Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Little Dobbies...

A little Dobbies visit today for a change. After being in yesterday taking down the Christmas things it was nice to get out, even though it was quite blowy.  Always seems to be blowy there don't know why must be an open area. 
The last of the Christmas things out and still a reasonable sale going on, so we had a mooch for some bargains. Vin got a nice gift pack of cheese oatcakes and chutney for half price and I got my baubles for the swap next year, and some little shortbread stars for what turned out to be a quarter of the price. Think they had overbought those they had masses of them on sale.  Then we went for our coffees not free unfortunately because we didn't have any vouchers left for January but a very nice flat white. I don't have those often so that was a nice change. We took our own biscuits so that made it cheaper.. (minge bags)
So, Christmas is all over then. Everything in our house put away, and it looks like they are getting ready in Dobbies for the spring bulbs and garden furniture etc., so the seasons roll around again.  I think our Tootsie had a good Christmas, her first one in the family, she certainly enjoyed herself yesterday in the Christmas tree box :) :)
It was lovely coming home from Dobbies to be greeted by a little cat again, very comforting.

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