Monday, 16 May 2016

T'was on a Monday...

Start of another week and no appointments today except for the District Nurse sometime in the morning usually.In actual fact she came about twelve o'clock just as Vin had put our coffees down on the table. So he put them into a flask and we enjoyed them after she had gone. 
It has definitely gone cooler today after being quite nice over the weekend. Vin said we might even have a fire tonight!!We haven't had a fire for a fair few nights now because we have just had the heater on and that's been enough. Last night we watched the Queen's birthday event in Windsor Park. Great show actually really enjoyable. The stars of the show for me were the white horses from France with a tiny little white horse who was so cute and beautifully trained. 900 horsess from all over the world, plus singers like Kylie Minogue, Alfie Bow,Katherine Jenkins and the like. All very enjoyable. 
Vin is outside in the garden doing some weeding with his weed gun. He did the front this morning now he is on the back, he says a bit at a time.

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