Friday, 3 July 2015

Signede Off Again...

Not on the dole..never have been I am proud to say, but had a visit from the little Occupational Therapy girl today who has signed me off now. This was the little one who arranged everything for me. She got the rails fitted all over the house, brought a bath board to use in the bath, and graqb rails where necessary. She also had the physiotherapist who gave me exercises and  the dietician who we didn't see actually because I had already seen one in the hospital. So, she was a little star really got things moving. Thankyou Louise. 
We stopped in today because she was coming and were able to sit outside for our coffee this morning. Very nice too, not too hot at the moment a bit cloudy but nice when the sun came out. Vin had a petit dejuner and a milk pod and I had an Americano and a milk pod. Lovely. Well we have the machine so we can have really good coffees ourselves, and we have had two outside ones this week. Can't be greedy can we. 
Vin did the gardening at the front of the house this morning and I did some of a letter to John and Ann. I ordered some things from Lakeland yesterday quite late on and got an email today to say they have been dispatched. That is quick. Vin is tracking his UPS parcel with the sound box that is going back to Bose for repair, and it is still stuck. Must be in that line of lorries stuck on the motorway down south. Grrr. The sound on the television is awful, hope it gets moving soon. 
Jane was starting work quite early today so hasn't rung up yet, maybe later tonight. 
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all. Depends on what we have in the fridge or freezer.

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