Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Market Town Shopping.

Vin had some business in Ormskirk this morning, so we went early for a change. I had a mooch around while he went to see his "lady". Had a great look in the shops, but didn't buy much. A lovely cup of coffee in our little cafe though. I love cups of coffee out, no cream cakes only a virtuous biscuit.
Enjoyed a potato and egg salad from M&S for lunch, Vin had crackers and Pate, poor him..but he said he enjoyed it, bet I enjoyed my salad more!!
Tonight we are having :
Pasta...4oz small pasta shapes,
Asparagus and a Tomato sauce and
A tiny bit of cheese on top for browness.
Frozen Veggies as a side and we are done.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Progress...is there any?

yes there is, we are still following the "Healthy Eating Plan" courtesy of Rosemary Conley. We do however seem to have reached a little bit of a plateau. Now this is the stage where you tend to give up, thinking that well it's not worth the effort. But, I am not deterred, we will have a measured amount of veggies tonight and work towards a loss on the big weigh in on Wednesday.
I was sorting out my wardrobe this morning and have a few things that were tight or didn't fit, and now they do, so ever onward. Vin's shirts are definitely looser round the middle and he is looking quite slim now. it will be 5 weeks on Wednesday so we shall see eh.
Tonight we are having:
Goat's Cheese and black peppercorn escallopes,
4oz new potatoes possibly crushed,
Carrots, and mushrooms.
Vin is doing all sorts of bits and pieces in the middle room, 2 more lengths of wallpaper, and some drilling outside for the damp proof treatment.
Poor little cats seem to be tired today, either that or they are keeping out of the way!!

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Words and Dough..

Anyone who knows us, knows that we do crosswords on a Sunday. Well, they keep the brain going don't they..stop you going daft. I like the finding out of the answers, and the pleasure you get from getting an answer that you already know.
I have also made our usual loaf of bread today. I leave the Starter overnight with a cup of flour and a cup of mineral water. This rises in a normal room temperature overnight then next morning it is bubbly and ready to use. I generally do a recipe from Recipezaar for Potato and Oatmeal Bread, which is a beautiful loaf, but we mess around with the flour a bit. Put some white, Spelt and barleycorn in it. Today though it seemed a bit stiffer, not as soft a dough, so I used a smaller tin to make the loaf, came upstairs to do the crosswords, then when I went down it had risen well over the top of the tin!!! So we will now have a nice loaf after all. We use some of the dough to make the pizza base too, it makes a gorgeous base.So tonight we are having:
Pizza with home-made tomato base, (well..it is Sunday)
Roasted vegetables, pepper, onion,baby plum tomatoes, courgettes.
Goat Cheese topping,
Salad with baby tomatoes, Avocado, cucumber, mixed seeds.
Light dressings.
Yum Yum it's the best meal of the week.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Work In Progress...

Sunny Saturday, for a change. Done a washing machine load and Vin has pegged it out, and it's blowing merrily in the breeze. You just have to keep one eye out for the weather in case it starts raining!. Floods seem to be going down in most areas, but apparently there is still rain warning, so may be in danger of more. Generally the talk is of about 5Billion for repairs...but you can't put a price on peoples memories and ruined belongings, especially sentimental ones.
Last night's tea was a resounding success, the Mexican was very tasty indeed, and quite low calorie too. I reckon it was about 400 calories for the meal which isn't bad going. Not having cheese helps a lot though.
Tonight we are having :
The usual Chinese...
2 Spring Rolls, frozen ones,
Egg fried rice 4oz rice 2 eggs, some peas and spring onions.
Honey and Coriander sauce, one packet...we used to have 2!
1 Packet of mushroom stir-fried vegetables, using Fry Light.
Mostly we have cut down a lot on the oil here, and only use 1tsp for the fried rice and fry Light for the veggies. If you cook gently you can get away with much less oil. Also having a good non-stick pan helps a lot too.
Vin is finishing the middle room paint, and giving it 2 coats where it has been wallpapered. The difference is truly amazing it is so much lighter and when you come in now it doesn't look drab any more. he's done a super job, I'm really proud of him.

Friday, 27 July 2007

A Mexican Wave.....

We did our usual Friday/Weekend shopping this morning this time in Sainsbury's Walton. We like to vary our Supermarket patronage....and that way we don't get bored with the same products.
Much busier that normal mostly because the kids are on Summer Holidays. Roll on September..
Vin fancied something Mexican, which proved to be a little difficult and a bit of a calorie problem. Most of the Mexican foods are actually quite high in calories, and they do use a lot of cheese and soured cream etc. So with a bit of juggling..tonight we are having:
2 Wholemeal Tortilla wraps 109 calories each,
1/2 a pack of Spicy Mexican rice,
A spoonful of chunky salsa,
Quorn Fajita strips 1/2 a packet each.
A dab of low-fat yoghurt instead of soured cream,
Lettuce to fill.
So, you can do it and keep the calories down, low calorie and low weight we hope. Still 10lbs each.
Vin is knocking down the plaster off the wall ready for putting the plaster on. Good for him, he is doing a smashing job, Bless Him.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

A Splash of Colour

Vin has spent the morning putting the colour on the wall. He has started on the wall behind the unit because this can be done with two coats and then the unit replaced. We are using "Soft Cream" one of Crown paints. it is a lovely warm cream colour a bit like clotted cream with a buttery tone. It has already made a huge difference and makes the room look much bigger, and cleaner. I hadn't realised how dark the former greenish wallpaper was, although it was a good "Laura Ashley" paper.
I feel for people on holiday, the weather is still wet, and quite cold today we have just had a cloudburst. Makes you feel like cooking comfort foods rather than cooling salads etc.
Since we are doing so well on our healthy eating plan, for our evening meal tonight we are having:
Green Thai Curry, using Quorn chicken style pieces,
Mushrooms, and 1/2 a tin of coconut milk light.
4oz of rice,
Tenderstem broccoli.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Congratulations!!! Well Done Us..

Big Weigh-in this morning. We stood on the scales and Vin says he has lost 8lbs, and I have lost 9lbs. That is 17lbs between us..or 8 bags of sugar, or 34 packets of butter/lard. Put that way it is good going.
Low-fat works, use Fry Light instead of dollops of oil. I've barely used tyhe oil bottle in the month.
Portion control, weigh out the carbs, 4oz of potatoes each, or 4oz of pasta between us.
Fill up plates with veggies,
Alcohol watch, have Spritzers with diet lemonade instead of glasses of wine.
Cheese care, go very easy on the cheese especially at the weekend lunches. We have been having Hummus instead or spready cheese.
Crisps, we still have crisps but the low-cal types,
Cakes..not home-made, nice as they are, we have been having calorie counted cake bars instead.
So there it is, those are a few that have come to mind no doubt there are many more, but these are the ones we have found work for us.
It is also important not to call it a diet..my husband insists that diets don't work, so we are on a "Healthy Eating Plan".
Now, tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes, not sure what variety.
4oz potatoes possibly dry fried,
Vegetables..frozen or whatever Vin comes in with from Tesco.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

If It's Tuesday.....

We go to "Focus". This is because there is %10 off all purchases. So we bought..some more Solvite, a new Roller Blind, like the one upstairs, some Varnish for the middle room door,and two more rolls of wallpaper in case we run out. £68!!!!!
This afternoon Vin is chipping away at the wall removing loose plaster. he is also looking into a new damp-proofing system for the back of the house. He is banging away as I type.
Went to the freezer to see what we have in stock, and it seems we have a lot of frozen things that need eating up, so tonight we are having:
Spinach and Ricotta Canneloni, 250 calories.
Mixed vegetables and mushrooms.
Flooding still bad in Gloustershire and thereabouts.
Big Weigh in tomorrow..that will be one month since we went on the Healthy Eating Plan. We shall see how we have got on..I reckon about 1/2 a stone 7-8 lbs. Vin has definitely lost a lot of his bump at the front.Mine is going all over I hope, but there is a skirt that I could not do up and now I can.Success!!

Monday, 23 July 2007

The Weatherman Says It's Going To Rain!!!!!

This is the title of a song I am currently listening to by a new group called "The Songbirds", and very good they are too. They are Eva Cassidy fans and their music is really very tuneful Good for them.
Well it isn't raining here, but it is in the midlands, and there are whole areas of the country that are totally under water, with people being rescued by boat etc.,Magazines are full of recipes and articles about hot weather cooking..keep out of the kitchen with our no-sweat meals!! Fat Chance..it's more like hot meals that are wanted. I am sitting here in a T-Shirt and I'm cold, going to get a sweat shirt in a minute.
We had the remainder of the Pizza from last night for lunch and gorgeous it was too.
Tonight we are going to have:
Red Leicester and Onion Sausages (Quorn)
Baby new Potatoes 4oz
Cabbage and Leek (mix Sainsbury's)
gravy with Bisto granules and a spoonful of onion chutney.
7lbs lost so far.

Sunday, 22 July 2007


No not arguments..but crosswords. On a Sunday we both do the crosswords in the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Express. We have done them every Sunday for years, and they do keep your brain active. The ones we do are general knowledge, so are interesting to complete.
Still rainy but was a brighter day for most of the day. Some areas are dreadful really dreadful. The news is full of awful pictures of flooded homes and lands completely covered in water.
I made a lovely Sourdough loaf, potato and oatmeal, and have saved about 1/3 to use for the Pizza base.Tonight we are having:
Pizza, with sourdough base, and home-made tomato sauce.
Roasted vegetables, pepper, onion, tomato and courgette,
Goats cheese.
Salad with Avocado and baby plum tomatoes.
Yum Yum it's a weekly favourite.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Working round

Started the day early today, the doorbell went first thing..Vin came up and said "More QVC!!!!!" I had been expecting a pair of Birkenstocks , but instead it was a little box of jewellery which I couldn't remember ordering. Turned out it was a pair of earrings that I had ordered ages and ages ago to match a pendant I have. So, I had to come clean about the Birkenstocks! I have always fancied a pair of those, and these were in a sale and P&P free too so a bargain.
My nine toes should look great in them!
Vin has done another 3 lengths of wallpapering, and it is beginning to look smashing. He has done all around the door and behind the unit so you can see how much lighter the room will be. I suppose it is about 2/3rds done now.
Last nights Chilli was extremely tasty, but we didn't have the green beans so I have frozen them.
Tonight we are having our usual Chinese.:
Spring Rolls from Tesco,
Egg fried rice, 4oz rice,
Stir fry vegetables,
Sauce to be decided..depends on what we have or fancy.
We have had a Chinese meal every Saturday for as long as we can remember, Vin does the fried-rice and I do the stir-fry. We use the Wok and the same crockery, and chopsticks. We don't seem to get tired of it, if we do I expect we will do something else...
Rain still relentless and some areas are horrendously flooded. Seems to be the Midlands at present, around Gloustershire etc., it must be heartbreaking to be affected. There was a poor woman on the news whose two cats had been drowned, completely devastating. My heart goes out to them.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Still At It!

Still papering,put another 3 lengths up, and it's looking fantastic. Can't believe it's the same room really. Lightened up everywhere so much.
Raining again today and it's the first day of the holidays for the kids. Tesco's is already looking busier, with children running around everywhere.
Diet going really well. I reckon to have lost around 7lbs since we started 3 weeks ago, which is great going. At the time of typing this little Rusty is perched on my knee, she seems to love watching the cursor on the screen. She weighs about 7lbs, so it gives you an idea of how much you lost.
Last nights tea was lovely actually, the pasta mix from Tesco frozen was very tasty indeed.
Tonight we are having:
Vegetarian Chilli, with Vegemince.
Green beans,
4oz of white rice...and a blob of...natural yogurt.

Thursday, 19 July 2007


Today we are putting some wallpaper up. Already the room looks lighter and brighter. In the best traditions of British workmen, Vin put up one piece then asked for a cup of coffee! My goodness but he has done well.
We had a lovely meal last night, the lasagne was delicious, Cranks did us proud, and we treated ourselves to some nice wine as well. I certainly enjoyed yesterday's birthday better than my 60th!!
Tonight we are having :
A Pasta mix from tesco. They were on offer £1 a box.
Some carrots (to use them up)
Quorn fillets in tomato sauce.
All out of the freezer because we haven't been out.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Birthday Girl.

Today is my birthday. I have had a lovely day so far, went for a nice coffee this morning then a trip round Formby Waitrose. Vin chose our evening meal for this evening...more later.
The sun is shining, for a change, and when we got back there was a beautiful arrangement of flowers in front of the door, with a Balloon waving in the breeze saying Happy Birthday. Card from Jane Bless her.
Vin bought me some beautiful red roses yesterday too I am a lucky girl.
Tonight a few treats...still calorie watching though..aren't we good. Weigh in this morning, I reckon we are down 6lbs in 3 weeks..not bad eh!
This evening we are having:
Melon Balls
Cranks..Butternut, Spinach and Mushroom Lasagne 253 calories
Baby carrots and Asparagus,
Fru..Passionfruit Brulee...now that IS a treat..we never have puddings.
Looking forward to that.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Flash Bang Wallop!

Went to Focus this morning to get our wallpaper for the middle room. Also got the paint..Crown Soft Cream, and the wallpaper paste. the reason for going today was to save some money. Over 60's get %10 off on a Tuesday, so that saved us about £8..not to be sneezed at.
Anyway arrived home and just about to get out of the car and the Heavens Opened! Thunder..Lightning..and torrential rain..so got back in the car to wait it out. Poor little cats..hate the thunder and little Rusty hides under the table in the middle room out of the way. It's whereshe goes when there are fireworks as well...must be a safe hole for her.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes with ham and soft cheese,
6oz potatoes, baked in the oven,
Mixed vegetables, carrots broccoli and peas,
Mushrooms cooked in a little fry Light.
Tomorrow is a weigh in again. 3 weeks of Healthy Eating plan, and we are both going down, in the right direction anyway.

Monday, 16 July 2007

All Clear!

Had a hospital appointment this afternoon, with the Plastics man Mr James. It is primarily to check for "lumps" after my surgery last year. Unfortunately I had a toe removed because of Skin Melanoma, hence the name above Jenny nine toes. No visible lumps so I seem to have got away with it so far anyway. Very quick too, I was in and out in about 10 mins.
So for lunch we had a nice sandwich before we went, Quorn Deli ham and salad in mine, no salad for VT. Normally on a Monday we have the left over Pizzaand salad from Sunday night. Therefore for tea tonight we are having:
Pizza (leftovers)
Salad with Avocado,
Cartons of potato salad, and rice salad.
Did a fair bit of shopping in Sainsbury's to top up on veggies etc.,will keep us going all week.I hope.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Early One Morning!

Arose early today..well early for us anyway. Vin had ordered a copy of The Mail on Sunday today because there is a Prince CD being given away, so he thought they would all sell out. We always do the Crosswords on a Sunday, 2 in the Mail and 2 in The Express. well they keep your brain active, and you'd be surprised how many of the answers crop up on Quiz Shows.
Last night we had a very tasty Chinese, and low-fat too. I reckon I am about 1/2 stone lighter which is good going. No fat regime definitely works, I have barely touched the Olive Oil bottle since we began.
I am making a loaf of Sourdough bread again today, Oatmeal and Potato variety. I then take out enough for our Pizza tonight and make a smaller loaf which lasts all week for toast and sandwiches etc.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with..homemade tomato sauce,
Roasted vegetables..fat-free.
Mozzarella topping and olives.
Salad with Avocado and baby plum tomatoes.
Now..Does that look like dieting???

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Guess What It Isn't Raining!!

Saturday today,and for a change it isn't pouring down. It's sunny but cool, with a fresh breeze.
Not doing a lot today, went to get the wallpaper yesterday, but found out that if you go on a Tuesday you can apply for an over 60s card and get 10% off. Since the paper is £6.99 a roll and we need 7 rolls +paste+borders+paint that adds up to quite a saving. So we wait till Tuesday. So reading papers and messing about on the computer is the order of the day.
I reckon I have lost about 5-6 lbs so far which is pleasing, it is paying off watching the fat intake. We also have Spritzers instead of glasses of wine so I imagine that helps too.
Tonight we are having:
2 Spring Rolls,
Stir-fried vegetables- using Fry Light.
4oz of rice fried with the Fry Light and 1tsp of oil.
Sauce..possibly Honey and Coriander.
(We usually have 2 packets but we now have 1 so that has to help)
Vin is saying his going out trousers are falling down now!

Guess What It Isn't Raining!!

Friday, 13 July 2007

Guess What? It's Tipping Down Again!!!

Yesterday's Aubergine, turned out well. I did slices of aubergine with alternate slices of good tomato in a dish over a bed of Spinach. I then put 1 tsp of garlic oil over and some Italian Seasoning. Baked it in the oven slowly for about an hour. Really tasty . We had it with 1/2 a carton of microwave egg fried rice.
Went to Tesco's this morning to do the usual friday Shop, and had a merry time reading the Calorie value of their items. I must admit when you are watching what you are eating it is a life-saver.Some are a real surprise, much higher than you think.
Vin keeps saying that his pants are falling down! so he has had to go off and get a belt to tighten them up with!
Usually on a Friday night we have a "common" tea, so tonight we are having:
Burgers..A Quorn "Sizzling" burger,
A Wholemeal bun,
1 Cheese slice and tomato. 2 onion rings,
1/2 a pack of..wait for it...Chunky Chips!!! 250 calories.
Wow looking forward to that!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Aubergine Query??

Yesterday I bought an Aubergine. God knows why..just fancied doing something with it I suppose. The only trouble is I tried to find low-fat recipes using it and came across loads, most of them including copious quantities of cheese or olive oil, or both.
However, my old friend Recipezaar has come up with a low-fat version of Aubergine Parmesan which sounds good.So tonight we are having:
Low Fat Aubergine Parmesan,
2oz Pasta
Normally with this we would have a big piece of Garlic bread, so that is what will be missing.
Little changes make calorie losses.

Aubergine Query??

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Going Down!

Meant to say that we are both going down in weight. We started our healthy eating plan on the 27th June, so that is two weeks ago. We have both lost 4lbs., which I am quite pleased with.
So diets do work..but you have to work at it too!

Mooching! I love that word..

Went for a Mooch this morning, over to Ormskirk. Some sales on so bought a nice little black dress (well, big in my case!) and spent a small fortune in Superdrug.Had a nice coffee in our usual little old-fashioned coffee shop.Then home to our Quorn deli-ham sandwich and salad.
Tonight I am making:
Chicken style pieces..asparagus and mushroom pie,
Topped with 6oz mashed potato,
Summer vegetable medley.
Vin is finishing off the ceiling lovely and white. he couldn't finish it yesterday because Rusty was asleep in her little basket and he didn't want to move her..Aaaaah! Bless XXX

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Work in Progress!

Lovely husband is doing the ceiling in the downstairs middle room today. Can't remember when it was last done..which means that we don't decorate very often! Ah Well every journey begins with a small step.
Tonight we are having:
Butternut Squash Roast (bought from Tesco yesterday) 259 cals!
Broccoli and Cauliflower gratin with a low fat sauce.
Potatoes done in with the gratin.
Little changes make a difference. We buy cake bars with the lower calorie rate, use Fry Light instead of Olive Oil, and we are 4lbs lighter in 2 weeks so going down!! Hooray...

Monday, 9 July 2007

Monday..and it isn't raining!

Lovely sunny day today. Went to do the normal weekday shopping this time at Tesco's.
Must admit their system of putting the calories on all their foods is a great help when watching what you are eating. Just look at the calorie values of some cakes!! We find that if you buy the little bar type cakes you can have a treat without it being too bad for the calorie total.
Bought lots of good for you veggies so we have a lot to choose from during the week.
Just listening to the "Tracks of my Years" on the Ken Bruce show, and it is Andy Williams this week. Today he has chosen a Madonna record and The Beatles "Fool on the Hill". He referred to Madonna as an Icon..imagine that Him calling her an Icon!
We went to see Andy at the Summer Pops in Liverpool 2 years ago..and he was wonderful..what a voice, I've never forgotten that worth every penny.
Tonight we are having:
Wensleydale and Blueberry Quorn Escalopes,
Carrots and Beans
Baby new Potatoes 6oz
A few sliced mushrooms in a yoghurt sauce.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Whoops! Missed a day..so two days today!

Friday nights we always have something more tasy for tea..I call it common food...like Fishlass fishcakes and chips etc. Tonight we had a very nice :
Green Thai Curry, ( used Chicken Style Pieces)
1/2 a can of reduced fat coconut milk, and some natural yogurt.
2-3 tspns green Thai Curry paste (Tesco's doesn't have fish sauce)
4oz of basmati and wild rice between us,
tenderstem Broccoli.
it's a matter of reducing fat, I use Fry Light a lot, cook mushrooms very gently then they release their juices so you don't need oil, and the chicken style pieces can be cooked with them.
It's strategies really, and portion control. We would have had a lot more rice probably.

Today..Saturday...vin has gone off to Maghull, to get an offer from the paper. BOGOF wine..Jacobs creek, we both like that. We aint snobby about wine, if it's a decent name we'll get it, and we don't buy expensive wines..don't see the point of wasting money.
Tonight we are having:
Spring Rolls..2 each not too bad for calories.
Stir-Fried vegetables, done in a little fry Light.
4oz egg fried rice again with no oil.
Honey and coriander sauce.
We would have used a lot more oil in the frying, but if you try you can cut down a huge amount, I have barely opened the oil bottle for the last ten days now.
Bellies Be Gone !!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Bits and Pieces..Books and banging!

Cold here today, I'm in a sweatshirt! Went to our Library this morning, Vin wanted some books on decorating, but it is being refurbished. Most of the books have been moved and you can't find anything. I came out with 2 books..very unlike me! but...I do have a great big pile by the bed waiting to be read so no hardship.
Couldn't find any cookery books either, I was looking for some inspiration so I'll have to look elsewhere.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes with Cheese and ham, (maybe)
Carrots and Courgettes
Mashed Potatoes 6oz. (I need to use up some new potatoes I have leftover)
We reckon we have both lost a good 2lbs each so we are on the right track eh!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Stripped and Success!

The stripping machine is back at the Tool Hire Company, and very successful it was too. We are very impressed with it, and can honestly say we have never stripped a room so quickly before. So now we have to decide what paper to put up..the previous was a Laura Ashley which was dated really and quite dark, so we are looking to lighten things up a lot.
The other success was our weigh in this morning. We both reckon we have lost about 2lbs each so that is good going in the right direction.
Tonight we are having: Spag. Bog
4oz of Spaghetti
Veggie mince Bolognese sauce
Carrots as the filler.
I think the key is portion control, and reading the calorie labels carefully. Some are very surprising, much higher than you think.
So here's to week two...Cheers!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Still Stripping!! and Sourdoughing!

We ordered new Sofas last week, expecting them to arrive in 4-5 weeks time according to the delivery quote. Nice lady rang up this morning to say they were ready and could be delivered next Tuesday. Not what you expect from british workmanship is it??
Since the middle room is in the process of being stripped and revamped and replastered in areas, we had to delay the delivery. Shame, but we would never be ready in time.
Made a beautiful Oatmeal, Potato and Wholewheat Sourdough loaf today, which is in the oven as I type, releasing its gorgeous aromas all around. I make the dough in the ABM then do the folding and rising later so it has time to prove properly. It is the most fabulous bread with a good Sourdough flavour. One loaf lasts us all week for toast and sandwiches etc., so is a good deal. I use a Red sea Starter I obtained from my friends on the Recipezaar site in the US. They have been wonderful through my early sourdoughing days with answering queries etc. Great site.
The Goulash last night was delicious. We ended up using Quorn Beef style pieces not meatballs and the flavour was very good.
Tonight we are having Tomato fillets
Broccoli Cauliflower & Carrots
6 oz of New Potatoes
Hollandaise Sauce (packet)
to save calories.
We don't have puddings so we should be slim Jims, tomorrow is a weekly weigh in so I hope the Healthy Eating has been worth it!!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Spelt Bread!

The bread I mentioned yesterday that had Spelt Flour in it, together with wholewheat flour turned out like a Brick!! Looked promising but didn't rise in the tin. Vin had some for his breakfast toast this morning and said the flavour was good but the texture is very dense and the loaf is SO heavy.
Don't think we will be making that again.
Consequently a visit to Tesco this morning to stock up on flours...Strong White, Wholewheat, and Barleycorn.
I'll get another sourdough starter going tonight and do another loaf tomorrow. You learn by your mistakes I suppose..


No not me..thank goodness. My husband has hired a wallpaper stripper and it is working very well too. Since our middle room hasn't been decorated for about 11 years the Laura Ashley wallpaper is looking very grubby and dated so we have decided to lighten things up a bit. About time too.
The reason for the activity is that we have ordered two new sofas to be delivered in 4 weeks time.So we had to get a move on.
Evening meal tonight:
Goulash with Vegetarian Swedish style meatballs,
40z rice or pasta not sure which yet
Cabbabe steamed with a few mushrooms and plain yoghurt added.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Even More Rainy Sunday!!

Just had a cloudburst..and the cats are looking out of the window at the dancing rain thinking that they are imprisoned inside I suppose.
I am makeing a Sourdough loaf in the ABM, I just use the dough cycle then finish it off in the oven after the folding processes. Ran out of my normal Strong White Bread flour, so using some Wholewheat, and some Spelt flour which I have never used before so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I lijke the Oatmeal and Potato recipe so that is what we are having.
Tonight's meal is our usual Pizza with homemade tomato base
Roast vegetables
Salad with Avocado and baby plum tomatoes
The Healthy Eating Plan is going quite well thankyou, we watch the cheese we had for lunch spready ones rather than lumps, but I can't say we have noticed the pounds falling away. Still another two days till our first week so we shall see!