Friday, 16 December 2016

Out Yesterday...

Yesterday we had quite a nice day for a change. The district nurse was earlyish in the morning so we got moving by elevenish. We had planned to go to Waitrose, we haven't been there for an age, but we did get some vouchers through the post plus Vin had four vouchers from his points in the Daily Mail so it would be worth going.
The parking was fine actually not too busy at all, and Vin got me a wheelchair to go round with because the walking would have been too much.  The aim was to get some treats for Christmas, and we had a list of things we usually get from there. You know when you go there that things are going to be somewhat more expensive than any of the other supermarkets, but for a treat that's ok. We did stop for a break and our free coffee on our cards which was a very nice latte, and a few tiny shortbreads, then continued the shopping. Something for everyone too including some Waitrose cat food for Jess.  She got a Christmas card today from her former mum, poor woman, I do feel for her. I wonder if it is their first Christmas without her. 
Today we have had a fairly quiet day, didn't go out and no nurses or anyone so just us. Vin has lots of bits and bobs to do he says, and I have catching up to do on here so everyone is happy. Little Jess doesn't like the front doorbell, she disappears upstairs when it goes but comes down again later. She really is a timid little thing, quite a few things make her jump like sudden noises on the television etc. I suppose she will get used to them though. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime (hers) I think she only rings to see what the cat is doing :) :)   She got her hair cut yesterday, not before time either, she really suits it short, but it had got quite long. 

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