Friday, 30 October 2015

Footsie Dealings...

Today were  expecting the chap from the podiatry clinic in maghullwho was coming to deal with the dressing on my foot  However he did say he was going to contact the wound nurse to possibly come out with him, but in the end she rang up in the morning to say she would come at about two o'clock which she did.Very nice lady called Sue who spent an age looking at my foot and putting dressings on. Funny how everyone does dressings differently! I now have a dressing half way up my leg and I look like I have a broken leg now! :)  What a good job we don't live in America all this would have cost a fortune by now and we would probably be bankrupt!
Another nice Autumnal day here, sunny but coolish at least I think it is but I am always cold anyway. So we had soup and toast for lunch. We quite often have baxters carrot and coriander but they didn't have that in the small Morrisons in Maghull so vin got some heinz instead and it was surprisingly very nice too..we enjoyed that. He is in the process of sorting out a shoppng list for Tesco tomorrowso I am giving that some thought. Vi9n puts everything on a list and sticks to it, where I am very much a pick things up as I go round and also somewhat of an impulse shopper. Good job we are all different. At present without a freezer it is hard to store things so it all has to be stuff that can be stored in the fridge.Ah well we will get one sometime..hopefully before not too long.

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