Thursday, 2 July 2015

Not Out Today...

Didn't go anywhere today, mainly because we were waiting in for a delivery which usually comes in the morning. it didn't today, it came after lunch more or less so later than normal. Doesn't matter though, we weren't planning to go anywhere anyway.
Funny sort of day weather wise. A bit overcast, and looks like rain but nothing happening yet. not as muggy..and a bit cooler. Funny I type this it is currently pouring down.
Jane rang up on her way to work this morning. She was starting at ne today so getting some good hours in at the moment. i think she is glad that she gave the Salford job back, she is now waiting for jobas at MRI to come up, shouldn't be l9ong. She had a day off yesterday and went to the Imperial War museum at the Lowry centre, said it was really interesting. Then she had a look round the shops but said there wasn't really very much there.
Tonight we are having:
Whatever we feel like really. 
Not a huge amount of stuff in the fridge in the way of veggies. 

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