Friday, 30 December 2016

It's All Over!

Well it is all over for another year and we have a New Year to look forward to now.
We had a nice Christmas this year, Jane came home from Manchester for a few days and it was lovely to see her, even though she  slept a lot!! Due to Vin's good shoppingwe had enough of everything and were well stocked up. Plus he did all the cooking over Christmas too. What a star!!
Jess was a very welcomeaddition  at Christmas, it is solovely to have a little cat in the house again. She is such a sweetheart, very very timid and runs a mile if the doorbell goes, but she seemed used to Jane again which was nice and she got some great pictures of her.
Jane bought her a stocking which had inside a toy that contains little biscuits that come out through little holes, so they knock it round and the biscuits come out. She loves it, and the other morning Vin came up with our coffees and said he had been ages picking up biscuits from the carpet! So she got the hang of it then.
Footwise, the toe operation had gone well. I still had my big toe when I woke up which I wasn't expecting which was a bonus so that was good. Still hobbling around on bandaged feet but they are looking quite good and seem to be healing. Down to once a week visit from the District nurses now which is great, and podiatry seem to be pleased. 
Another year for the little snowman that Jane bought me last year to go with the advent calendar from Yankee Candles. 
Here's looking forward to a better New Year :)

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