Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Day In For Me!

After being out for the last two days I was in today catching up on computing mainly. Vin went off to Tesco to get some stuff for dinner tonight, and some other things.  He came back with some super things, he really is getting to be a super shopper, and can spot a bargain a mile off.  I think we are getting pretty well organised now, just a few bits and bobs to get.
 Not many Christmas cards arriving yet, the post is a bit disappointing. Still a bit quiet.
Little Jess is developing quite a little routine these days. She is up early in the morning, Vin often wakes early and goes down for a small cup of tea and a play with her, then she is about a bit and and goes under the bed in Jane's room till mid-afternoon when she comes out. She stays with us then mainly in the middle room till we go to bed, has a play every now and again, and a sleep in her basket, and a feed when she wants it. Nice life. :) She has completely bonded with Vin and he is totally smitten with her, keeps the ladies in the shop informed about how she is getting on, well it was where the notice was put in the window so they have a vested interest. 

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