Monday, 30 June 2008

More Appointments!

We were up early and at em this morning. We had to be in Walton for 9-45 so left the house at 9ish. Got there just in time actually, but the clinic wasn't busy and was seen quickly. Mr Gradden wasn't there so saw one of his underlings, who said what her name was but so quietly that I didn't catch it. One of the problems of being deaf, you miss a name and don't like to ask them to repeat it. Couldn't hear hardly any of what she said (not much) and she was muttering about the computer not working. Spent most of the time reading the notes, and writing bits and pieces downand didn't say much to me.
Visit a waste of time actually. Went for a blood test then went over to Sainsbury's for a nice relaxing coffee and a biscuit.
Did our vegetable shopping for the week, and got a few more bits and bobs, then came home.
little cat from next door greeted the car as we drove up, it's a sweet little thing, and a real good company cat with loads of character. VT fed it some more biscuits, and topped up its water bowl, so it was happy.
Our two were prowling around in the house..waiting for their chicken I think.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes..gruyere cheese and leek,
6oz new potatoes,
Vegetables..carrots, or cabbage and leek, might be better.With a few mushrooms.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Happy Anniversary...

Today it is exactly one year since we started our Healthy Eating Plan!! Can't believe how quick the time has gone.
Recently we have stuck and do not seem to be losing any weight, but then again we aren't putting any on either, so that is a good thing. This is despite Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas and a Holiday in America. So I think we have done well.
VT is now 11stones 2 lbs
Jenny is 11Stones 9/10 lbs.
I reckon we have lost about 1 1/2 stones each. VT said he was 12st 9lbs and I was 13st6. So, quite a good loss from both of us.
I am going to try in the next week or two to reduce us down a bit more. Think what we are eating at the moment is maintaining us at a level and not losing any, so we need to just be a bit more careful.
Changes have mainly been with the reduction of fats. Spreads and oils. I don't use olive oil any more but use Fry Light, and our use of butter has gone down drastically. I haven't made cakes at all since we started, but buy the Mr Kipling ones which are calorie counted.I also weigh the carbs that we have, potatoes, rice and pasta. Potatoes at 8oz for two, rice at 4oz and pasta at 4oz. This seems to be working well. I don't put butter on veggies either, but use butter buds, and we read the calorie labels quite carefully too.
So...pats on the back all round..and a big success..

On the normal Sunday front, we did the crosswords quickly again. Are they getting easier? I think the last couple of weeks they are.
Made a lovely potato and oatmeal sourdough bread this morning, and a pizza dough which is rising nicely, and a batch of roast vegetables.
Last night VT got a DVD from Maghull called Closing the Ring. It turned out to be a good one, and a decent story and ending.
It is Gordon Brown's anniversary today as well, but that poor man hasn't been as successful as we have. He has had an awful lot of bad luck though, what with the foot and mouth, the floods, the 10p tax debaucle the loss of the data etc., etc., Blair left him in it altogether.

Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato sauce,
Roasted vegetables,
Goats cheese topping.
Salad with avocado, baby plum tomatoes, and cucumber. Topped with pine nuts.
Yum Yum
Happy Anniversary Everyone !!

Saturday, 28 June 2008


Early awakening this morning. VT went down to get our usual morning cup of coffee and a cow biscuit, and came back all excited with a letter with a cheque in it. He said you've won again..we won £1000 last year. We opened the letter to find we had but this was for a cheque for £25. Still it's better than nothing.
Bed washing today, so poor little Bobby who had settled on the bed had to move, and she was all comfy too. Never mind..needs they say.Nothing much doing today, VT let next doors cat out and it has been out all day. He went off to Maghull to get a few things, and came back with a DVD, which is just as well since there is nothing on again tonight. It is called "The closing ring" and looks good. We have had some good ones lately, but the one we saw the other night from next door, was a bit slow. A month in the country..didn't really get anywhere.
Had a nice lunch today, the usual cheese and crackers, but we have extras, today we had a fresh fig, which was very tasty and unusual.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese spring rolls,
Stir fry vegetables,
Egg fried rice 4oz.,
Sauce, maybe ginger and lemon.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Computer troubles...

I have no idea what was wrong with the computer yesterday, but it wouldn't play. Couldn't get logged on at all, so switched it off and gave up altogether. So no blog got done yesterday.
Today being Friday we took our money to Formby, and ended up in Waitrose.
Lovely shop, and very quiet, but very expensive, I wouldn't want to shop there every week. Nice for treats though, and we got plenty of those.
Yesterday it rained..God how it rained. The poor little cat was outside, but when VT got it in later in the evening, it wasn't wet, so it must have shelter somewhere. He said he was watching out of out bedroom window, and saw hundreds of kids going past the house. I think it was the St Mary's annual beach walk for charity. Jane used to do it, but hated it really. Anyway, they were all going past when the Heavens opened, and they were getting really really soaked. But, he said they were jumping up and down in the puddles!!!!Kids!!
Last night we had a very nice curry, It was a jar of Weightwatchers Tikka Marsala sauce, which we had with mushrooms, and a Quorn "chicken" fillet. 1/2 a pouch of microwave rice, poppadums, a banana, and a bag of spinach stirred in. very tasty actually.
Getting near to our 1st Anniversary of our Healthy eating plan, on Sunday. I will give a report then.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Mushy peas for VT
Green beans for moi,
Potatoes sauteed to go with rather than chips, since I don't want to waste them.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Fresh Air..

Went off to Ormskirk this morning for a bit of a blow and some fresh air. it was really really quiet. Hardly anyone about, and the car park we usually use in Morrisons was pretty empty..with spaces everywhere. What's going on, is it the rising prices, or the price of fuel..what is it?
I bought a nice new top from Bon marche, and a pair of trousers in size 16 which is good for me. We went into M&S for some organic shortbread, but they didn't sell the one we like..bother! we will have to get it in Formby. Got a few bits and pieces in Morrisons, chiefly cow biscuits, and nearly lost VT who wandered off, then blamed me for going off!!!!! MEN!!!
Tonight we are having:
Fried potatoes,
Carrots and soya beans

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Little Cats..

One is on the next door's shed roof, the other is on my knee purring away and watching the screen as I type, and the one that VT is looking after is goodness knows where at the front of the house. he was out last night looking for it,and we gave up and went to bed. However, as I was in the bathroom, he went downstairs and had another go, he came back in a few minutes to say it was on the step so he picked it up and took it in next door. He is such a softie that man of mine.
Quiet today, not doing much, VT has been in the gaarden doing some of the pots etc., clearing them out, replanting some and generally tidying up. Good for him.
Last night we had a funny tea. I had planned to do either lamb steaks (meatless ones) or peppered steaks, gravy with mushrooms, squashed new potatoes, and carrot and swede mashed. Well all that was ok, till I came to drain 6the carrot and swede. Very strange mixture, very discoloured, and a black rim round the pan. really very unappetising so we ditched those, Tesco on offer 50p., and got some fresh peas out of the freezer instead. At least they were nice.
VT had a funny moment on sunday when we did the bread,he put the bread mix in, and got it going. Then I opened the lid, and looked in to see a silver packet rolling around. Yes, it was the yeast packet.He had neglected to take it out of the packet first!!!
Anyway it all turned out good, and it is a beautiful loaf of Soy and Linseed. Great breadmixes those Laucke ones. All the way from Oz.
Tonight we are having:
green Thai Curry, using Quorn pieces and mushrooms.
1/2 a packet of basmati rice,
Tender stem broccoli or carrots..not sure which.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Better Today..

After the somewhat stormy weekend, the sun is shining again, but not hot.
Went off to Tesco with our money this morning, to get the usual weekly veggies. Very quiet everywhere, and plenty of parking spaces. Pity it isn't like that every time we go out! VT had 6to call in at guess where first..yes collect his glasses. These were the ones that were broken and needed repairing. We parked in Waitrose to go there and that was quiet too. Must be mid-season, no bank holidays etc.
VT is in the garden tidying up, he has just been up here to find out how to kill ivy..and it seems that it is a beggar to get rid of. it is creeping over our fence from next door, and will take over everywhere if left. real pain.
Back in time for a nice coffee, and our pizza lunch. we usually have the leftover pizza from Sunday night. this weeks was a particularly good one with roast veggies, spicy meatfree sausage, goat cheese and our home made tomato sauce.
Tonight we are having:
Carrot and swede mix from tesco on special offer,
Squashed Jersey Royals..8oz between two,
Lamb grills or Peppered steaks..not sure yet.
Bit of madeira wine gravy.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Blowy Sunday...Very

What a windy day today. You would think it was more like October than the middle of June, and summertime.
All the magazines are full of "summer" foods and recipes, and hot summer clothing! I think the sales will be good this year, all the summer stuff will be much reduced I think.
The wind has blown my poor little Buddha over in the garden twice,now that is not good in the middle of summer is it. Next door neighbours are in France on holiday, I hope it is hotter there for them.
Yesterday's blog has disappeared. I did a whole new one with the comments on Midsummers day, and it has all gone. Wonder where things go into outer space?
Did the crosswords in record time today, even quicker than last week, and that was pretty quick.Maybe they are gatting easier, or the regular person is on holiday. All three done by 5.15 and that was starting mid afternoon. VT did his in about 1/2 an hour. really speedy today.Then he finishedd my one too..Brainbox today.
he got a good DVD from Blockbusters yesterday, it was "Call of the Wild" one of the Road Movie type, but a true one. Excellent too. It was the journey of a young college graduate who trekked his way through the US and into Mexico and finally Alaska. The people he met and the things that happened made it a good film. Not a happy ending though.
Today, we made a Pizza dough, a loaf of and Linseed, and some roast vegetables. Going to make the pizza later.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our homemade dough
Roasted vegetables,
Tomato sauce.
Salad with baby plum tomatoes, avocado cucumber etc.
Potato salad and a rice salad from Sainsbury's.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Another friday Another Shop!

This time we took our money off to Sainsbury's Walton. We went next door and got a new lampshade for the kitchen, the last one was very scruffy, and a new bath brush..ditto. We are just scruffy people!!
Bought all our usual weekend things,plus a few extras.
We try to use any coupons that we find n the magazine, but didn't have a lot to use up today.No organic cherry tomatoes for example. Must admit to being very annoyed with them because they never have potato salad. I would have thought that this was a staple item, but they don't even have any basic type, let alone a finest.. What's that all about as they say!!
Tonight we are having:
VT's choice..Tacos.
We were just going to buy the shells then get everything else, but they had the kits on special offer, so we got those.
Then we will need the quorn mince, lettuce to shred, a tiny bit of cheese to grate etc.
Nice tasty tea.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

A Blustery Day!

More like Autumn than the middle of June. Went to bed last night with the electric blanket on! Nearly Midsummer's Day, and we are not yet in Summer Clothing. What's that all about as they say!
Not going out today, just mooching about at home. VT was cleaning his car again, and putting some grease on things. I did the brasses at the front, we had a nice cup of coffee, and a sanwich lunch, then did a bit of computing, and baths.
I wonder if this is the only blog that never gets read?
It was only ever meant to be a record of our battle with the healthy eating plan and our successes or not. Here we are almost a year later, and I have kept it going.With a few exceptions for illnesses etc., it has been quite easy to do.
Will report on the healthy eating plan as the year ends.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with tomato sauce and mushrooms, and a little cheese.
tenderstem Broccolli.
Maybe a little garlic bread.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Summer...What Summer?

June 21st on Saturday, or Midsummer's day..then the nights start getting shorter!!
Today is quite mixed, we went off to Ormskirk this morning for a bit of a wander around,and the rain just about kept off. Cold though, not warm enough to be out without a coat at all. I bought a nice blue Regatta coat from Bon Marche, a bit lighter for the late summer and the weather we are having now actually. VT was a bit annoyed I think. he is on the lookout for a new jacket, has been for ages, but can't find one he likes. There are no places for men to do their shopping now really. Loads and loads for women, but not the same for men. he is looking for a light jacket, but is having real trouble finding one.
Had a lovely cup of coffee in our coffee shop, very reasonable, and half the price of Costa Coffee!
Tonight we are having:
Something with butternut squash and sweet potato roasted,
Probably fillets,
tenderstem broccoli.
Maybe a bit of tomato sauce, I have some squashy tomatoes to use up.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Another Day Another...

Days routine. Didn't go anywhere today, spent a bit of time on the puter, just looking here and there nothing much.
VT took his car for a car wash and to get some petrol today, he ended up going to the hand car wash opposite Tesco, where it cost £5, but it was a good job. Hand and machine wash I think, Anyway it looks very shiny.
The petrol seems to be back in the pumps again after the four day strike, but there is another due at the weekend. All it means is that people fill up their tanks,the papers have reported that a garage owner somewhere down south has been charging £1.99 a litre!!!!!!!! God help us if we have to end up paying that. I remember when I first started driving, petrol was 3shillings and 6pence a gallon!!! or 17p new money.
Cold again today, no sunshine at all, but not raining either. VT is still chasing the cat from next door. He went out last night to let it in its house but it kept riunning away so he gave up and came to bed. I think it has a hidey hole somewhere or it would be at the door.
We are lucky with our two, they are home loving little things, and don't stray far, (apart from when little Rusty went missing for a month two years ago) i think that is because they have a cat flap, so they can come and go when they want.
Tonight we are having:
A cheese and leek tart from Asda,
Salad with egg and new potatoes,avocado.
Sauteed new potatoes and mushrooms.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Not Specsavers....Again!!!

We went off to Formby this morning to get our usual veggies and bits. The reason we went there was to save a bit of petrol, and also because VT's glasses needed repair..again. This time the nose piece had fallen off so he had to take them back. They are out of guarantee so he will have to pay this time. I think they will be inviting him to their Christmas Party this year!!
VT was out till 12.30 last night chasing the next door cat. he reckoned it was laughing at him, he'd chase it to the front door, then it would run off. So, he gave up in the end and went to bed, and probably worried about it all night.
Went 6to Waitrose for our veggies, and was surprised just how quiet it was. Very pleasant shopping but it has to be said very expensive.
Tonight we are having:
Peppered Steaks..(Quorn)
Baby new Jersey Royals,
Sauteed Mushrooms,, Peas.

Jane did ring up. Quite late last night, to wish her Dad a Happy Father's Day. No card though, let alone anything else for that matter. Ah Well.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Quick Crosswords...for a change..

We had done the crosswords by 5-15, bearing in mind that we only start them at about 3-15 ish that is good going. the one that usually gives us grief, the Mail On Sunday one was particularly easy today and I was able to complete that by looking at a lot of the answers.
Nothing on the television tonight (again) largely football, or blasted repeats, so I hope there is a good film on Sky. We watched a good one last night called Hannibal Rising, which was a prequel to The Silence of the Lambs. Quite gory but a good story for all that. At least it had a beginning a middle and an end!
Made a lovely Sourdough loaf this morning, a Potato Oatmeal one, which has just come out of the oven and the aroma of newly baked bread is surrounding me as I type. Also did a Pizza dough in the bread machine which has risen beautifully and is awaiting VT's touch to finish it off. Did a batch of roasted vegetables too so the very tasty aromas are definitely getting the juices going.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato and roasted vegetables,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
potato salad and roasted vegetable cous cous salads.

Fathers day today..and Jane couldn't even be bothered to give her Dad a ring on the telephone, let alone a card. What a minx she is. Too self centred really. Such a shame.

Saturday, 14 June 2008


For next door. They have gone away to France for two weeks, and have left VT in charge of their cat who is called "Cat". She is a lovely little ginger puss who has a sweet face and a bobble on the end of its tail. She is a very street wise puss, and stays outside the front for hours.
VT went looking for it last night, and there was no sign, so we went to bed at the usual time. He went into their house this morning to check its water bowl etc., and she comes bounding out. It was inside all the time!
It spends quite a lot of time sitting in our front garden and seems to be quite happy. Our two don't go into the front, they stay mostly in the back garden or in the house. Funny how different cats are.
There is a petrol strike today and for the next three days, so VT didn't go for his usual mooch this morning. I think he missed the cheap shop, he always comes back with something from there. Come to think of it, there isn't much traffic going up and down in front of the house. Maybe people are conserving their petrol. Well, that's a good thing.
Tonight we are having:
The Chinese.
Spring Rolls,
4oz of egg fried rice,
Stir-fried vegetables, with mushrooms and peppers.
A sauce of some sort.
Must have a go at making my own spring rolls some day. They are fairly expensive and could be done with filo pastry.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday 13th..

Petrol strike today and for the next three days. We went to Sainsbury's this morning and I do have to say that the traffic wasn't any less, in fact it was very busy. The petrol station at Sainsbury's was closed however I suppose they had run out.
Had a lovely cup of coffee in Sainsbury's, their coffee has definitely improved, much better flavour than the stuff they used to sell years ago.
Got all our usual weekend stuff except potato salad..why they don't sell it I don't know, they don't seem to have any at all. Stacks of coleslaw, but no potato salad...What's all that about as they say.
VT is looking after the little ginger cat next dorr for two weeks while they go on holiday to France. They went yesterday, but their daughter is going today. Once she had woken up that is. Seems that the youngsters are all the same.
Last night we had:
A Quorn beef and mushroom pie that I bought last december and had in the freezer since then. We had 1/4 each, and 8oz of squashed potatoes.
Vegetables were a mix of leftover carrots, diced, a courgette, diced, and some fresh peas.
We made a dribble of gravy to go with, and it was really nice. We have frozen half of the pie for another meal , so was quite thrifty.
Tonight we are having:
Delias Madras egg curry, with 4oz of white rice,
Tomato cachumber, poppadums, and banana and mango chutney.
We will have some sliced mushrooms to go with that too.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Cheshire Oaks Today..

We were up early this morning and went off to the Cheshire Oaks. It is actually about 10 weeks since we were there according to VT, but it doesn't seem that long.
We had a good look round and a really nice cup of coffee in Costa Coffee. Always a treat that. Bought a few things, a couple of really nice belts in Next, quite cheap, and a new pair of shoes from Ecco. Haven't bought any from there before, always thought they were too dear, but these are a good pair of black everyday shoes I have needed for ages. My feet are dioedgy at the moment, think they have shrunk, and the right foot is smaller than the left. Wonder if it is to do with the toe missing?
Tonight we are having:
Not a clue..
Will have to search the freezer and say what we had tomorrow.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Little Cat Sat on my Knee..

As I type this Little Rusty is perched on my knee, and I am typing around her with great difficulty. But who cares...she is purring away, and there is surely no more lovely sound and feeling than a little animal purring.
She has actually just heard VT come upstairs and jumped down to greet him. it is funny how loyal little animals are..or maybe it is "cupboard love". The little ginger cat from next door chases VT when he goes down for the paper, or out to his car but maybe it is for the biscuits she knows he always puts out on the step. Bobby comes in everyday at about a1.30 and sits patiently waiting around our feet..but might that be because she is waiting the cut up chicken that we buy for them and dole out at 1.45!!
VT went into Maghull to return our DVD from last night..No Country For Old Men. This proved to be an excellent film, very good acting.Worth a watch.
Tonight we are having:
Two beautiful Portobello mushrooms I spotted in Tesco the other day.
I shall do something creative with those, maybe with rice or tomatoes etc., I shall make it up as I go along.
Vegetables from the fridge that we have over.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Hate football with a is all over the screens like a rash at the moment. We went to Maghull this morning to get a DVD, so we would have something to watch tonight. We ended up with.."No Country for Old Men". It is quite well written about, and got four Oscars so should be OK. If it isn't it is my fault.
The television in Jane's room, used to be a nice little straightforward television. You switched it on and it went. VT has bought a Freeview box for it. Now you have to operate THREE separate remote controls for it. Will they work for me..NO!! No matter how I try the B***** thing won't go. He comes up and says it is perfectly press this and that and there you go. NO! it won' doesn' just sits there buzzing like a swarm of bees. I have tried about five times and they will not work.Full Stop.
Tonight we are having:
Mashed New Potatoes,
CabbageMedley with mushrooms.

Monday, 9 June 2008

More Appointments..

Got a phone call on Friday to make an appointment with the Doctor. They didn't say why, so I went along this afternoon.
Turns out that it was for a blood pressure check. I actually met the new Doctor though for a change, a Dr.Taylor who seems very nice actually.
She has changed the blood pressure medicine so we will see how we go with that. Go back in about a month before the course of tablets runs out, and get a blood test before that.
We went to Tesco this morning,to get our usual vegetables for the week, we got enough to give us some variety, and a few other bits. £29 ish which is quite restrained for us actually. Had a look at books, but didn't buy any, need to read some of the ones I have stacked by the side of the bed first.
At present I am reading a Jodi Picoult one..The Tenth Circle which is quite good, but her chapters are so LONG..about 80-90 pages per chapter. I like to read a chapter or two before I put the lights out but you can't with her books.
Beautiful Summery day today, blue skies and hot weather for a change, people out in Summery clothes which is nice.
VT saw a woman standing by me at the cash machine this morning and said she was much bigger than me! that was nice! And..the Dr said when talking about my weight that I looked nice and slim which is another bonus too.
Good day for feeling good today.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and Ham style Escallope,
New jersey Royals,
Tender stem Broccoli and Carrots,
Mushrooms in sauce.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Crosswords and Answers..

All the crosswords done very quickly today, had them well finished by 6.oo which is early for us, bearing in mind that we don't start them till the mid afternoon.
The big Sunday Mail one was surprisingly easy today, no difficult ones to catch us out. VT finished his without any problems, and I had done mine except for one or two that he got on his machine. We have two crossword machines, both of which are invaluable, and are well used every Sunday. We actualy got them from our scanning firm, where we scan in all our shopping and get points, These can be exchanged in the early days for rewards, but now you can get Argos vouchers which is better.
Made a good loaf of Sourdough Potato and Oatmeal bread this morning, and a Pizza base at lunch time. Also a batch of roast vegetables to go on the pizza.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our own base,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes, and cucumber etc.
Potato salad and Ouzo salad from M&S..
Enough left over for tomorrow lunch time.

Saturday, 7 June 2008


Not much doing today..tell us something new.. Jane didn't come home last night..why did I ever think she would?? It must be 2 1/2 years since she came home. I don't think she would recognise her room at all, let alone her Mum and Dad.
She rang up this morning to tell us about her procedure that she had done yesterday. She has a big hole in her back and three stitches according to her. Must be awkward for lying down.
We didn't do much today as usual, nothing in the papers is very slow today. Nothing happening except some divers that were missing in Bali have been found. Good news for them I suppose.
VT went over to Maghull to get a few things and check out the video shop. There will be football all over the show next week, so we will probably get something to watch from there. I like a good thriller or drama, not a lot else.
No post today..why do we never get any post on a Saturday? and the everyday post usually comes just before lunch. Call that progress.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese...quorn dippers as a change from spring rolls,
4oz egg fried rice,peas and spring onions,
Stir fry vegetables.

Computer is very slow today, it completely froze so I had to restart it. That took 30mins!!! Wonder why it is so slow to do anything?
VT is in the garden, doing the hedge. It isn't our hedge, it belongs to next door, but hangs over our side so needs cutting. It is a real pain actually, since we got rid of a hedge years ago and put a fence there, but someone who stayed next door, planted a row of green conifers, and away we go again. The sun is shining now, and it is quite warm don't know whether it is warm enough to sit out though.

Friday, 6 June 2008


Continental markets to be precise..We got up really early this morning..well quite early for us, so we could go to the Continental market in Ormskirk. They don't have them very often, maybe twice or three times a year, and the last one was excellent.
This one today though was very disappointing. We wanted to get some of the gorgeous French Soaps which are beautiful...Stall wasn't there!!!
There is normally a lovely biscuit stall which has really nice biscuits we get as a treat..Stall wasn't there!!
So it was a bit of a waste of time in the end. If we hadn't have done our weekend shopping in Morrisons it would have been a total waste.
There wasn't anything else we fancied getting, so just had a walk around and got some stuff from other shops then came home..a lot earlier than we usually do.
We washed the bedlinen on Jane's bed yesterday, in case she comes home, and put it back on a bit ago. Little Rusty is now settled in the quilt and looks gorgeous, all comfy and curled up. Really really sweet.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish fingers, (vegetarian ones)
Chips..measured ou,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi,
Tartare sauce and a baked tomato.
Anyone for a chip butty then??

Thursday, 5 June 2008


VT took himself off to the garden centre this morning, to get some bedding plants for the pots we have. Came back with three geraniums and a bag of gravel stuff that you put round the plants in pots to keep the weeds down.
One of the troubles with having everything in pots is that the weeding is such a pain. I don't like gardening it has to be said, but he seems to quite enjoy pottering around outside. Why is it that weeds grow everywhere, and they are tough little beggars to pull out too. He gets the weed gun on the ones around the fence but they seem to grow back overnight. Do they do this on purpose I wonder.
Just started a new book.. Jodie Picault.. The Tenth Circle, and getting into it, but her chapters are SO long! They are twice as long as most of the other authors I read.I began a John Grisham the other night but it was really boring..his descriptions are too long and you don't get into the plot of the book quickly enough. After reading The Book Thief it is fairly hard to get into another one.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really...
The remainder of the Little Jersey Royals,
Carrot, bean and broccoli mixed vegetables.
Something out of the freezer.

I wonder if this is the Internet's least read Blog.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Bits of Shopping..

Had to go into Formby this morning to get a few bits and pieces, and VT wanted to go to Specsavers again to get his glasses adjusted..again..
It is getting to the stage where he rushes past the door now in embarrassment.
Lovely sunny day today too, it was nice to walk up and down the village without a coat on. Went into M&S to get a few little veggies, their potatoes are really good. little tiny jersey Royals from a named farmer. We only got a few things and it came to £9.85..not a cheap shop.
We then went into Waitrose to get a cup of coffee, and a few more vegies, very quiet in there. must admit I miss the Morrisons that used to be there. Formby is all a bit too posh now.
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and Black Pepper Escallopes,
Little new potatoes (Jersey Royals) with mint and butter buds.
Chanterey carrots and peas,
Mushroom sauce to go with.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

"The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak.

Just finished this book this morning. What a great read it was too, thoroughly enjoyed it, and it will stay in my memory for a long while.
I do love a good read, anything really except science fiction or romantic novels. Love thrillers and medical novels. Always loved reading, I must have read thousands of books in my time, but this one was a good one.
Jane rang up this afternoon, to say she might come home for the weekend, that would be the first time in about two and a half years!!!!!! She might as well live in Australia.
We stayed in today, and have decided to live out of the freezer. It has been leaking water for the last few days which usually means that it is over full, so needs things using up.
Bit of excitement this afternoon, some older man had fallen down right outside the house, so VT had to move his car. Anyway he had a grazed head apparently and was taken off in the ambulance.
Tonight we are having:
Things out of the freezer..
Probably frozen vegetables,
Quorn escallopes maybe,
Potato croquettes. All just a mixture really..

Monday, 2 June 2008

Lump and Bump Free Zone..

From a dull start to the day this morning, it is now nice and sunny and quite warm, the sun is blazing through the window as I type.
Went to Walton Hospital this afternoon for my check up with Mr. James, the Plastics man. This was because of the toe op that I had nearly two years ago, That went quickly although it was a problem at the time.
Nothing has developed so he suggests that I go back in a year, which is good news, we must have got away with that.
Since we didn't have our Pizza for lunch, Tonight we are having:
The remaining Pizza,
Salad with Avocado pear, baby yellow plum tomatoes,
Potato salad andcous cous salad.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hares and Rabbits...June1st

Does anyone else say silly things on the first of the month? I wonder why we do it? probably something to do with good luck.
Anyway it is the First of June..on the 29th we will have been on our Healthy erating Plan for a year..that's gone quite quickly really. Can't say it has been totally easy, but probably worth it. We will do the big weigh in on the 29th and see how we got on.
The crosswords were fairly easy today, we managed to finish them by 6.20ish so not too bad,Just one or two tricky one, but got the answers from the website I use.
Made a lovely Sourdough Oatmeal and Potato bread this morning, and then a Pizza dough at lunch time. The breadmaker is proving to be extremely useful just put the ingredients in and press the dough cycle and away you go.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our home made dough,
Tomato sauce, Pineapple, sausage(Vegetarian Salami type) Mozzarella cheese, Mushrooms.
Salad with Italian leaves, avocado baby yellow plum tomatoes, cucumber etc.
Potato and Cous Cous salads.

Saturday on Sunday..

A bit late but never mind. I ran out of time yesterday so didn't get round to doing this. We watched the britain's got talent last night, and we were both astounded at the winner. Some breakdancer from Warrington. Dreadful, the finalists were all boys, no girls amongst them. Not the wonderful little opera singer, nor the quartet of musicians who were excellent. They were robbed.Glad I didn't vote.
Beautiful day yesterday, we actually sat out in the garden and it was really warm and sunny. Blue skies and not a cloud in sight, the little cats 2were enjoying being out too.
last night we had:
Spring Rolls,
4oz of fried rice,
Plum and ginger sauce from ASDA,
Mushroom stir fry.
All very tasty.