Monday, 2 November 2015

Another hang around day!!!

Yep another hanging around day. Waited round all day for the District nurses to come and change the dressing on my foot. The Podiatry lady said  she would get in touch with them and they wiould probably come on Monday (today) Anyway, even though Vin rang up and left a message sso far nobody has been and I don't think they will now, so that messes up tomorrow now too. Ah well I am not in a position to moan all of the attention I have had
  So that takes care of tomorrow now too.
Vin did some gardening this morning, he cleared out the barrel by the front door in preparation for planting some daffodils, we are a bit late but they will go in sooner or later. 
I had a bit of a session catching up on the computer. ordered two new bras because i am down to one in the smaller size, and another pair of jogging pants as a spare set for round the house. 
Vin also had a bit of a baking session and made a beautiful brioche loaf. he did the dough in the machine and we always finish it off in the tin in the oven. makes the house smell wonderful.

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