quite a lot for her.  Everyone is spending. I ordered some new phones for the middle room yesterday from QVC they have big buttons and are smart with a good speaker. The big buttons will make it easier to ring up numbers.Another delivery to get Vin up in the morning!
Tonight we are having:
Southern style burgers
Chips!! 200grms between us.
Something tomatoey to go with.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Just another day!!

Well yes just another day in the house. Once again..the waiting  ah well get there one day i suppose.
Vin went off to Homebase this morning and came back with a new lamp for the middle room to replace one that had broken. Really good too and only five pounds and a bit more. It's one of those that comes in a flat box and you screw it together. very clever..and part of their basics range.
He also got some lovely little tealights called apple and cinnamon. Reminds me of little craft shops in New England. Oh to be in New England now that Autumn is here! Pumpkins and spice and Halloween decorations. dream ON.
Look at the pumpkins gorgeous blue skies and pumpkins everywhere. What a lovely sight. Wish we were there.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer
Potato croquettes
Mushrooms and any veggies we have left over.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Poor Satterthwaites!!

This is a bakery in Crosby and surrounding areas. Quite a big concern and have eight shops in the area. They have been going for 102 years and I can remember going to the shops when I was a little girl with my Mum to get their pies and cakes. They have always had a name for quality and their cakes are gorgeous.  Well they have closed!! it was the most shocking news of the week really by a long way. Vin said he was in Crosby centre on Sunday and the shop there looked so sad. What a shame. I suppose they can't compete with the likes of greggs who sell the cheaper products.  Christmas without their bun loaf!!!! Terrible. will be missed.
Stopped in today...there's a surprise. Did all the bedding ironing which is a chore but so worth it.
Jane hasn't rung up for a few days, probably busy, the last time she rung she said she had a lot of work on with her Uni course, and she tends to ring when she is walking back to her car at night, but I don't think she is working at the moment. Except for weekends that is.
Little Rusty is looking very smart today. She has a collar on but it was looking very scruffy so we found another one for her. Now she is pretty again. Well a girl has to look her best for all the boys out there doesn't she. Her new collar is a blue one , Bobby will probably be jealous now and hiss at her. Aaah. We will get Bobby one for Christmas.
Tonight we are having:
A simple pasta bake with mushrooms
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


No blog yesterday mainly because we ran out of time and got back from Aintree to late to do it. I had an appointment at the opthalmology clinic yesterday at 2.40. We got there in plenty of time since we always arrive early for things, gave my letter in at reception and waited, and waited then eventually got my visin done and the drops put in. Then waited in another area, so long I thought we were taking root. One woman sat by us gave up and went home and that after waiting till she was five in the queue!! another woman went to sleep!! Got into the consultant eentually and he had a look at the eyes, said they were stable, and he was discharging me into the diabetic screening programme. Apparently you go to a centre nearer your home and are monitored there. They took photos of my eyes..done in another area, and they would be used to match up.So there we least there shouldn't be any more two hour waits.
Vin went off this morning to get his new battery for his car. He went to Formby to get it checked there first then went to buy it in Crosby.86£ gone up since the last one, but that was seven years ago. He bought himself some new slippers too, really good ones actually from Windsors and only seven pounds. I pay a lot more than that for mine!! I think he got a bargain there.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with broccoli and cheese,
Potato croquettes
Mixed veggies or carrots and beans
White sauce with mushrooms

Friday, 12 October 2012

7/10 for effort!!

Vin took my mney off to Tesco this morning. Armed with his list, and even a phone call from outside when he had finished to see if I had forgotten anything, he still managed to not bring some of the things on his list!! Mind you he did do very well because he did get most of the things we needed for the weekend. I had told him to get some Seabrook crisps which \I like and he brought back some sort of Golden Wonder baked things I don't like.  No cakes and no shortbread biscuits, but he did get a nice offer on two big pizzas for him !  He will probably read this and have a hissy fit now!!This is because of the infernal information from the dietician which he is following on my behalf. Wish he wouldn't.  No wonder i don't let him in any of my appointments!  He had a nice little lunch of quorn sausage rolls and a tin of curried beans. I had a mingy cheese slice sandwich with a tomato and a mingy bag of crisps!!!
jane rang up just after lunch on her way home from Uni, mainly to order a book Introduction to Radiography by Suzanne Easton at £23.79. Bank of Mum and Dad again. We ordered it from Amazon and it took ages to get the order done actually because it wasn't straightforward. We had to change the address to hers in Manchester and then give the card number for security. Then the free delivery didn't come up so we had to edit our order again. Bit of a faff but we got there in the end.
Apart from that not a lot today. no word about my appointments but I do have one at the eye clinic on Monday which will be fun not!
Tonight we are having;
Cheese pasties from Waitrose
A baked tomato
 Rice pudding from waitrose.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

An Outing!!!

Oooh how exciting..not!! it was yet another hospital appointment for a blood test. got a phone call yesterday to go for a blood test at Aintree Ward 20, so we duly went at 11 o'clock. Vin spotted a parking space right outside the back door which was really lucky since the parking is terrible. Went uup in the lifts..when we eventually found them to the ward.. and were put into a waiting room to..well..wait! Quite a while later a nurse came and took me to another ward where she took my blood and I had a little talk with a very nice dietician who was from Australia. Sydney actually. She spent ages writing down everything that I ate during the day, and came to the conclusion that I was doing all the right things anyway, and knew all about potassium, so I then went back to join Vin in the little waiting room again. .2 Hours later she came back to say that my results were fine and I could go!!!!!
Home for a well deserved lunch. Poor Vin. He does all the driving, waits without complaining and drives me home again. What a star!!
Quite wet today, and not a nice day at all cleared up a bit now but blowy and quite cold. Mind, I'm always cold.
No phone messages and a few letters all for Vin.Oh what an exciting life we do lead. I did notice that it is becoming quite Autumnal now with the trees turning lovely shades of autumn hues.Fields are still very wet, and the farmers are having terrible difficulties getting their crops harvested apparently. Vin said there was a notice in tesco the other day to say that the potatoes were affected by the weather so were in short supply.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer
Potatoes sliced and fried in fry light
The remaining veggies that we have left

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Another Exciting Day..Not!!

Midweek wednesday, and nothing much doing today..not even the postman delivering anything! We did the kitchen bathroom and porch floors this morning. Wow, isn't that exciting..not... That was mainly because one of the cats..probably Bobby missed the litter tray a bit so it had to be done. Now all nice and clean. It's a lovely quarry tile floor actually so is easy to do.Phone call a few minutes ago to go and get a blood test before Friday, so we said tomorrow at around eleven o'clock in ward 20.  Thought for a minute it was the other lot but no..for that I'm still waiting.
This computer is really playing up today so going to cut this short. I had typed a lot more about our cats, but for some reason it has disappeared into bye bye post.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with cheese
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Get the Veggies In...

Vin went off to Dobbies this morning. It seems ages since Iwent there..since I went anywhere for that matter, apart from medical appointments:(.  He wanted to get some stuff from the Home and Bargain store and from tesco on the way back, for our weekly veggies.
 He rang up from outside there..dobbies..because his coffee was too hot!He'd had a mooch round, and got a few things for our box upstairs. Got himself a nice latte and a biscuit from home...aaah all alone in the car park with his coffee.
I stayed here of course as usual, doorbell rang and it was some man looking for etc., i showed him the silver box we have that is very good quality and heavy, and he said there is probably a lump of lead in the bottom of it to make it heavy!!!! I'll give you £150 for it!!!! I snorted and said it was worth a lot more than that!! and shooed him out the door. Cheek..even Michael Hogben would offer more than that. So it stops in the house a bit longer..
Big treat today..Vin bought me an absolutely gorgeous bunch of white roses  really cheer me up. God Bless Him..what a star he is.XXXXXX
Funny thing today..Another delivery from debenhams! We think these are the ones that should have been the replacement ones for the ones that went missing..very complicated, and I'm not sure what to do with these. Keep them for a bit till I work out what has happened.
Tonight we are having:
Gruyere cheese escalope
Baby potatoes
Vegetables with a mushroom sauce

Monday, 8 October 2012

Internet All Completed!

Finally all of the items ordered arrived, and all correct. The last few weeks have been a revelation int Internet shopping. It just happened that I had ordered a number of things from different sources, but the service and results were very different. I do have to say that most of the companies have very good telephone people, and extremely helpful, also quite quick to deal with a problem. M&S proved to be the best at delivering goods with Amazon running very close too. QVC take a little longer but it depends on the item, and their P&P rates are getting quite high these days. Amazon is better there with free delivery. The websites are getting good these days too, with easy, user friendly sites that are clear and simple to get through.  Debenhams was the only one that sent the wrong item in an order which was a bit of a faff to return, but there was no charge, just a lot of wasted time . We got there in the end though!
Vin had a bad bacck on Friday night, he couldn't straighten up and was bent over like an old man. I wouldn't let him go out on Saturday which he didn't like very much, but he would never have driven his car. Plenty of Ibuleve back rub and a good hot bath on Saturday morning and it seemed to ease off. Think he was lucky there. He tends to have the view that you need to keep moving and he is probably right. He went off to Tesco yesterday anyway, and Waitrose, and met half of the village in there he said.
He lit a fire last night since it was quite chilly, so we had Downton Abbey and a lovely fire..Ooh Bliss !! It is such a good series this one, loving every week and it's certainly the highlight of the viewing week..apart from Corrie that is!
Vin has just come in to say it's quite mild outside at the moment, but he thinks it will go colder later.We are just using heaters at the moment though.

Tonight we are having:
The leftover pizza from last night
Salad with egg cucumber and avocado
Potato salad for moi and rice salad for Vin.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Internet Shopping Part Three!

Two arrivals today. The Amazon Calendars arrived this morning which is very good service since I only ordered them on Monday.They come in a big box, quite why they have to send such a big box for two calendars I don't know. Then my earrings arrived with the post later on. So all has been delivered except the elusive knicks from Debenhams. The order tracking says they have been despatched, so we shall wait and see.   I do have to say that both Amazon and M&S are excellent, with QVC running a close second. Gorgeous earrings though..Murano glass, really pleased with them. A little treat to moi!
Jane rang up this morning on her way to Uni., she was walking having left her car in the car park so she could get it back after going to work and finishing at 11.  Better driving home than getting a bus at that hour of the night in Manchester. She was quite excited because they were x-raying the dummies today, doing hands and feet. I think she said these dummies are £8,000 each because they have the skeleton inside them. They were doing the positioning of the hands and the feet.
Very sad news on the television at the moment about a little girl who had been abducted on Monday evening, despite an extensive search there hasn't been any sign of her. it is now being treated as a murder enquiry. What the poor family must be going through it's hard to imagine.  i bet there are some men in Wales would like to get their hands on him.
Vin took my money off to tesco this morning. We aint Tesco fans, but he had a voucher for £6 off £40 which is a good deal so off he went with his list and voucher and my dosh.  Got some good offers too.. Starbucks coffee very cheap, and some other stuff that we needed. Good shopper he is turning out to be these days.
Tonight we are having:
Little asparagus and leek tartlets
 Sauteed potatoes

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ineternet Shopping (Part two)

So far M&S is winning by a mile! Got the first part of my QVC order this morning, which was the vacuum cleaner bags ordered at the same time as a pair of Murano glass earrings which still have to arrive. You would think they would be here first, but no..the bigger parcel comes by the post van and has come today. Stll waiting for my replacement/replacement order from Debenhams, and two calendars from Amazon.  You practically need a diary to keep track!
A nothing day today again. Nothing much to do and nowhere to go. Suppose I've had my little outing for the week going to the clinic the other day!!Can't expect too much. Need to get my hair cut one day, shall have to make an appointment for that soon, it's getting scraggy.
Vin is in the garden at the moment, think little Rusty is out there with him, she follows him about like a little dog that cat.
Bobby will go out as well, but she is a lot more independant and just enjoys being outside. She doesn't go much further than the garden though, she is a real little home loving cat which is good. Rusty will go along the pathways at the back of the house but not to the front much. She went missing round about six years ago now, and so tends to stay here now.

The acer tree that is in the picture has lost its leaves for the autumn  and hopefully will grow again in the Spring. It's a lovely little tree that Vin bought cheap from a garden centre to nurture and take on as a project.
Jane rang up just before to say she had rung up about her loan,  it's a maintenance grant for the three years to help tide her over the time she has to do her placements at the hospital. So she was quite leased about that.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey kievs
Baby new potatoes squashed
Carrots and broccoli.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Internet Shopping..Grrr...

Some of it is good some of it not quite so straightforward. had a delivery from M&S today which was great because I had only ordered on Saturday, and the order is here and all correct and perfect sizing too. Excellent! Stillo waiting for a repklacement order from Debenhams so gave them a ring this afternoon. Got through eventually and they are very nice on the phone, but there seems to be a bit of a blip on their computer and the item hasn't been delivered/dispatched. So she has ordered a replacement..replacement order which should be here soon !!! Hmmmm we'll wait and see. So far M&S well in the lead.
Did a big load of ironing this morning, all the bedding from the weekend. Came out of the drier very creased but it is cotton, and it did iron beautifully. As I type this the phone went. Answered it and it was a nothing call. Why n Earth do they do that.  We seem to be getting a lot of calls about loft insulation at the moment too, even one on the answerphone messages!!!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a tomato sauce. Maybe a nice pasta bake.
A bit of garlic bread to go with for Vin.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Yipee..An Outing!

Nothing too exciting however. Only another trip to Aintree to the Renal clinic. 11.20 appointment so left at around 10.30. got there in good time though because the traffic was light.Vin drops me off at the front entrance and then goes and parks the car in the multi storey car park. (£2.50)  Didn't seem to be busy I do have to say. i handed in my letter to the reception desk and went round the corner when my name was called after a few minutes. Weighed..the weight is down! about 9lbs., gave in my saample and blood pressure taken that is also lower. Wonder why? Waiting area again and Vin found me there. Waited some time, definitely quieter than it usually is, and a young doctor female and english called me in.
Bit of a wasted time..she wrote down all my medications..again!!  Every clinic I go to they do that! I think it fills up a bit of time! asked me a couple of questions, gave me a form for a blood test, and said it would be six months till the next appointment. That was it basically.  Waited downstairs for Vin to get the car, and we were home by twelve thirtyish.  Nice cup of coffee then Vin went off quickly to Sainsburys to get the shopping for the week.
Thanks are a starXXXXX
Started off fairly bright today, but now gone grey and drizzly. We came through a bit of a cloudburst on the way home but it's just grey everywhere now.
Bobby hasn't been out much at all today, but little Rusty did follow Vin round when he took the bin round the entry at the back of the house. He said she trots along after him, and waits at the steps at the bottom of the entry looking at him. She is such a sweetie, such a loyal cat. She comes on the bed every night and sits in the middle between us till we put the lights out. Gorgeous she is.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and broccoli escalope
Little baked potatoes
Mixed vegetables and a white sauce

Monday, 1 October 2012

1st October..Hares and Rabbits!

Another day another month! fast drawing onwards towards Christmas.
Did some Internet shopping today. bought some Miele dustbags from QVC and a really nice pair of Murano glass earrings both on easy pay, which spreads out the costs a bit.  Also bought two Thomas Kinkade Calendars from Amazon. i buy these every year, they are terrific calendars with plenty of space for writing appointments on etc., gorgeous pictures too. if you have to look at a picture for a month they are well worth looking at.So spent some money today without leaving the house.
I wonder which will come first?  My money is on Amazon..they are usually very efficient.
Nobody went out today, had a day in. Vin was sorting through papers etc., to take to the recycling bank, and I was mooching about on here. Trouble is shopping online is very easy. All in the comfort of your own home and no messing about in shops.  It does go wrong though! i am currently waiting one order from Debenhams which I received and a part of the order was the wrong size. This had to be returned, and the very nice chap on the phone said that another would be sent out. Stillo waiting for this two weeks later, so don't know what's happened to that. Will have to chase that one up soon. We are out tomorrow at the renal clinic so what;s the betting it will come tomorrow?
Niceish day today. Dull to start with then it has gone sunny now, but the little cats haven't been out a lot. Getting ready for Winter I think.
Tonight we are having:
Leftover pizza with mushrooms and a bit of extra xcheese,
Egg and potato salad with avocado
potato salad for moi and pasta salad for Vin.