Friday, 30 September 2016

Back Again!

After yet another visit to Aintree hospital!Basically, I went for a renal clinic appointment about 16 days ago and the woman that saw me wasn't happy with my levels so went off to have a word wiath the consult ant and they deccided tahey wanted me admitted.. and there I stayed. I ended up within the same ward I was in for ten weeks at the beginning of the year! and in the same bed! with the gorgeous panoramic view...of the patient toilet! with the light that is like a searchlight at night time if people don't switch it off or close the door!
Half the staff remembered me from the last time I was in and I got hugs frrom all sorts.
Now spending time catching up, and deleting emails that have built up again amazing how quickly how they do that. Lovely not to be woken up at seven in the morning, and to be in my own bed, with my lovely watm duvet and quilt.
Awful hair. Desparate for a hairwash!

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