Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Up quite nice and early this morning because we had an appointment at the E.N.T. clinic at twelve o'clock. So we got ready. left the house at eleben ish and went our usual way to Aintree. Needless to sy the traffic was light so we got there early. Vin parked in the waiting area in front got me a wheelchair and went off to park the car.  Caught up with me a bit later in the foyer and we went up to the clinic. The receptionist looked at the computer because she couldn't find my notes and found that we had an appointment alright but it was for the 7th of July not June. !!!! Ooops. Anyway she said she would see if they could fit me in and cancelled the one for July.
I did see a registrar quite quickly actually who asked questions, examined my ears said there was not much on the MRI scan except some fluid which could have been the infection at the time, de-waxed both ears which is great if a bit noisy :) 
Then he discharged me from that clinic which I thought they would, and we set off to the co-op down the road whwere we had our sandwiches for lunch. So in the end what could have been a disaster turned ouyt to be excellent.
The cats along here have all been doing funny things. Our Tootsie has been asleep on our next door but ones bed!! and on his front room window sill and wouldn't move. Vin had to go and get her. Then we had the cat from the house at the end in our bedroom. Think they have been having some sort of mad cat week. What is that all about!! 
Podiatry appointment tomorrow. At least we know that is right!

Looks like butter wouldn't melt :) :) 

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