Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Eye Eye!

Today the big event was to get to   Specsavers  to get an eye test. I had been getting reminders for years and made previous appointments but had to cancel them for a variety of reasons, illness or in hospital etc., so in the end it was five years since I had last been! 
Anyway  went along today, drove into Formby and Vin dropped me off outside the front of the shop. After he had made sure I got into the shop he went to park the car in the back of the shop. . 50p for an hour!!! amazed  at that. No wonder there are so many complaints in the free papers!
So to the eye test. Two parts to it actually, the first consisted of the girl using three machines to get different reactions, ending up with the one for glaucoma where it puts a puff of air into  ther back of the eyes. No matter how often I have that done it still makes you jump. The second was the actual test itself. Same chap that did it the last time, very thorough too. Much simpler test these days they have changed in all those years. Ended up with a prescription which led me to the main shop to choose some glasses. After a bit of a look round selected two nice pairs, on offer at two for £89., the only extra is extra for the bifocal lenses so I can use them for reading.  One is a maroon shade and the other is more of a lighter red.  Vin checked them for me to make sure they looked ok on me. It is difficult when you are looking through empty frames :)  When all measured and sorted paid, getting a Medi-cash receipt, Vin has already filled that in and sent it iff bless him. 
Leaving there we came home via Waitrose, got a few things that we get from there, coffee biscuits that are gorgeous. Looking forward to trying them tomorrow !!!

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