Friday, 30 December 2016

It's All Over!

Well it is all over for another year and we have a New Year to look forward to now.
We had a nice Christmas this year, Jane came home from Manchester for a few days and it was lovely to see her, even though she  slept a lot!! Due to Vin's good shoppingwe had enough of everything and were well stocked up. Plus he did all the cooking over Christmas too. What a star!!
Jess was a very welcomeaddition  at Christmas, it is solovely to have a little cat in the house again. She is such a sweetheart, very very timid and runs a mile if the doorbell goes, but she seemed used to Jane again which was nice and she got some great pictures of her.
Jane bought her a stocking which had inside a toy that contains little biscuits that come out through little holes, so they knock it round and the biscuits come out. She loves it, and the other morning Vin came up with our coffees and said he had been ages picking up biscuits from the carpet! So she got the hang of it then.
Footwise, the toe operation had gone well. I still had my big toe when I woke up which I wasn't expecting which was a bonus so that was good. Still hobbling around on bandaged feet but they are looking quite good and seem to be healing. Down to once a week visit from the District nurses now which is great, and podiatry seem to be pleased. 
Another year for the little snowman that Jane bought me last year to go with the advent calendar from Yankee Candles. 
Here's looking forward to a better New Year :)

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Day in for me and Jess

I was quite rumbly the last couple of days so didn't really want to go out just in case! So i stopped in with Jess, not that yu would know she was there. She sleeps a lot during the day under Jane's bed which makes her feel safe I suppose. Then at about lunchtime she comes out to play.After that she settles down in her basket next to Vin on his sofa and there she stops for ages. She is really a pretty cat and I think we have all fallen for her. 
 Vin took himself off to Crosby this morning to get some more coal and logs, and some more bits and bobs for Christmas. Came back with quite a few items that are useful, including the yorkshire puddings that we didn't get in Tesco.  I think we are pretty much sorted now all we need to get is some fresh veggies nearer the day.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Out Yesterday...

Yesterday we had quite a nice day for a change. The district nurse was earlyish in the morning so we got moving by elevenish. We had planned to go to Waitrose, we haven't been there for an age, but we did get some vouchers through the post plus Vin had four vouchers from his points in the Daily Mail so it would be worth going.
The parking was fine actually not too busy at all, and Vin got me a wheelchair to go round with because the walking would have been too much.  The aim was to get some treats for Christmas, and we had a list of things we usually get from there. You know when you go there that things are going to be somewhat more expensive than any of the other supermarkets, but for a treat that's ok. We did stop for a break and our free coffee on our cards which was a very nice latte, and a few tiny shortbreads, then continued the shopping. Something for everyone too including some Waitrose cat food for Jess.  She got a Christmas card today from her former mum, poor woman, I do feel for her. I wonder if it is their first Christmas without her. 
Today we have had a fairly quiet day, didn't go out and no nurses or anyone so just us. Vin has lots of bits and bobs to do he says, and I have catching up to do on here so everyone is happy. Little Jess doesn't like the front doorbell, she disappears upstairs when it goes but comes down again later. She really is a timid little thing, quite a few things make her jump like sudden noises on the television etc. I suppose she will get used to them though. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime (hers) I think she only rings to see what the cat is doing :) :)   She got her hair cut yesterday, not before time either, she really suits it short, but it had got quite long. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Day In For Me!

After being out for the last two days I was in today catching up on computing mainly. Vin went off to Tesco to get some stuff for dinner tonight, and some other things.  He came back with some super things, he really is getting to be a super shopper, and can spot a bargain a mile off.  I think we are getting pretty well organised now, just a few bits and bobs to get.
 Not many Christmas cards arriving yet, the post is a bit disappointing. Still a bit quiet.
Little Jess is developing quite a little routine these days. She is up early in the morning, Vin often wakes early and goes down for a small cup of tea and a play with her, then she is about a bit and and goes under the bed in Jane's room till mid-afternoon when she comes out. She stays with us then mainly in the middle room till we go to bed, has a play every now and again, and a sleep in her basket, and a feed when she wants it. Nice life. :) She has completely bonded with Vin and he is totally smitten with her, keeps the ladies in the shop informed about how she is getting on, well it was where the notice was put in the window so they have a vested interest. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Out and About...

For a change we had a day without hospital appointments. It has really been a year of too many of them, so a day off is quite precious. This week fortunately we are fairly clear. Yesterday we had a podiatry clinic one at 2.30 so didn't have time to come on here by the time we got home. 
Didn't really make it much clearer what had been done to the foot except that the toe is still there, but feels a bit wobbly!!! Will have to wait to see what Mr Butcher says next week at his appointment. 
Today we took ourselves off to Dobbies to get a few things we had run out of and also to get our free coffees for December.
Not a nice day, very drizzly and wet underfoot, but doesn't matter there since it is all indoor. We had a mooch around and spotted some foodie items we got later, then went for our coffees. We both had a lovely large latte and a bit of prople watching then went to look at holly wreaths for the front door. Very disappointing, buta we got the other items we saw earlier.  Then off home. Really nice trip out it was too.
Called in at Homebase on the way home but their wreaths were too big and expensive, so kept along the road to Ince Blundell nurseries where he got exactly the one we wanted for a reasonable cost too.  Job done. 
Home for a light lunch and the doorbell went with a delivery. It was Vins Christmas present from Paxton and Whitfield of their Christmas cheese selection. Since it was perishable goods he had to open it but I think he was pleased. Glad I spotted that. 
Little Jess has joined us in the middle room these nights which is lovely, she still jumps at noises, like the doorbell. She really is a cutie, and adorable. 

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Long Time No Write!!

It is indeed a long time since I posted.  Variety of reasons for that. Both Vin and I were laid low with a really nasty cold virus thing which was terrible, kept me in bed for about ten days two weeks but Vin soldiered on like a trooper.As soon as he got over his though he made an appointment for a flu jab because he said he didn't want anything like that again. 
We have also had numerous hospital appointments which have kept us busy for a long time now, and still they arrive!! two more this morning, plus a phone call to say they had changed a podiatry appointment on Monday from 3.30 to 2.00 which actually suits us better. 
I did have my foot operation last Friday. When I went into theatre I thought they were going to remove my big toe on right foot, but when I came round afterwards it was still there sticking up! so no idea what they have actually done to the foot. Bandaged up which has to stay for two weeks or so then back to dressing clinic to get it checked.  Follow up appointments, maybe that will shed some light on the matter :)
Biggest news is that we have a new little cat called Jess. She is a black and white sweetie, who is fast becoming a daddy's girl.  It was quite a little story really.We lost our last cat "Tootsie" a few months ago because she was run over, Vin had been really close to her and she was a real little character. He had been very reluctant to go back to the animal rescue for clear reasons.  Anyway two weeks ago he had seen a notice in our local shop window looking for a loving home for an 11 year old cat. So he rang up and made enquiries and found out that she Jess had been owned by the young woman since she was a kitten. However her little boy 4 had developed very bad breathing problems, asthma etc., so Jess went to live with the granny over the way, the boy improved so clearly poor little Jess had to go. hence the notice. The girl who owned her was very upset. Vin said he felt terrible taking the cat away from her,she has been with us two weeks now, and has settled in really well really. Jane came home last weekend mainly to see her, and they got on very well really. She hid under the bed for most of Saturday, then came out on Sunday and made up for it by being around a lot.  Jane was able to take a load of photos on her very good camera phone, and we will get them on here a.s.a.p.  She is proving to be a little sweetie and a real Daddy's girl. I am so glad he got her, the poor girl who owned her must be heartbroken, it's a real shame after having her for eleven years. The good thing is that she is extremely timid and doesn't show any sign of wanting to go out unlike "Tootsie", who couldn't wait to go out, which unfortunately was her downfall. This one seems to be more of a house cat which suits us very well. Bless her. 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

One in One Out !

In a nutshell, I stopped in and Vin went out today, or this morning to be exact.  We had to return the monitor that I had been attached to since yesterday by ten o'clock, which would have meant us getting up very early again. That isn't good for me as it takes me a while to come round in the morning. Vin,  probably very sensibly volunteered to take it back for me, because he said he  could get there quickly. When we went to Dobbies yeaterday we also spotted a lovely large Colony candle in a mulled wine flavour on offer for £10 and he said he would call in there very quickly to get one.  They are running a %20 off everything week too so it would possibly make it cheaper too, and in fact it did. It was only £8, which is a bargain for a huge candle.
Poor Vin still has his cold it is really hanging in there, he's had it for a full week now, and the cough is still bad, despite him taking the cough mixture and throat sweets. It isn't as bad as it was last weekend though so maybe it is on the wane.Fingers crossed.
The nights are really drawing in now, as I type this it is around four thirty and already going dark. I am expecting our Jane to be ringing up any time soon, I think she is on nine to half four today. Her shifts are absolutely terrible poor girl, but it does seem that it is the same in all the hospitals. I don't know how they keep track of them all. Be stuck without their phones I suspect.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Out (Eventually!)

I had an appointment at Southport hospital this morning at 10.O'Clock, so it was an early rise for us this morning. Nice coffee and  cow biscuit to get up with, then breakfast. Quick visit to bathroom again before going down and then the trouble started, the time was getting on and Vin was getting fidgety so he rang them up and they said go in when you can.  We did get there, and waited a very short while then went in to be fitted with the monitor.So now I am walking bags! :)  Good news is that  I son't actually have to be there tomorrow so Vin can take it off me  and take it in quickly. 
Well we have a new American President! Donald Trump of has won their election much to everybody's surprise. We shall have to wait and see what sort of a job he does. The television is wall to wall of what happened there.
Trouble is today with the net, so it took me an age to get signed on  hence the post is short and sweet! 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Scary Season Gone!

Halloween been and gone, and bonfire night too for that matter. No problems this year, no kids ringing the doorbell or little cats to worry about with the fireworks. I always feel sorry for pets at this time of the year it can be so scary for them.
I suppose it will be all systems go for the run up to Christmas now. I got a parcel this morning with two packs of meat free burger mix which is our christmas dinner basically. I make it into a meat loaf which we can have with gravy and all of the other trimmings.  We all enjoyed it last year, the only snag was that Holland and Barratt had stopped selling it, and no-one else had it, so I ended up buying it  online but at least it was there. 
Poor Vin has had a terriable cold for the last four or five  days, he has had an awful hacking cough which he got some cough mixture for from the shop in the village,. Saturday he was quite bad, he would have been better in bed really but he wouldn't go, and stuck it out downstairs. Thankfully he seems a bit better today but the cough is hanging on there. Trouble is it has left him a deaf, and he is shouting all the time and has the television volume up loud. I offered him my hearing aid the other night and he got really cross at that. It was meant as a joke really, but he didn't see it that way at all :)
Jane has just rung up  she is having a lazy day today, she says it is too cold to go anywhere.So she is staying in her pyjamas  with her electric balanket on. Good for her she deserves that. 

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Out for Us!

For once we had nothing on today, no appointments, district nurses coming or anything so we thought we would go somewhere for a coffee. So off we went to Costa in the Tesco in Formby. It is ages since we went there actually, and it made a nixce change to just go somewhere for us. 
Quite busy but there were the odd spaces,and we sat at a table facing the bar area in the soft squashy seats. These are the ones you sink into :)  Vin went off to get the coffees using one of our cards, He came back with two Lattes, one was a Honeycomb one and mine was a skinny one. The only trouble was that he came back with the Massimo size which is huge, far  bigger than I would normally have. In fact the cup is so big it has two handles. I kept asking him why he bought that size and he eventually admitted that it was a mistake. However, it was very nice coffee.:)
Very dull day today, in fact it was just starting to drizzle when we came home, and very dark everywhere, it was a case of putting lights on in each room you went in.  It is going dark much earlier now,It is dark at around five o'clock now. Summertime has totally gone.
On the way back from Costa Vin carried along the by-pass to the garden centre over the way to get some plants to put in the hanging baskets, so he can fill them with some winter colour. This he will do tomorrow, because the only thing we have on is the district nurse visit. He got some lovely primroses, pretty mixed colours that will give a nice touch of colour in the back yard. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Truly Autumn Now.

Not like New England but the trees round here are quite nice, and the leaves are coming down thick and fast.They are still crispy, so hopefully the council will sweep them before it rains. Vin has swept some up and will put some in the green bin maybe?

5 bags of smokeless Supertherm came at 1.50pm and should help over the winter....Vin burns it with hardwood Latvian dry logs which he cracks into quarters......must hav a Lumberjack in him somewhere. Anyway thats half the heating allowance gone!!!
Just hope it doesn't get this cold.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Eye Eye!

Today the big event was to get to   Specsavers  to get an eye test. I had been getting reminders for years and made previous appointments but had to cancel them for a variety of reasons, illness or in hospital etc., so in the end it was five years since I had last been! 
Anyway  went along today, drove into Formby and Vin dropped me off outside the front of the shop. After he had made sure I got into the shop he went to park the car in the back of the shop. . 50p for an hour!!! amazed  at that. No wonder there are so many complaints in the free papers!
So to the eye test. Two parts to it actually, the first consisted of the girl using three machines to get different reactions, ending up with the one for glaucoma where it puts a puff of air into  ther back of the eyes. No matter how often I have that done it still makes you jump. The second was the actual test itself. Same chap that did it the last time, very thorough too. Much simpler test these days they have changed in all those years. Ended up with a prescription which led me to the main shop to choose some glasses. After a bit of a look round selected two nice pairs, on offer at two for £89., the only extra is extra for the bifocal lenses so I can use them for reading.  One is a maroon shade and the other is more of a lighter red.  Vin checked them for me to make sure they looked ok on me. It is difficult when you are looking through empty frames :)  When all measured and sorted paid, getting a Medi-cash receipt, Vin has already filled that in and sent it iff bless him. 
Leaving there we came home via Waitrose, got a few things that we get from there, coffee biscuits that are gorgeous. Looking forward to trying them tomorrow !!!

Monday, 31 October 2016


Yep Halloween come round again, mind you we don't actually get bothered too much here, having said that we will probably get the doorbell ringing off the hook now!
A bit of a frustrating day today, the Internet was being terrible today, wouldn't latch on properly at all. Kept going off and on again. Awful when it does that. Really irritating. 
Other than that it was  reasonably ordinary. The district  nurse came this morning, she was the really funny mad one who really makes you laugh.  Also a delivery from Aranesp of the injections that I do every two Saturdays. 
Tomorrow I have an eye appointment at Specsavers, it is 5 years since I went there so more than ready for that. Vin has been his usual busy self

Friday, 28 October 2016

Two Day's Worth!

Have an unexpected free day today, mainly because I should have been in Aintree having an operation on my toe, but they rang up to cancel it. The surgeon Mr Butcher is off sick. Then in the morning I also hada phone call from the nice girls in podiatry to ask if we could go at 1.30 instead of 3.30. The answer was yes straightaway it is a much better time for us. Got there on time and pretty much went straight in. Had the feet undressed and inspected by the Dr., on duty a very nice Professor Gill. Jo and he thought they looked better, and were commenting on the cancellation, so I said does the toe have to come off then? He said that I didn't need to keep taking the antibiotics so to stop them when this course was finished. Lovely man, and sent me along for an x-ray. When I returned to have my foot dressed to finish he came in for a chat, and said it looked better and might not need  the big toe removing and he would write a letter to Mr Butcher telling him what he had noted on the x-ray.  I like him:) :) 
Came home via the Lady Green garden centre and squeezed in our free coffees for October. Very nice too, and did a little bit of shopping as well.
Today was not the early get up because we weren't going off to Aintree,so got up normally had a leisurely breakfast and I did a bit of computing. Made an appointment for an eye test at Specsavers for Tuesday at 1.00. Haven't been for five years, so am ready for a test. Need a pair that is a bit more fashionable, I am thinking of a bigger pair of frames so I can have a more visible bifocal area. I shall have to look online to see what they have first. 

I like Jane's on the right they are a good size.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Quiet Wednesday !

Not really, well, not for Vin anyway! He is back to hiis usual busy self doing this and that. He has contacted the Scottish Power Company to go "online" so that saves a lot of money apparently.Well Done.
He also took a prescription over to the Dr's for a repeat and so got a stock on those. and in between getting breakfasts and lunches was kept going all morning. Oh and doing a fire clear out too because we had a lovely coal fire last night, the first of the Autumn/Winter season. Carrot and Coriander soup for lunch too, the first of the year. 
Me, not a lot. A bit of computing this morning. Thinking about Friday, the bit I'm dreading is  the getting up to get there for 7.30 !! Goodness knows what time we will have to get up for.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Busier than Yesterday!

Yesterday all we seemed to do was hang around waiting for people and no-one came. Today it was the opposite, yesterday Vin was waiting to catch the man who does a lot of work locally on roofs etc., but he kept missing him, also we waited all day for the district nurse who never came. Then in the afternoon he caught up with the roofing man who said he would have a look at the chimney stack and give him a price for pointing. He also rang the health centre in Thornton which is the centre for the district nurses and left a message.
So it all came right today, the roofinga man left a parice for the chimney work which he did this morning.  He took a picture on his phone of the problem  ( isnn't that great! ) and did the work this morning for £100, pointed the stack etc., and took another picture of the finished work.  Then while he was here the district nurse arrived to do my dressings. A lovely woman called Maureen. She was a retired sister from Aintree who had got tired of not working and so enrolled on one of the agencies to work part time.  Really good she was too, and very friendly. 
Quite nice to have a busy day though!  This afternoon Vin rang up to order some new sofa covers and we went for the green in the end. That will make a nice change for the middle room.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Decisions...Decisions !

We have sat around all day waiting for the District Nurse, who didn't come so Vin has just given the health centre a ring and left a message. Now we wait for an answer. 
Then after lunch we sat looking at swatches of colours for replacement sofa covers. This has actually proved to be quite difficult. Vin rang the firm the other day to get some samples which are a bit different from the original ones that we had to choose from. These are for the Winter so we wanted a darker colour so we could rule out the paler ones straight away. We fancied the colour called damson but when it arrived it wasn't anything like the colour that we had imagined. The only colour we were left with was Wine  which is virtually 
 the same as what we have on now. Then we looked again at Green which we had set aside originally but then have decided that is  the one we want to go for.quite nice after all.
Jane rang up at lunchtime on her dinner break. She is a bit annoyed that she is working every Sunday in January which seems very unfair to me. Can't see that being very popular with the staff. Poor girl. She is on an eighat ato eight today so is going for a burrito after work as a treat also because she has a half price voucher too. Well deserved!!
 Comfy Sofas !!!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

One in One Out!

That's  me in and Vin out. He wanted to have a look at Homebase in Formby at heaters, and also at Tesco to get a very few bits to keep us going. 
Unfortunately I was slow getting going this morning as I normally am in the mornin, I don't really "do" mornings so he was a bit late going, my fault. :(  He rang up after a bit to say how busy Tesco was and he was off to Homebase over the way. Then he phoned again  he had bought a heater, one of the stages of re-vamping the  middle room that we use most of all.He has sent off for some material swatches for some new covers for the two sofas that we have in there, so we are waiting to see what the colours are like. The heater that he came back with is Dimplex which looks nice and white and hopefully a nice quiet one unlike the fan heater that we have in there at the moment.  The Dimplex is made in England too which pleases him
 This is us on one of the sofas on New Years Eve, I feel the cold, always have hence the blanket. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

An Autumnal Outing..

Woke up this morning to a beautiful Autumn day for a change. Unlike Monday when it was wet and grey, today was sunny and blue skies. Whaat a difference. So we decided to go to Dobbies that we had planned to do on Monday but put off because of the rain.
Got up and going quite  early, so went off there
There were a few things that we needed like shortbreads, and bulbs etc.He parked outside and went in for a wheelchair for me. Had a good look round first to see what they had, they are always well stocked and have the Christmas things out. Then we went to have a look for some bulbs for the barrel. We like miniature daffodils, so they don't get too tall.  Then we went for our free coffees, we both had Latte's which were really nice, gorgeous creamy frothy tops with a great leaf pattern to them. Bit of people watching, always enjoyable. Then off to get our shopping, bulbs, biscuits and assorted shortbreads, so stocked up again.
Home again by about a quarter to one , lunch later then a bit ogf a mooch for me on the computer and Vin in the garden.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Best Foot Forward!

Most of today was centred around 
my podiatry appointment. Woke up to a abright sunny day which looked nice for going out, then it turned into a horrible rainy, cold grey day. Complete opposite to yesterday actually.
I did some computing and Vin did some ironing so was pretty busy. Coffee at about twelve, a really really nice cappuccino, I like those because they are on the small side so don't fill you up too much.nThen up to get ready to go out, got ready on time and out fairly well, somuch so that we got there early.
As soon as I sat down Cathy came for me so we started early. She had been on her sailing holiday to greece and was telling me of how she had been wrecked! had to be saved and everything. All very dramatic.She did say the holiday company had been very good though and sorted everything out for them.
When finished there we went along the road to the Co-OP to get a few bits. Had our lunch there and Vin went and got some bits and bobs, but he did say that there were a lot of empty spaces on the flans for example. Not very good at stocking up the shelves there. 
Home to a really wet and blowy and cold day.Soon be time for a fire. 

Monday, 17 October 2016


Well today we had planned to go to Dobbies, but woke up to a grey and wet Monday morning so that sort of changed our plans, and we decided to stay in instead. Didn't matter, we can go another day in the week. We are out tomorrow Aintr
Vin decided to do the bedding which was overdue he reckoned. Whilst we were at it he rang up and ordered a new bed quilt which we had spotted in the House of Bath catalogue. It is a nice New England style one which suits us. We have a summery one of theirs which we ordered some time ago in a double size but it is absolutely massive, so we have gone for a single one as we reckon it will be plenty big enough. Four weeks delivery apparently.
I tinkered about on the computer and Vin did the same in the kitchen, then we had a lovely coffee at about twelveish. I fancied a Macchiato and Vin the same, it's ages since I have had one of those and I really enjoyed it. Vin had the same...copycat :) Then hair washes for us both, and it was pretty much lunch time. 
A bit more computing for me in the afternoon, Vin sorted out a few things in the garden mainly clearing out the hanging baskets, which have been lovely all summer but have now had it really. Shame but when we do go to Dobbies maybe we will spot something to replace them.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Home Yet Again!!!

Yes, again! This time from 
Southport Hospital. A first for moi.
Last Thursday morning I got up to go to the bathroom, and don't remember any more. Vin must have found me in there in a collapsed state he couldn't get me round from so he rang for an ambulance, which took me to Southport. usual tests done and blood tests revealed that sodium levels were too low again,so they admitted me. Ende4d up on ward 15B which was a high tech area of four beds so not as packed in as Aintree.I was in a corner unit but there was a lot more space than I have been used to at Aintree. Your menus are selected via your television screen and a touch screen, but stillmostly reduced to egg or cheese sandwiches and not always on white bread either, you don't have choice there :) Terrible sheets and blankets so thin you could nearly see through them. Lovely staff though,did the usual pestering till they let me home, and evaentually on Thursday it worked and they let me go. Thank the Lord I didn't have to stay in for another weekend. I HATE weekends in Hospital, Lovely to sleep in my own bed tonight,with a fluffy warm duvet and the electaric blanket, and Vin to chatter to.
Poor Vin, he has had a terrible week again, backwards and forwards to Southport, fixing me sandwiches to keep me going and cooking himself meals etc., he did say tahis morning he had had the best nights sleep he had for ages Bless him. 
Our Jane rang up every day too which was lovely, given athat she is on all sorts of horrible shifts.
So, back to a bit of routine.Thank goodness, we have stayed in today, and just had a nice quiet day.  

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Everything revolved around the Podiatry appointment today.So basically all our timings weremoved forward,early coffee  and Vin prepared some sandwiches to take with us. Traffic wasn't too badso we got there a bit early and our appointment was quite early too. The girl was quite quick, and she puta some new dressings, and also gave me some new sandals which are designed to me walkk on my heels rather than my tiptoes. Bit awkward to deal with but we will probably  get used to them.
Then off along to the Co-Op for some bits of shopping andour sandwiches in the car park. We call it our little picnic!.
Then Vin went into the shop,got his bits but unfortunately they didn't have any flans which is a shame because We like their flans. Never mind. Then home via Wango Lane which wasn't to bad actually. 
Unfortunately when we got home the hanging basket at the front of the hoise was on thee garden path on tahe floor, a real shame because it was really pretty. Must have blown down because there didn't seem to be anything broken, but it was qquite gusty. Aaah poor little thing it had some lovely violas, Vin is out at the front mending it.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Planting Hanging Baskets

We  were thinking about going out today for a coffee  but in the end decided not , mainly because we  are out tomorrow at the Podiatry clinic so will be outthen. So we stayed in. Well I did, Vin went to the garden centre over the way to get some planting compost. He is planning to do a hanging basket for the front of the house. He also went along to Tesco to get some petrol, abut £29 worth.The car was quite low, so was well ready for filling up. 
Then it was home for our coffees.I had a lovely cappiccino and Vin had one of his inventions! Both lovely. Sat  watching a Judge Rinder then a bit of lunch. A quite funny case involving a mother and daughter and a tractor. 
This afternoon I amup here and Vin is in the garden doing his basket.Green bin due but not been emptied yet which is annoying Vin not only because  the grey bin is due tomorrow and it is looking like there will be a line of bins on the pavements  in the morning.
Our Jane is on nights tonight so will be ringing about six thirty, on her way to work. I still their hours are rubbish.Must be terribly hard to get into a routine.

Monday, 3 October 2016


A stay in today mainly because it was a district nursey day, and you never know what time they are due to visit, so you can't really plan to go out anywhere. So it was a nice coffee at home, because she only finished at twelve which would definitely have been too late. 
later at lunchtime the doorbell went,and it was a delivery of a large box, which when opened was flowers!  the most beautiful bunch / bouquet of mixed very colourful flowers, including gerberas, of gorgeous colours, lovely  red rose (with a scent too ) unusual these days. Vin will take a picture tomorrow and I will try and put it online somewhere. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime too, she was having a quick  break because she was on an eight/eight day, which is a very long time to be working. Poor kid, no wonder she is tired!. Their shift pattern is awful, no routine to it at all. 
Vin is in the garden putting away some solar lights he has bought which he says he won't put out because the winter is approachinag so it isn't worth putating them in the garden.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Back Again!

After yet another visit to Aintree hospital!Basically, I went for a renal clinic appointment about 16 days ago and the woman that saw me wasn't happy with my levels so went off to have a word wiath the consult ant and they deccided tahey wanted me admitted.. and there I stayed. I ended up within the same ward I was in for ten weeks at the beginning of the year! and in the same bed! with the gorgeous panoramic view...of the patient toilet! with the light that is like a searchlight at night time if people don't switch it off or close the door!
Half the staff remembered me from the last time I was in and I got hugs frrom all sorts.
Now spending time catching up, and deleting emails that have built up again amazing how quickly how they do that. Lovely not to be woken up at seven in the morning, and to be in my own bed, with my lovely watm duvet and quilt.
Awful hair. Desparate for a hairwash!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Start of a Busy Week !

Well it is the start of a busy week for us.  Monday it is the District nurse, who arrived about twelve fifteen. A very efficient and quick one she is the speediest of the lot of them. Tuesday will be a visit to the nephrology clinic who rung up on Friday to make an appointment for me, wasn't expecting that one.! Wednesday is the podiatry clinic whic I was expecting, and Thursday is an appointment to have an M.R.I. at eight thirty in the morning! that one I am not looking forward too as it means getting up at some ungodly hour in the morning! Ah well. 
Very cool and blowy today, but not raining yet, might do later.  Vin is  out in the garden tidying up and doing a bit of pruning, and bemoaning the fact that his secateurs broke the other day, and he can't find a spare pair he has. Only plus is that the green bins haven't been emptied yet so it has allowed him to put some more stuff into it.  I think he really misses the little cat Tootsie. She would have been around the garden with him.  I asked him last night would he get another, but he said he was too upset at losing her, so not yet. Don't blame him really.

Monday, 5 September 2016


Ooops indeed ! Very hard to get going this morning!Think there was a blood pressure thing going on, the buzzing in the ears, and light-headed.just about got back to the bed and the District nurse came.  She was a nice one who is very quick and professional, and good aat doing the dressings as well. 
We had Jane home for the weekend, came home Friday night and went back Sunday night because she was going to see another hospital today (Monday). She is thinking about a nights job at Stepping Hill, which at least would give her some time off, and she actually quite likes nights, because she is a bit of a night owl.
I love this picture of our Tootsie.. She looked so relaxed and comfy. Very pretty cat she was with some lovely markings. We so miss her.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Busy Couple of Days!!

Started off on Wednesday. Routine Podiatry appointment. The appointment was for 1.30 which was great because it meant that we could be done and dust6ed and out early to get a bite of lunch. We did get there early, and went to the waiting area, and waited and waited and waited! Eventually at about 2.20ish the girl came out to apologise for keeping us waiting but we had been overlooked. Ah well you win some and lose some. Made our way after that to the co0op and had our lunch. Vin went and did a bit of shopping to get some flans, veggies etc.
Then off we went to the retail park where the Range store is becaus we wanted to get some Easy  Yo Yoghurt packs and that is the only place we know where you can buy them. Vin made one up that evening, a low fat greek youghurt which is really nice. I have ne every day for my lunch so they are well worth buying.

Thursday we had planned to go to Dobbies 
The only trouble was that I had a blood pressure do when at the bottom of the stairs so wasn't fit to go out for a bit till it had gone. Did eventually so off we went but a bit later than we usually are. Don't think the schools are back yet, because we pass a couple on the way there and there aren't any cars in their car parks yet. I guess they are back on Monday. 
Today Friday we are in waiting for the District Nurse, fortunately she phoned to find out what dressings we had so we knew she would be arriving in twenty minutes.Great, that meant we could plan the day instead on hanging around. After she had been Vin stripped the bed, and got it in the washing machine.  He has had a really busy day. Breakfasts to organise, washing to do, washing up assorted, coffees to get ready. Then he decided to clean the coffee machine, and the kettle, so they are now de3scaled and sparkling again. Lunches to organise, then a bit of a breather! Basically, he didn't stop all day. Jane rang up last night to say she was coming home tonight for a couple of days, and will go back on Sunday because she is going to have a look round another hospital where she is applying for a job on nights. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Up Late So...

We didn't in the end go anywhere. Another mundane day at work that means we stay in and do what we normally do, centred round our morning coffee from our Tassimo. Vin had a nice Americano and I had a made up capuccinno  which was lovely, As good as the ones you get from the packets which we have run out of! Have to get some more they'remy favourite. 
We are definitely out tomorrow anyway because I have a podiatry appointment at Aintree which is my usual weekly one.It is an early afternoon  one, so we will probably take our lunch with us.
Vin is in the garden sorting out some magazines,the recycling bin is due to be emptied  tomorrow. It's amazing actually just how full it gets by the time it is ready to be emptied. I think he misses our little Tootsie, he has no-one to talk to in the garden!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Bank Holiday !

We tend not to go out on a Bank Holiday, never have done really it's a thing we do. Mostly it is the traffic which is always been heavy round here because it's on the way to Southport. I had the district nurse this morning and she said it was already building up on the "new" road. She was a nice one I haven't seen her before, but there are twenty of them so not surprising.
Jane has just rung me up on her way to Morrisons and again on the way back home from there too. She had bought some cheese, crackers, a pineapple and some red grapes so she was going home to have a feast she said. She is off or a couple of weeks near enough, so is enjoying some peace time doing what she wants to.
We are having an ordinaryday today doing nothing very much which is nice. 
One of the containers in the carden getting a bit dry. It's a full time job keeping the watered in the sunshine.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday Again!!

Yep  Friday again! Come round with monotonous regularity don't they. And, furthermore it is a Bank Holiday weekend. Not that it means much if you aren't working really! They never did mean a lot to me to be honest because being in teaching you automatically get them off anyway.
Two days ago The doorbell went and there was a delivery of these beautiful flowers with a sweet little card frrom the lovely people in Australia. They are naughty but very very nice.  Thank you so much from me and Vin. 
Vin got s birthday card this morning..No, not from daughter number one but from John and Ann in Australia. Jane said she did send one via Moon Pig but so far nothing has arrived. Either she never sent one or Moon Pig ain't much good. She was supposed to have sent me one for mine from them too and that didn't arrive either so it doesn't say much for Moon Pig!!!
Didn't go out today the district nurse was due, and since you can never tell what time they are due, you cannot really plan for anything. In the event she came at half past eleven so it would have been too late  to go anywhere anyway. She is a really nice one who came today, she is an agency one and very good at her job. She has just taken on a kitten too called Teddy, and showed me a photo of it on her camera. Really sweet, makes you a bit broody. :(
Poor Tootsie !

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Forty Two Years!!

Forty two years and still going strong, even though we have been sorely tested over the last few years.! But he has pulled through them all with such patience and kindness you wouldn't believe. Thank you my lovely Vincent, my boulder :)
We aren't doing anything special today really. Vin has done a bit of clearing out of cupboards, because it is our grey bin tomorrow,he found quite a  lot of biscuits both savoury and sweet which were well out of date so has disposed of those. Made a bit of space in the cupboard.
It's a good job we didn't go out today actually, because late morning the doorbell went and it was a florist delivering the most beautiful boquet of flowers in a box. Scented too! not very often today that you get scented roses and freesia. Vin has taken some pictures but  his little netbook is playing up a little bit so he will load them up later. I will post them maybe tomorrow.
Here he is my handsome husband!and me when I had a bit more hair!!.
Tomorrow it is his birthday, but unfortunately I have a hospital appointment with Mr Butcher, to say whether or not I agree to  having surgery on the big toe on the right foot which has an ulceOh dear... not much of a good decision is it. Never mind. r on it which just will not heal no matter how many antibiotics they throw at it!  

Friday, 19 August 2016

Good Job...

What a good job we hadn't planned to go anywhere today. Firstly it was an absolutely horrible day, blowy and raining with a distinct drop in temperature making it quite cool. Yesterday was the total opposite, warm and sunny .  Secondly, we were waiting for the district nursey all morning, so went down for our morning coffee and she eventually arrived at about ten to two. I was really glad to get the last lot of bandages because the soft cast wasn't fitted properly and was actually quite uncomfortable to walk on.  This one today did them really well and it makes all the difference in the world. 
Vin has done a lot of ironing and bits and bobs around the house. He likes to go outside really but couldn't today because of the weather and also waiting for the nursey. Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was driving to the trafford Centre on her way to do a bit of browsing, and later to get a Burrito from her usual place which she really likes.  She says they fill her belly with lots of happiness! Bless her.  Hope you enjoy it, you deserve that.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


Well yesterday was a bit of a washout as it turned out. We got all organised for an appointment at Aintree at 2'o'clock for podiatry. . We had our coffees as normal and I went up to get ready, then came down and went wobbly at the bottom of the stairs. Eventually Vin decided to call them to see wjat je sjoud do, and they suggested that we left it because we have another appointment on Monday anyway (which we didn't know about) because it hadn't been written on the card we have. Didn't make Vin a happy bunny I can tell you, it made him right grumpy, but that is very understandable really. I must be extremely exasperating to live with!
One of those photos taken on a timer, so Vin always looks a bit cross on these because he is waiting for the timer to go off!!

Happy Family? New year's Eve
So to today. We did plan to go out this morning. Vin wanted to get a few things from Tesco so we could then go for a coffee at Costa. He got some wheels so I could have a bit of a look around the store and he got his stuff, mainly things he had run out of.  Then we went for our Costa. Quite busy today, but we found a seat round the corner away from the supermarket bit. He had a popcorn Latte and I had a medium skinny Latte which was very nice. Loafs of froth on the top..lovely :)
 Weather is gorgeous today warm and sunny with a tiny breeze. definitely air conditioning weather for the car. You wonder how you managed without it, although my little Micra had it, but Vins big Carina did not. This car he has now is proving to be a really great buy. Very economical on petrol which is always good, and extremely comfortable to be a passenger in. Jane always says what a good car hers is too, and economical as well. The thing is with hers the last one she had was a real old banger and nearly falling to bits so this must be like driving in luxury.  I'm so glad I bought her this one XXXXJane you're worth it!.she has been on two till ten all week which has been a bit hard going, but today they are having a "cheese" day where they all take something in towards a cheesey buffet.  which she was quite looking forward to, so she might be a happier bunny tonight when she rings up. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Sunny Outlook..

Well it is one of the nicesst days of the month so far. We were going to go out to get a coffee this morning abut had to wait for a delivery from Bullens. This normally comes early butthis morning it was on the late side, so that affected our plans somewhat. By the time that had been it was really too late to go out so we decided to have our coffee outside instead. Actually very pleasant out there because it wasn't too hot. You needed the sun hat and sunglassws though.
Vin has done a lot of vacuuming around today, particularly in the bedroom and the living room downstairs. He still misses little Tootsie like mad, I think it was such an unexpected shock the way that it all happened and so quickly.The poor little thing didn't really have much of a chance to get to know us really.
Still finding her way about, unfortunately the wrong direction, and into the traffic!
Jane is on 2 till 10s most of this week poor kid, thing is if she gets a good night's sleep she is ok, but if she doesn't she is tired all day. She could do with a nice burrito to keep her going but the place she goes to closes at nine and that is to early for this shift. !
Love this!

Monday, 15 August 2016


That is the weekend, nothing exciting happened but to be fair we are still recovering from little Tootsie going really. Vin went off to Tescos's on Saturday and Crosby on Sunday morning. Sundays are usually reserved for doing our crrosswords, which weren't too bad this week. Last night I got a bit caught up watching the Andy Murray final for the Gold or Silver medal. Basically if he won he got the Gold, if he lost he got the Silver. He is the holder of the 2012 medal so it was clear he was out to retain that. It was late at night here but afternoon there in Rio. Very raucus crowd, not like Wimbledon! and a very tight match. He won eventually and got his Gold, but it took him over 4 hours of extremely hard tennis. I don't know how they do it in that heat and humidity.
Today was a District nurse day and she came at  about 11.30 ish, and took ages to do the dresings. Funny how the girls all vary in the way they do them. It was bed washing day so that was stripped right after she had been. Beautiful sunny day today with a bit of a breeze so lovely for hanging the washing out therefore saving using the tumble dryer.
The hanging baskets look great in the sunshine.
Stunning this year, he has done a great job of keeping them going this year.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Another Blustery Day !

Blustery and wet too! No wonder we slept in this morning so were late getting going, not that we are early risers anyway really. We had a plan to go to Dobbies today so kept to that and got ready to go out, and it wasn't in summery clothes either!!.
It certainly wasn't bathed in sunshine today either but extremely blustery and drizzly. Vin went and got a wheelchair for me as it is quite a distance to walk round. We had a bit of a look round first,some nice Yankee candles and he got some tea -lights for later.
looked at the food court where we often buy their biscuits aand cakes that we like.Greedy piggies that we are!  We then drifted off to the cafe area where we got our free coffees for the August month
Vin had a lovely looking latte in a large cup with a beautiful fern pattern on the top  in the froth, and I had a flat white in a small cup with a nice pattern on the top as well. Makes a nice change because I don't have those at home. 
Home via tesco on the way back just to get a few last minute things for our tea tonight. Still blowy but it is clearing up a little bit and the sun even came out later in the afternoon.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Busy Wednesday!

It was up fairly early this morning after our normal coffee and little cow biscuit first!  I had an appointment with Mr Butcher at Aintre at 11 o'clock. Then a podiatry one at 1.30, so a bit of juffling required since they were in different parts of the hospital.  Oh my poor Vin, has to do all the driving, and parking etc, plus ferrying me around.He is always so patient too Bless him.
Got to the first appointment  and my heart sank when I saw the numbers of people in the waiting area, abut actually I wwas called in pretaty quickly. Had tao go and get my fooata undressed first then wait for the big man!  Not terribly good news in that it seems surgery is required on the big toe because the infection has got into the bone and that apparently means that the ulcer won't heal. Have to go back in two weeks time with the decision!!
Then off to the co-op shop down the road where we normally go to have a bit of lunch.Vin had made some lovely sandwiches wwith bread from down the road.  Really tasty too they were. Poor Vin ..more parking and ferrying about. The podiarary lady went to the orthdist to tell him that I was actually nowhere near needing the shoes sdso that appointment was cancelled,and she then did my feet. Finally on our way home after Vin had collected the car, and had a welcome cup of coffee. Vin said he was gagging for a coffee and I don't blame him either.Really miss little Tootsie waiting for us when we comje in, she was usually at the door or in the window. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Twas on a Tuesday Morning...

Twas on a Tuesday Moorning The gas man came to call to readour gas meter. This time we were in, quite often we aren't . We did have an estimated bill in January which Vin reckoned was about £15 and when he read the meter after the gas man had been it was exactly that so we don't have to pay anything this time, now that is the sort of bill we all like.
The district nurse came today too so it was quite a busy morning. Tomorrow we have a rearranged appointment with Mr Butcher at Aintree, the one they cancelled on Monday.  so they will probably do the legs there again.
When she had finished, I had a bit of a mooch on my computer, still looking in vain for a replacement crossword solver machine because my one is giving up the ghost. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot out there but none of them have a dictionary solver and thesaurus, all permutations of that but none with all the facilities. Grrr. I really just want the same as the one I have now but that isn't sold any more, wonder why?
While I was doing that, Vin was being far more practical, he bought a new bathroom heater the other day and decided to fit that this morning. This he did, remarkably quickly. He really is excellent at fixing things and fitting things too, very good handy man he is :) :) 
Weather changeable today.a bit cloudy and now it is bright sunshine, but you wouldn't exactly call it hot! far from it.
 Vin says the hanging baskets are taking a lot of watering because they are drying out quickly. Looking good though.

Monday, 8 August 2016


Seems to be something about Mondays! Last week we lost little Tootsie, this week we were ret up for an appointment at Aintree with a Mr Butcher, but we were called this morning by his secretary to cancel it as he was ill.Then we were called back later on to offer us another appointment on Wednesday morning at 11 O'clock.That is fine except that we have another  podiatry and an orthodist appointments too on the same day!  Bit of juggling needed here!
Exactly a week since little Tootsie was run over, we have really missed her this week. You miss her coming in and out all the time, and brushing up against Vins legsbecause she wanted feeding :)
  This was one of the spots she liked , on the back of the sofa, that is till I came back from hospital and she had started to bond more with Vin so went on his lap a lot. 
Very blustery last night, so much so that that the plaques that he had bought for my birthdaywere banging against the wall so he took them down for a bit till the wind subsided. 
Couldn't risk them coming off the wall so best to be safe than sorry. The wind has gone down today but still a bit cool even though it is sunny. Vin is in the garden at the moment tidying up anything that has been blown over last night.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A Blustery Day!

Sounds like a line from a Winnie the Pooh book..A blustery day indeed. It's really cold and windy. Vin was in the garden sorting out the recycling bins and came in to say it has gone really windy. 3rd of August and not exacctly a heatwave.Feel  sorry for anyone on a beach type holiday today, we have had a few of those in the past, shivering whie you paddle. :)
Vin is still feeling very bereft without little Tootsie who was always around when he was in the garden keeping him company.
I think she would besheltering today in her little hut. We didn't go out today because the nurse was coming to do the dressings, which she did about 11.30 ish.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Missing You,

We are really missing our little Tootsie. It is so hard to believe she has gone, it really all happened so quickly. Poor Vin was totally shocked and the poor ad had to deal with it all. From taking her to the vets, going back for her when they had finally decided that it would bee best to put her to sleep, and the final  horrible task of burying her in our garden last night.

She is now under a flagstone on the right hand side of the garden along with all of our other cats except for two. He put a plant pot over her last night with one of his new solar lights in it which was shining brightly last night. Bye bye little Tootsie.
She of the beautiful markings, I wish we had had you longer XXX
So we have had a quiet day today. Vin had to go to the vets to pay the bill, also he rang the insurance company to cancel the pet insurance before they took out this months money. Sounds awful but has to be done!. Then he went on to Tescos just to get a few bits and bobs to keep us going. Home for our coffees,  then later lunch. This afternoon he spent in the garden tidying up the things he didn't have time to do last night.He also rang up about my Tesco vouchers, so we could send off for our Dobbies garden club vouchers for our free coffees for the next year!!.

Monday, 1 August 2016

R.I.P. Little Tootsie.

1ST August, has turned out to be an awful day for us here. Started off as normal woke up, breakfasted Vin went down and fed Tootsie, and she went out as she always does.  Then Vin was in the kitchen and the doorbell went. The chemist from over the road said that our cat had been run over and she was in the pharmacy. He had rung the vets aaand they were waiting for her. He kindly dro0ve Vin there while she was rushed in for treatment.  The main problem was a huge head injury, and she was unresponsive. So they kept her in for  treatment, and Vin came home on the train.  He rang up later because I had a hospital appointment in the afternoon, and the time was crucial, but the vet said that Tootsie had deteriorated and they had done an x-ray and there was massive brain injury and really the best thing to do would be to put her to sleep unfortunately. Vin went straight back and was with her while the vet did that. Then he brought her home. Oh dear, what a terrible time for him.
                                         R.I.P. Little Tootsie.
She was a feisty little girl with a mind of her own. Not a cat you could make do anything, she would do eactly what she wanted. She adored Vin who was really close to her, and she would jump on his knee for a cuddle most nights. Beautiful markings and a real calico cat. Very photogenic too.
As I type this he is out digging a space in the garden for her. Heartbreaking for him, she is now "resting" beside our other cats who are out there.  

Friday, 29 July 2016

In Again..

Once again were sort of forced to stay in the house today, we did think that if the nurses came early we could pop out for a coffee somewhere . But, we were foiled by the fact that she didn't come till elevenish so that meant by the time I had got ready it would have been nearly lunchtime. We stayed in and had a nice coffee inside instead. Saved a bit of money anyway.
Today started off grey and drizzly but has now cleared up nicely, enough for Vin to hang some of the sheets out on the line. He also put some of the things back in his car after its service. He was quite pleased with the service anyway because they had finished it off with a valeting, car wash, inside vacuuming too so that got rid of all the leaf rubbish that had collected on the car mats. Looks lovely and shiny now.  Still can't believe he has had it for two years!

Absolutely no idea how this happened to be posted on here.! I was looking for a picture of Vin's car but must have pressed the wrong button. Ah the mysteries of the internet.!  No idea how to remove it either. :(This picture is an oldish one which shows the baking we used to do on a Sunday. ..Aaah those were the days!

Thursday, 28 July 2016


Vin had his car booked into the garage in Crosby for a service today. It is a major one so he had to leave it in the garage and come home. He went early, after an early coffee and biscuit as normal. We have a little "cow" biscuit every morning, it's a sort of ritual!.
Then he was off to Crosby aiming to come back by train. Actually he was able to use his travel pass because he waited for the 9.30 train.Then it was breakfast for us both and about our daily bits and bobs. 
Beautiful morning coffees, and a light lunch. He rang up the garage just after lunch and the car was readyso he has set off to collect it. They were also doing the air bag as well because apparently they had been recalled in for them to be, they had done quite well to do everything in that time. Expecting him back shortly, I don't think he was going anywhere else. 
Little Tootsie two huts was in one of them this morning sheltering from the drizzly rain. She loves going out in the mornings, but doesn't like getting wet, well who does :) .
Funny weather we do have here, as I type this athe sun is shining so all the blinds in the house have been pulled down!!
Weather set fair !!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Busy Afternoon.!

Well it turned into a busy afternoon, I had an appointment at the podiatry clinic at 2.30 so left the house at about a quarter to two. Vin had stripped the beddiang this morning and we both washed our hair so he had done loads of things before we went. Expected a nice straight forward appointment but when we got in the girl said that a Mr Butcher had requested an x-ray of my standing foot so they could judge the pressure on the foot. It had to be a standing one without the cast, so that meant having the left foot done and dressed and the right one lightly then Vin used their wheelbchair to get me to the x-ray department.. I had to stand on a board, then go on a stair so they could do another one. Only took a few minutes and I was done. Not as much waiting as we had thought.
Then back to the podiatry to get that foot dressed again with the cast on. Future appointments made and off home. Then to the co-op to get a few things and Vin suggested that we could call in at the garden centre and he would treat me to a cup of coffee. Trouble was it was closing because it was 5 o'clock. He thought it shut at 6. Never mind it was a lovely thought. Thank you Vin XXX

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Change of Plan..

There was a change of plan today. We were going to go out somewhere for a coffee but in the end decided agaqinst that idea since we were going out tomorrow anyway. 
Quet day therefore, Vin went off to Tesco to get a few veggies, via the farden centre where he had seen some copper garden labels he wanted to get while they were on offer. He got those then went along the bypass to Tesco. He rang me up from there very quickly, to say he was on his way back! He'd got the things we needed and got round quickly. 
Nice surprise this morning, the doorbell went and it was  the postman with a large parcel from John and Ann in Australia for my Birthday.It contained a lovely chiffon scarf complete with a really dinky little jewelled clip that you use to slide up and down to keep the scarf in place. Very clever idea and you don't see them very often. Also there was a pair of nighties  great for the summer.

Most of the plants in our garden are in pots or containers and Vin says often they have ost their labels and he doesn't know what is coming up, so at least now he will have the labels to put in them!.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Typical Mondays...

A typical Monday these days is waiting in for the District nurses, and everything else revolves round that. Today she came at twelvish so I spent the morning on the computer catching up with what was going on there,mostly facebook and there were lots of photos from the Australia family of beach walks etc., and lovely blue seas and skies. They do say it is cold there though but there cold is like our summer weather. 
The nurse did my dressings and put loads of wadding on so my feet look like footballs now! Podiatary clinic on Wednesday then the nurses back on Friday. 
Vin did some of his admin. work this morning including arranging for his car to be serviced which is Thursday. He has had the car for two years now which is unbelievable, and it is ready for a service. He reckons his car did 6,ooo miles last year. Most of those would be on visiting me in Aintree :( Oh dear!
Presently he is in the garden putting some little gravel beads round some of the plants in containers.

These two one of the back garden wall with the hanging baskets still looking really good, and the bottom one is of the barrel in the front garden showing the osteospermums which we bought this year to try. Initially we thought they were going to be a bit of a washout because they didn't do well at all, but they have picked up nicely and are showing good colour now.
This is a "Christmas Rose" which didn't flower at Christmas but later than that.Vin has cut it right back ready for this Christmas!!
Oh so true. Little Tootsie is quite  quiet today but is around.

Blink and you might miss her.

Friday, 22 July 2016


Friday and nearly the start of another weekend. Actually when you are retired weekends don't mean the same as they do when you are working. 
The District nurse was due this morning so we couldn't go out anywhere but it didn't matter because we didn't have plans to anyway. She came at roundabout twelve o'clock and made a very good job of the dressings too. Next ones due on Monday. It has been quite a nice break this week not having any hospital appointments. At least it has given Vin and his car a break.
Not as hot today, no breeze much but very overcast and cloudy , however as I type this the sun is coming out and is presently shining through the window of the room where the computer is. 
Vin is outside taking some pictures for the blog, but too late for this one so will have to wait till Monday's one. 
Little Tootsie is in and out as usual. She tends to stay in out of the high sunshine, but does like the shade that the huts give her. We call her Tootsie two huts now!