Thursday, 3 November 2016

Out for Us!

For once we had nothing on today, no appointments, district nurses coming or anything so we thought we would go somewhere for a coffee. So off we went to Costa in the Tesco in Formby. It is ages since we went there actually, and it made a nixce change to just go somewhere for us. 
Quite busy but there were the odd spaces,and we sat at a table facing the bar area in the soft squashy seats. These are the ones you sink into :)  Vin went off to get the coffees using one of our cards, He came back with two Lattes, one was a Honeycomb one and mine was a skinny one. The only trouble was that he came back with the Massimo size which is huge, far  bigger than I would normally have. In fact the cup is so big it has two handles. I kept asking him why he bought that size and he eventually admitted that it was a mistake. However, it was very nice coffee.:)
Very dull day today, in fact it was just starting to drizzle when we came home, and very dark everywhere, it was a case of putting lights on in each room you went in.  It is going dark much earlier now,It is dark at around five o'clock now. Summertime has totally gone.
On the way back from Costa Vin carried along the by-pass to the garden centre over the way to get some plants to put in the hanging baskets, so he can fill them with some winter colour. This he will do tomorrow, because the only thing we have on is the district nurse visit. He got some lovely primroses, pretty mixed colours that will give a nice touch of colour in the back yard. 

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