Monday, 6 July 2015

Good Job....

Good job we weren't going to go out today anywhere because it has turned into a horrible day. wet and cold and drizzly with the trees blowing like mad. Funny July weather.
 Bedding day today, so stripped the bed and put new on. No drying outside today though so all in the tumble dryer.
Vin has been tracking our Bose parcel it seems like forever, but it must have been stuck on the motorway because it hadn't moved in an age. However, this morning, success because it has finally been delivered!! So maybe things will get moving now. The television that we have has terrible sound, really tinny, and you miss the Bose sound box a lot.
I have also sent a parcel back to QVC today, it was a set that I had ordered forr the graduation on Monday next, but in the end I have bought other things from M&S, a nice kimono jacket and lovely white t-shirt that I can wear with my black trousers and should look smart. I don't want to let Jane down on her big day. :)
I had a lovely shower this morning too, must say the new grab rails and the bath board have made it a lot easier and safer. Funny thing today, there was an item on The Jeremy Vine show about people falling downstairs, some horrendous tales too. Made Vin even more wary now!!!
Jane rang up about half past twelve on her way to work. She was starting at one until nine tonight. Then she was going to the gym after work to use the equipment and get her tired for bed. Good for her :)
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vin
Baked potato for me

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