Monday, 7 November 2016

Scary Season Gone!

Halloween been and gone, and bonfire night too for that matter. No problems this year, no kids ringing the doorbell or little cats to worry about with the fireworks. I always feel sorry for pets at this time of the year it can be so scary for them.
I suppose it will be all systems go for the run up to Christmas now. I got a parcel this morning with two packs of meat free burger mix which is our christmas dinner basically. I make it into a meat loaf which we can have with gravy and all of the other trimmings.  We all enjoyed it last year, the only snag was that Holland and Barratt had stopped selling it, and no-one else had it, so I ended up buying it  online but at least it was there. 
Poor Vin has had a terriable cold for the last four or five  days, he has had an awful hacking cough which he got some cough mixture for from the shop in the village,. Saturday he was quite bad, he would have been better in bed really but he wouldn't go, and stuck it out downstairs. Thankfully he seems a bit better today but the cough is hanging on there. Trouble is it has left him a deaf, and he is shouting all the time and has the television volume up loud. I offered him my hearing aid the other night and he got really cross at that. It was meant as a joke really, but he didn't see it that way at all :)
Jane has just rung up  she is having a lazy day today, she says it is too cold to go anywhere.So she is staying in her pyjamas  with her electric balanket on. Good for her she deserves that. 

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