Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Home Again!!

Than  Goodness!  Went into Aintree for a routine test on tthe 15th of July and they wouldn't do the test because my blood pressure was too low and they wouldn't let me go home again either. Stayed there all day and then they found me a bed to keep me in. So ended up on ward 11 for ten days. like trying to get out of Colditz, had every test known to man and nothing too bad found, so came home yesterday at long last.
Vin was star.. a real star. Kept me going with yoghurts and biscuits and cheerful chatty visits twice a day!! Don't know how he did it really poor lad.  Al the women on the ward fell for him and thinks he is lovely which he is of course. 
Had a really nice surprise visit from Jane yesterday too, she drove from Manchester, and stayed overnight with her Daddy. Left her car overnight at the hospital car park and picked it up on Monday when they finally let me go home. Then she drove back to Manchester. She has an interview at M.R.I. on the 4th August, so fingers crossed that she gets that one. That's the job she wants so hope she is successful.
Jane is top row right.  With some of her friends who are all over the place now. All in their finery and graduation gowns. 

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Ann Eagles said...

Glad to know you are on the mend xx