Tuesday, 14 July 2015

She Made It !!!

Jane and me at her graduation ceremony July 13th 2015.
She made it. She got there after one year at a College doing sciences, and three years at Salford University doing a BSc (Honours) degree in Radiography which she passed with a First! Well done my lovely. I am so very proud of you. 
It was a lovely day...not weatherwise, because it rained /drizzled all day but the ceremony andand everything else was wonderful. So glad I got there,  It was really lovely to meet her friends and  and put faces to names. They are a lovely bunch, she certainly has some nice lifelong friends there. 
This is Jane and her clinical tutor at the hospital where she did her placement. An absolute rock that woman, she helped her such a lot through the three years. It was really nice to meet her and finally put a face to the name. 
 The ceremony itself was very good. We were n the front row!!!  so had a terrific view. A brass band to start with as an introduction, and a very good gorl singer who did three numbers, then the speeches.  The vice prsident gave quite a lng but very good sppech, and two honorary professorships awarded, then the graduates were named individuallly as they went across the stage. The Masters ones one at a time, and everyone else in groups of three. Jane's group were quite quick to go through actually.  She said she saw me clapping from the front. Aaah.  So proud I could burst. 
Outside for more photos, some group ones.
All getting ready to throw their hats in the air. ! Aaah. Quite a moment for them all. 
Finally she had to hand her gown back, and we went over the way to the Pizza Express for some dinner. Very nice place too, we enjoyed that. Nobody had had any lunch so we were quite hungry, even me. I had a gluten free Fiorentina which was egg, spinach a bit of tomato and garlic oil, and Jane and Vin shared a Margareta and dough balls which he said were tasty. Didn't want a pudding so had a Cappuccino to finish and Vin had an Americano.  Jane was quite happy with her Coke. Everything at The Lowry centre had closed down  but Vin went and got a wheelchair because there was a long way to walk to the car parking level. He and Jane were parked on different levels and we wanted to change over things we had both taken with us. Met outside at the drop off point, swapped over things and left for home.
A really really good day. Certainly one to remember.
Well done my darling. XXXXX

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