Thursday, 8 December 2016

Long Time No Write!!

It is indeed a long time since I posted.  Variety of reasons for that. Both Vin and I were laid low with a really nasty cold virus thing which was terrible, kept me in bed for about ten days two weeks but Vin soldiered on like a trooper.As soon as he got over his though he made an appointment for a flu jab because he said he didn't want anything like that again. 
We have also had numerous hospital appointments which have kept us busy for a long time now, and still they arrive!! two more this morning, plus a phone call to say they had changed a podiatry appointment on Monday from 3.30 to 2.00 which actually suits us better. 
I did have my foot operation last Friday. When I went into theatre I thought they were going to remove my big toe on right foot, but when I came round afterwards it was still there sticking up! so no idea what they have actually done to the foot. Bandaged up which has to stay for two weeks or so then back to dressing clinic to get it checked.  Follow up appointments, maybe that will shed some light on the matter :)
Biggest news is that we have a new little cat called Jess. She is a black and white sweetie, who is fast becoming a daddy's girl.  It was quite a little story really.We lost our last cat "Tootsie" a few months ago because she was run over, Vin had been really close to her and she was a real little character. He had been very reluctant to go back to the animal rescue for clear reasons.  Anyway two weeks ago he had seen a notice in our local shop window looking for a loving home for an 11 year old cat. So he rang up and made enquiries and found out that she Jess had been owned by the young woman since she was a kitten. However her little boy 4 had developed very bad breathing problems, asthma etc., so Jess went to live with the granny over the way, the boy improved so clearly poor little Jess had to go. hence the notice. The girl who owned her was very upset. Vin said he felt terrible taking the cat away from her,she has been with us two weeks now, and has settled in really well really. Jane came home last weekend mainly to see her, and they got on very well really. She hid under the bed for most of Saturday, then came out on Sunday and made up for it by being around a lot.  Jane was able to take a load of photos on her very good camera phone, and we will get them on here a.s.a.p.  She is proving to be a little sweetie and a real Daddy's girl. I am so glad he got her, the poor girl who owned her must be heartbroken, it's a real shame after having her for eleven years. The good thing is that she is extremely timid and doesn't show any sign of wanting to go out unlike "Tootsie", who couldn't wait to go out, which unfortunately was her downfall. This one seems to be more of a house cat which suits us very well. Bless her. 

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