Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Out (Eventually!)

I had an appointment at Southport hospital this morning at 10.O'Clock, so it was an early rise for us this morning. Nice coffee and  cow biscuit to get up with, then breakfast. Quick visit to bathroom again before going down and then the trouble started, the time was getting on and Vin was getting fidgety so he rang them up and they said go in when you can.  We did get there, and waited a very short while then went in to be fitted with the monitor.So now I am walking bags! :)  Good news is that  I son't actually have to be there tomorrow so Vin can take it off me  and take it in quickly. 
Well we have a new American President! Donald Trump of has won their election much to everybody's surprise. We shall have to wait and see what sort of a job he does. The television is wall to wall of what happened there.
Trouble is today with the net, so it took me an age to get signed on  hence the post is short and sweet! 

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