Thursday, 10 November 2016

One in One Out !

In a nutshell, I stopped in and Vin went out today, or this morning to be exact.  We had to return the monitor that I had been attached to since yesterday by ten o'clock, which would have meant us getting up very early again. That isn't good for me as it takes me a while to come round in the morning. Vin,  probably very sensibly volunteered to take it back for me, because he said he  could get there quickly. When we went to Dobbies yeaterday we also spotted a lovely large Colony candle in a mulled wine flavour on offer for £10 and he said he would call in there very quickly to get one.  They are running a %20 off everything week too so it would possibly make it cheaper too, and in fact it did. It was only £8, which is a bargain for a huge candle.
Poor Vin still has his cold it is really hanging in there, he's had it for a full week now, and the cough is still bad, despite him taking the cough mixture and throat sweets. It isn't as bad as it was last weekend though so maybe it is on the wane.Fingers crossed.
The nights are really drawing in now, as I type this it is around four thirty and already going dark. I am expecting our Jane to be ringing up any time soon, I think she is on nine to half four today. Her shifts are absolutely terrible poor girl, but it does seem that it is the same in all the hospitals. I don't know how they keep track of them all. Be stuck without their phones I suspect.

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