Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Sixth of January...

It is the sixth of January so traditionally the day yu are to remove the Christmas decorations. We do every year, and today fortunately we didn't have any appointments anywhere so were free to do that today.  Hate taking them down actually because the house looks so bare when it is done, no lights anywhere and no tree lights twinkling away. Has to be done thoughm. We did get a lot of time from them this year however because with Jane having her "mini Christmas" in mid-November we got them up very early so we seem to have had them up for ages. Been lovely actually.

Like this one it's one of Jane's selfies, and a lovely picture of her and Vin.

Christmas dinner, beefless veggie loaf with yorkshire puds,sweetcorn, carrots, broccoli gravy and cranberry and white sauces.  Chocolate brownies raspberries and cream to follow. 

The festive table in the middle of November. Photo a bit out of focus for some reason but the idea is there. Great crackers from our Jane who bought them last January in Sainsbury's for half price. Beautiful they were too, we still have a box for next year too!!!
Vin has done stirling work today lifting everything (all the decorations) up and down from the cupbard where we keep them in our bedroom. It all has a place, one of our trees is up there while the other two are in the shed well wrapped up.
Tootsie had a wonderful time this morning while we were taking all of the ornaments down from the trees, she was having a good ld chew on the branches. Good for her teeth I suppose. 
She certainly got the Divil in her this morning boing mad racing round with a bit of encouragement from Vin, who thought it was hilarious.  This is her with her presents, she's had the most fun with the little balls with a bell inside. Tootsies first Christmas. Aaaah! must have been nicer than in their pens at the cattery. Wonder where she was last year?
So that's it. All over for another year till next November anyway. My gorgeous little snowman away for the next ten months or so. Love him to bits he was definitely a hit this Christmas. Thanks Jane XXXX 

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