Sunday, 15 May 2016

Little Outing...

Yesterday we decided that we would go off for a little trip out somewhere so took ourselves off to Tesco. The advantage of that is that they have a Costa Coffee shop s I had a medio latte and Vin had a cortada,o it was a bit of a no brainer really.  The idea was that I would be left with my drink while he whizzed round the shop and got all of the things we needed. Good plan. Normally Vin does the shopping on a Saturday but the district nurses are due today to do the dressing on my footso a change of routine was needed.
Quite sunny outsude today, we have at last had some nice weather, I have had to dig a lighter coat out, and next doors have had their first barbecues of the season.No doubt many more to come.
Little Tootsie has settled down nicely, she comes and goes as she wants, and is used to the territory a bit now. She still won't come on our knees properly yet though, but she will let me stroke her, you have to keep away from jer tail though!.or she will have your fingers!.
Watched the Eurovision Song Contest last night. Quite a good showw we thougght enjoyed it. Felt sorry for Australia thought they were going to win for a long time then right at the end Ukraine crept in to take the lead and win. Didn't particularly like their song either.U.K. as usual came about three from the bottom. ! I don't think anyone likes us any more..Ah Well better luck next year.

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