Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Day in for me and Jess

I was quite rumbly the last couple of days so didn't really want to go out just in case! So i stopped in with Jess, not that yu would know she was there. She sleeps a lot during the day under Jane's bed which makes her feel safe I suppose. Then at about lunchtime she comes out to play.After that she settles down in her basket next to Vin on his sofa and there she stops for ages. She is really a pretty cat and I think we have all fallen for her. 
 Vin took himself off to Crosby this morning to get some more coal and logs, and some more bits and bobs for Christmas. Came back with quite a few items that are useful, including the yorkshire puddings that we didn't get in Tesco.  I think we are pretty much sorted now all we need to get is some fresh veggies nearer the day.

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