Monday, 12 September 2016

Start of a Busy Week !

Well it is the start of a busy week for us.  Monday it is the District nurse, who arrived about twelve fifteen. A very efficient and quick one she is the speediest of the lot of them. Tuesday will be a visit to the nephrology clinic who rung up on Friday to make an appointment for me, wasn't expecting that one.! Wednesday is the podiatry clinic whic I was expecting, and Thursday is an appointment to have an M.R.I. at eight thirty in the morning! that one I am not looking forward too as it means getting up at some ungodly hour in the morning! Ah well. 
Very cool and blowy today, but not raining yet, might do later.  Vin is  out in the garden tidying up and doing a bit of pruning, and bemoaning the fact that his secateurs broke the other day, and he can't find a spare pair he has. Only plus is that the green bins haven't been emptied yet so it has allowed him to put some more stuff into it.  I think he really misses the little cat Tootsie. She would have been around the garden with him.  I asked him last night would he get another, but he said he was too upset at losing her, so not yet. Don't blame him really.

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