Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Out and About...

Up at a reasonable time this morning, I had an appointment at litherland dressings clinic for my feet to be done. Then I have two on Friday, one at the podiatary clinic at nine followed by one at the gastric clinic at a quarter to eleven, so that will be busy.
The dressings clinic is quite a long appointment because I have two feet to be bandaged from foot to knee so it is at least half an hour.  She is a lovely nurse the one at Litherland.She has gone a bit overboard with the padding/dressings on the right foot today though, and the foot is enormous, added to that a cast that I wear over the foot underneath which means walking is like walking n a brick!! Thankfully they do seem to be getting better though.
When we finished there we went along the bypass to Freshfield Tesco. The idea was to get a coffee at Costa then do some shopping to get some top up things, in the end we spent about £47 !!! but that did include a fair amount of coffee refills, amd other items. 
Home for lunch, which was today a nice cheese scone with a bit of cheese and chutney. Quite tasty actually.
Tootsie was at home waiting for us. She is getting really settled now and came on my knee yesterday for quite a while settling down to sleep. 
Tootsie havung a nosey !

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