Monday, 3 October 2016


A stay in today mainly because it was a district nursey day, and you never know what time they are due to visit, so you can't really plan to go out anywhere. So it was a nice coffee at home, because she only finished at twelve which would definitely have been too late. 
later at lunchtime the doorbell went,and it was a delivery of a large box, which when opened was flowers!  the most beautiful bunch / bouquet of mixed very colourful flowers, including gerberas, of gorgeous colours, lovely  red rose (with a scent too ) unusual these days. Vin will take a picture tomorrow and I will try and put it online somewhere. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime too, she was having a quick  break because she was on an eight/eight day, which is a very long time to be working. Poor kid, no wonder she is tired!. Their shift pattern is awful, no routine to it at all. 
Vin is in the garden putting away some solar lights he has bought which he says he won't put out because the winter is approachinag so it isn't worth putating them in the garden.

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