Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hot and Humid...

Well the warm weather has arrived with a vengeance . We had lovely sunny day yesterday, but today is cloudy hot aqnd humid. Thank Heavens for the air conditioning n the car which is excellent.
We went out to Dobbies this morning for one of our free coffees for July. (Hares and Rabbits) by the way. 
Must admit i got a bit wilted when we got there..wonder if it is the heat? could be, not sure. So we had our coffees soon after we got there really. Sat people watching for a while, then we got a few things from their food hall area. I wanted a cake and some whirly biscuits, and I saw a nice little tin of biscuits for the little occupational therapy girl who is due on friday. 
Tonight we are having:
Amy's m3eal mac/cheese
Butternut squash

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