Saturday, 31 January 2009

Friday and Saturday....

For some reason I forgot to do the blog yesterday (Friday). Don't know why I must have thought I had done it. Ah well..Senior Moment!
We took my money off to ASDA yesterday to do the weekend shopping. It is supposed to be the cheapest shop, but I still end up spending more there than anywhere! Mind you the wine at three bottles for £10 is good value, I bought three bottles of Arniston Bay white which I really like, and it is usually £4.60 a bottle. There seemed to be bargains oll over the store just shouting at me too, like packets of cheese sauce we use for 20p instead of 39p. So I got a few of those. I do think it is a cheap shop, but not keen on the clothing, I prefer the things I get from QVC. VT had to jump out of bed yesterday to get the postman, because I had a parcel from them. It is a really nice set done by Quacker factory which is a blue gingham shirt with Irises on the front, and a matching vest with an Iris in the centre. Very pretty and will be lovely for the summer. Very pleased with that. They do have some nice things actually but rather too tempting!
Last night we had:
Fishless fingers, with Chips!
Mushy peas for VT and green beans and carrots for Moi.
Tartare sauce and a baked tomato.

Not a lot doing this morning. We are doing the bedding and will put the new Goose Down Quilt on the bed later. The weather is supposed to be getting very cold this weekend so it will be a good test. Since it was over £100 it had better be good. We need some new bedding now, so will need another visit to the Dunelm Mill store to see what they have. A lot of bedding is very pale and wishy washy in colour, we tend to go for a stronger colour now. But, the bedding we have at the moment will have to do.
VT has gone off on one of his mooches, to Maghull I think. He has gone for fuel, and for washing tablets. We forgot those yesterday.
Tonight we are having:
Green Thai curry, with reduced fat coconut milk and mushrooms,
A packet of basmati rice between us,
Mushroom stir fry done with Fry Light.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Plaza Visit..

The ocean Plaza that is. Just a group of stores on the coast at Southport. I have been meaning to have a look round for a long time so we went this morning. It was a really cold morning so it iwas good to get into the warm,
there was A Matalan..very big store, with a lot of goods but nothing we really fancied buying. So a look round then out.. Then an In-Store, the same as the one in Walton but bigger, and again nothing we wanted. I wanted some plasters, but they didn't sell them..typical. Then on to Dunelm Mill for a nice cup of coffee and a biscuit. I had a Latte and VT had an Americano and he paid. Very generous. Our biscuit was a lemon macadamia shortbread all the way from......Australia!! At least it wasn't made in China.
I did buy a new Duvet for the bed. It is Hungarian Goose Down,£117 for the double one. I had it in mind to buy a new duvet, and was considering getting one from M&S but theirs are £149 so we have saved a few pounds there. We had been looking at the down and feather ones, but this is 13.5 tog rating and seems good value. Since we are doing the bedding on Saturday we will put it on the bed then.
Tonight we are having:
Either a casserole or Hot-Pot.
I have a stew pack with carrots parsnip swede etc so will use that up. Might do one with apple and cider and quorn chicken style pieces. i shall see when I get down there!!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A Touch of Spring...

Well VT says so. he has been in the garden this morning planting the primroses that we bought yessterday. The ones in the front are in a hanging basket, six to the basket, and they look really nice. The colours are lovely, very springlike. The ones in the other basket for the wall outside the kitchen window look really sweet. They are of a variety called Emily which was his Mum's name. They are four in the basket and a really lovely yellow colour, really brighten up the wall. It is a bit early for Spring though, I think we are in for some more cold weather yet.
I am going to change Bobby's name to Bitey Bobby. She was on my knee this morning while I was on here and I reached over to press a key. This must have annoyed her and she gave my hand a right bite. You never quite can trust Bobby. Little Rusty has never ever bitten anyone, but Bobby is a different matter altogether. She can give you a nasty bite if she wants to. Then she will be all soft and cuddly also.

Looks like Butter wouldn't melt as the saying goes.
Tonight we are having:
Goat's cheese and cranberry escalopes,
Vegetables mixed,
Little saute potatoes.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Coffee Day..

Didn't get up too early this morning..the bed is too comfortable these cold wintry mornings.

The cats enjoy the bed too, especially when we are in it! Bobby comes on the bed at some ungodly hour in the morning and gets in the middle, and does the whisker torture thing on your face. If you turn over she will settle on the middle which is ok and you can get back to sleep..mostly.. Then VT gets up to get the coffee and we stay for a bit longer. Beats teaching anyway.
We went to Dobbies garden centre this morning. VT wanted to get a few plants for the hanging basket at the front of the house, since everything in it has died off and it is looking scrappy. We got some really lovely primroses mixed colours and a tray of little yekllow ones called Emily. I must admit I am very impressed with their plants, they are good value and well tended. Really pretty primroses.
Of course we had to get our free coffees too..we take our own biscuits being sad people,Last time we went there was no-one there, today is was fairly busy. I got a bag of tea bags for Johns birthday, and VT was happy because we got a redyuced Cheddar cheese. Don't know about free coffees..each time we go we spend money!! that is probably the idea.
Tonight we are having:
Garlic Kievs Meatfree..
Little baked potatoes,
Vegetables and mushrooms.
A little bread sauce.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Town Centres..

Some town centres are interesting, some are so uninteresting they are positively boring. Wells is a place I love walking round, it has interesting shops and always is buzzing. It is supposed to be a city, but it is really more of a town, very small and easy to get around. ormskirk isn't bad, at least there are reasonable shops and a good couple of places for coffee. Now a different kettle of fish altogether. Terrible place. We went this morning to the Sainsbury's to get our veggies for the week and had a bit of a look round also.Awful, nothing there, no interesting shops, and not really a pleasant place to wander round.We didn't linger long, got what we wanted and came home for our coffee.
Wanted to buy John a birthday card, and went into a Hallmark shop.The cards for brothers are awful, i ended up with a choice of one!! the rest were meant for teenage boys I think. Why can't you buy decent cards for the older brother?
Got a good selection of veggies from Sainsbury's. they seem to have some fairly decent offers. Little Chanteroy carrots for 95p a pack, and stew packs quite reasonable too. I got enough bits and pieces to last the week, so will pick and choose what we have.
Tonight we are having:
Sausages (Quorn) Bramley apple and leek ones,
Apple slives and gravy,
Mashed potato. Cabbage and Leek steamed and gently fried.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

A Weekend's Worth..

Ran out of time or maybe inclination to do this yesterday so am joining two together.. bit lazy but never mind. Yesterday (Saturday) was a quiet day, we tend not to go anywhere much on a Saturday..well when you are retired you don't feel the urge to go out on a Saturday and do the shopping thing. We do that at our leisure during the week when it is quieter and hassle free.
VT went on one of his mooches and came back with assorted bits and pieces..mostly cat food and cat milk etc.
Last night we had:
Chinese week.. Baby spribg rolls,
4oz egg fried rice with peas and spring onions,
Sweet and sour sauce,
Stirfried vegetables.
Started with coffee and a biscuit..and a bit of a lie in.
Made a lovely loaf of bread from a packet mix to try it out. Got it from Sainsbury's on Friday..a Hovis mix. Bought a white one for a change, and I must say it would make a very good standby in the cupboard. We made it in the bread mahine and the directions were clear and worked well, rose beautifully and was made really quickly.

Then made the pizza dough when that was done, and did the roast vegetables, so all sorted for this evening.
The crossword were a bit trickier again today one or two we had to check on the net but we got them done by 6ish. Must admit there are a couple of sites on the net that are very useful for the awkward clues, so we use them from time to time.
Tonight we are having:
Our Pizza with tomato sauce,
Roast Vegetables with red onion pepper baby tomatoes and courgettes.
Salad with baby plum tomatoes cucumber and avocado topped with seeds.
Potato salad and rice salad for VT.

Friday, 23 January 2009

A Little Wee Beastie!

No not a mouse infestation, but the haggis I have bought for tonight. it should be Sunday really, but we are having ours tonight. I saw them in Morrisons last week and thought it would make a change for a meal. Vegetarian of course, and I have no idea how to cook it, so will have to surf the net to see the best way.
We took my money off to Sainsbury's in Walton this morning, it was lovely and quiet. Had a nice cup of coffee to start and get us going. Poor VT said he had a problem sleeping last night, didn't get to sleep till about 3 o'clock so he will be tired tonight. He didn't know why said he was itchy. Wonder what that was.
Got all our usual things in Sainsbury's. I quite like that shop, their ranges are good and there is plenty of choice. Still spent about £50 ish, and we are supposed to be in a recession according to the news. We are fine however, and get whatever we want.
VT got some fuel from the garage on the way out, and also petrol, I give him £20 a go for that, which is only fair since he does all the driving.
Nice sunny day today so much so I had to put the sunglasses on, but it has just been pouring down, and it is quite cold too. Funny to think that over in Perth where John and Ann are it is as hot as Hell..gets too hot for me I think.
Tonight we are having:
Vegetarian Haggis with gravy,
Mashed Potatoes,
Neeps..or in our case carrots and swedes mashed.

A Little Wee Beastie!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Day of Bits.

Fuel.. VT went out to get some Homefire, but he said the Shell garage was closed..wonder why. I got a card from the Post Office this morning to say there was money to pay on a letter or parcel, £1.27..which is 27p overdue, and £1 he went into Formby to get it. Turns out it was a hospital appointment letter without a stamp! I got annoyed about this, but VT who doesn't get as cross as I do said..all the treatment you have had..don't be so miserable. He's right of course.Always is...
Coldish but brighter today. We got a lovely letter this morning from John and Ann in Australia, there were photographs in it today, and a really newsy letter. Photos of them in Perth Zoo in the gorgeous sunshine in November..and we are shivering here. They have a gorgeous big family there with four children who have all married and have children of their own they are quite spread out now. Beautiful piictures.
Tonight we are having:
Moussaka with Quorn Mince and veggies.
I have a pack of casserole vegetables I want to use up so there it is. Sorted.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Wow..we actually went to Tescaw this morning. Not for long though.. we had some coupons to use and VT needed some coffeemate so we had to go somewhere, and tescaw is the nearest shop too us actually. Goodness knows what we bought but I managed to give them £33 of my money. Did get a number os Quorn things,and some other things that were on offer so the money mounts up.
Not as dark tonight, it is still fairly light and it is now 4.30. Cold today and a bit breezy but not too bad and not rainy.
I woke poor VT up last night. Have had a bad neck since Christmas, but it has been worse for the last week or so, enough to wake me up at night anyway. I woke up at about 3.30 with like a cramp in the neck and a cough too. So he got up and made us a drink and I read my book for a bit. He really is a lovely man, so patient and well nice. Really lovely with the cats too, he doesn't mind when they clamber all over him and he is trying to read his book or paper. Aaah bless!

If you can imagine Bobby sprawled all over his front. She is a big girl is Bobby. little Rusty is like a featherweight compared. but, they are lovely cats they give you so much love.
Tonight we are having:
Peppered Steaks, (Quorn) style,
Madeira wine gravy, with mushrooms done with Fry Light.
Saute potatoes, 4oz each,
Mixed vegetables, carrots and beans and soya beans.
maybe a Yorkshire pudding from the freezer.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Big day for Obama!

As I type this the television is on and showing the inauguration ceremony of the new President of the USA. They have put quite a show on, and there are millions of people there watching the ceremony.So, a big day for him and I suppose for America and African American people. The Americans are very good at putting on a show, and this is some show!! He has just come on stage on his own, and the cheering and flag waving is amazing.
We stayed in today to do bits and pieces. Rang for an appointment, sorted out, and tidied up as well. VT actually sorted out the table where he sits, and we can see a table there now. He joked that he found Lord Lucan under there!!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with meatlessballs, mushrooms and a tomato Napoletana sauce.
Beans and Asparagus.
Maybe a tiny bit of garlic bread.

Monday, 19 January 2009


Cold and chilly today. Wasn't frosty, but big fat flakes of snow at lunchtime. Didn't stick however, mainly because the ground was wet. Little Rusty was outside, looked really sweet in the hut at the bottom of the garden with just her face showing. Right now they are curled up and fast asleep, Bobby on the sofa beside VT and Rusty in her little bed in the extension. they had their chicken at lunch time both appear at about 1.30 and sit waiting till I've chopped it up.
Intermittent rain showers and hailstorms today they were battering the windows before so they are in the best place.
Quickly went out this morning over to Maghull for our bits of vegetables. They are quite good for veggies actually. Bought some carrots, mushrooms, packets of cabbage and leeks, mixed vegetables, green beans and small potatoes and a pack of baking potatoes.
That will set us up for the week and gives us a good choice rfor meals. I never plan what we are going to have actually, just play it by ear and see what there is in the frig or freezer to be used. The only nights we have the same are Saturday and Sunday really, the rest depends.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn of some sort, probably escallopes,
Baby potatoes maybe sauteed,
Vegetables, with a mushroom sauce.
Wonder when Burns Night is. I have bought a Vegetarian one from Morrisons on friday, and some mashed potatoes and some carrots and swede, so we are set up.. not that we are remotely Scottish, but it makes a change.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Weekend Doings...

Didn't do mine on Saturday, because I ran out of time and was doing other things. usual washing day did the bedding and the rest got straight by mid afternoon.
VT went out for a while to get fuel (Homefire) and cat food. I stayed in to mess about a bit!
Last night we had Tacos..which were very tasty. We use Quorn mince to make the chilli, and do the bits..lettuce, salsa, grated cheese (1oz) and a blob of creme fraiche half-fat.
We watched the programme "John Adams" on Channel 4 which we quite enjopy but we both fell asleep during it because it was fairly boring yesterday! I have had a problem sleeping for a few nights due to a bad neck. Don't know what has happened to it, but it wakes me up during the night and I can't get comfortable on either side. Taken some Paracetamols today and at least it is easier. I think it is a combination of the pillows when we were on holiday, and sitting awkwardly when watching television there.

While typing this I can smell the lovely Sourdough bread coming up the stairs. Had a good bubbly starter so got that going. Just made our usual recipe but VT put a bit of spelt flour in it also. then did the Roast vegetables that we got with our meal deal from M&S without the onions that we used last night but with more courgette and little tomatoes. Then did our Pizza dough which is our recipe that we have developed over the time.
Did the crosswords quite quickly today. VT finished mine off while I was putting the bread in the oven, and I finished the MOS one on the Internet afterwards.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with home made tomato sauce,
Roasted vegetables,
Meat free salamish sausage which is really tasty,
Goats cheese.
potato salad and curried fruit and rice salad for VT
Salad with baby tomatoes, cucumber and avocado.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday's Outing..

Neither of us really wanted to get up this morning I think we were tired from yesterday. but we got moving eventually and went off to Ormskirk.
ormskirk is looking a bit bereft these days. In the middle, the Woolies is empty, the Pondon Mill shop is empth and there is a Jewellry shop closing down as well.Soon it will be all charity shops and not a lot else.
There were some people in the centre with a keyboard and a guitar, singing holy songs a bit wobbly. They would have been good on the X Factor! not really.
Nothing left in the sales now, most of the shops are getting ready for Valentines day now!
We went into M&S and got some bits. Including their Dine in for £10 deal, so that is what we are having tonight. More later.
Quite cold today the town centre is a bit high so gets the winds.Glad to go in for a cup of coffee in our little cafe where they shout "One thick toast!" its a scream.
The lovely Jane has been online on the instant messenger and we had a lovely chat. She has given me a link to a site that you can download the episodes of programmes that you have missed. So we can watch the ER that I stupidly missed last week, the first of series 15 which is their last ever series.
So we can watch the one we missed and catch up.
God bless her.
Tonight we are having:
M&S dine in for a tenner..
Butternut Squash and Goat's cheese Lasagne.
tenderstem Broccoli,
Lemon and Ricotta Cheesecake
and a bottle of Australian Chardonnay.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Out for The Day...

We got up early this morning to go to the Cheshire Oaks. We haven't been there since about November. It was really quiet actually, and all the shops were really easy to get round.
Didn't buy much though. Got some nice coffee from Whittards and some flavoured coffees because we like those.Nothing much else though. I got some nice Christmas Baubles from Villeroy and Bosch shop, were quite expensive but reduced to £2.12 and they will do for next years bauble swop.
Bobby and Rusty came down when we came home but they look like they have been asleep all morning. They came in for their chicken though. They enjoy that, every day at about half past one, but it is a bit later today.
We were quite surprised that most of the shops are still open. Even the Whittards which has been bought out by someone. Too much stock in them though.
Tonight we are having:
Toad in the Hol;e a Quorn one.
Vegetables that are left over,
potato Croquettes,
Jane is on the Instant Messager..her computer must be fixed. Had a nice chat with her.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

What a Grey Day...

Neither of us wanted to move this morning so we had an extra forty winks. Thus, we were late getting up, but no matter.
Sort of grey today, but not rainy or frosty yet. I think it is supposed to get cold tonight. We are planning to go to the Cheshire Oaks tomorrow. I think VT only wants to go for the coffee. I wonder which shops will have closed there. Always seems to be something different everytime we go there.
Did the kitchen floor this morning so it is all nice and clean for a while anyway, till the crumbs get dropped or the cats leave their cat meat on the floor!
Tonight we are having:
Not sure exactly..Might do a hot-pot, an all in one casserole with the vegetables and maybe lamb grills.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Stayed In..

Started off a bit later so didn't get any coffee. VT woke up at half past eight then turned over again and before you know it , the time had gone on and it was too late. Never mind eh. Did some bits of ironing this morning, mostly clothing and also some things left ovefr from Christmas, tablecloths etc., so they are all done now and put away for next year.
We did one useful thing this morning. We booked our holiday for Christmas 2009.

Last year we left it too late and someone had booked a short break right in the middle of when we wanted to go. Anyway this time it is OK, so that is done. All we need to do now is book the cattery for the babies.
I got a Lakeland catalogue the other day through the post, so have just made an order for that also. There was a little catalogue in the magazine at the weekend too with lots of sale items, some are very good value too. Roka biscuits for 1.99 a tin so have ordered two of those, and some new oven gloves and a few other bits we needed. It is a great firm so shouldn't be too long before they arrive.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer, Quorn escalopes probably,
Baby crushed potatoes,
Mushroom sauce with fresh mushrooms,
Broccoli..tenderstem type,

Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday Plans..

The Daily Mail on Saturday gave away a copy of "Cranford" Part One of Two. We expected that the second would be given away on Sunday, but was being given away on Monday, in Tesco or W H Smiths. We were going to go to Sainsburys Crosby, so we changed our mind and went to Tescaw instead.
VT ran in and got the part two. I think the idea is that you go in and do a load of shopping as well..but it didn't work. He got the DVD and then we went to Waitrose.
We very rarely go to Tescaw these days..gone off them totally. Don't like their ethics or their policies or the way they are taking over everything. So we go to Morrisons, or Sainsburys, or any other ones we fancy trying. Quite like Aldi, but to be honest they are not that good for the vegetables we buy.
Anyway we went into Formby village to the Waitrose, and got some vegetables there. Quite good on a Monday they tend to have a lot of reduced things and we got enough for most of the week from there. I know I would have spent more if we had gone to Tescaw! We call it Tescaw because of that irritating woman who does their adverts!
Tonight we are having:
A new item from Quorn.. A Beef style and Ale pudding!
Mashed potatoes with spring onion and creme fraiche,
Vegetables..carrots endame beans and green beans.
Gravy with caramelised onion.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sunday Doings...

This is what we do on a Sunday..we make a loaf of Sourdough Bread which lasts all week. Then we do a Pizza Dough for our evening meal , using a tub of our Home made tomato sauce from the freezer, and our Roast Vegetables on the top.
All Yummy!
The normal Sunday crosswords were quite reasonable today, with a few tricky dicky ones that we got eventually from the Computer. Most of them we look up for ourselves, but one or two we get from an answers site which is excellent.
VT stayed in today, he often goes out on a Sunday morning for one of his mooches, but didn't bother today. He made some beautiful cheese straws for our lunch today, very tasty.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with
Roasted Vegetables,
Tomato sauce..our own,
Goats cheese,
Salad with avocado and baby yellow plum tomatoes,
potato salad and Rice salad.
One of the nicest meals of the week..

Friday, 9 January 2009


No not really..just that last week we went to Waitrose for our friday stuff..this week we went to ASDA instead.
I must say that it is a cheap shop, and we got an enormous amount of items at quite reduced prices. Very good deals, like 3 bottles of wine for £10, so I got 6 of those, good wines too, like Aniston Bay which I like, both in white and red. Nescafe Parisienne for £2 a jar which we both like a lot, and assorted other items that are a lot cheaper than anywhere else. I got a full trolley's worth for £100 pounds, and we had a card with 30pounds on it so that reduced the bill a lot.
They had a lot of vegetables quite cheap and good quality too. I got a lovely little bag of baby potatoes in a herb butter for £1 and plenty of 50p bags. Compared to Waitrose I am very impressed, it is a pity it is a bit of a trek though. VT wanted to put some photos on a card but the machine in Boots was broden unfortunately, no doubt he will get them done on one of his mooches somewhere tomorrow!
Tonight we are having:
Beautiful Portobello Mushroom 89p for two gorgeous ones..
Baby potatoes in herb butter,
Cabbage and leek done with creme fraiche,

Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Last of Christmas.

Storage is a problem in a house which is small and has no garage either.So, we have a cupboard on the landing and a cupboard under the stairs downstairs.Both of which are jam packed with things.
Apart from that it is quite a quiet day today. Coldish, but not frosty, although it was supposed to be foggy this morning, but wasn't. The cats are not out though, they are indoors when it is cold, usually to be found by the heaters. They are very sensible cats!
a href="">
Rusty And Bobby..
They both love their fires and heaters, but at the moment Bobby is to be found curled up on a piece of wrapping paper on Jane's bed!
Tonight we are having:
A garlic Kiev
Mixed vegetables gratin.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Coffee Time...

Off out for a mooch this morning to Dobbies and to get our coffee for January. I wanted to have a look for a new tree for the front room but they didn't have any of those but they had a huge amount of Christmas decorations on half price.
I got a couple of glinty black beady strings for one of the trees, andalsoa really nice set of pottery decorations.
It wasn't too cold actually but a bit drizzly, and the shop was very very quiet. In fact I would be worried if I owned the shop it was so quiet!
M&S have announced that that they are shutting 27 of their Simply Food shops, but the Formby one is not on the list. Another 1200 jobs going.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Meatballs in a Swedish style sauce,
Boiled potatoes 8oz
Cranberry sauce and
Carrots and Green Beans.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Since it is January 6th and therefore twelth night we spent the morning taking down the Christmas Decorations. Now the house looks quite bare and not so colourfu.
We have said that we will put them up before we go away next year, sp we will have them a bit longer. This year we did them when we came back and they seem to have been uop no time.
I love our decorations, we have amassed a lot over the years, and on the whole the more you pay the better the quality. My favourites are mainly from America and places like Past Times and Liberty's. I have a little set of of tiny wooden ones that I got years ago and I paid £1.50 for them. Now this was a lot of money in the seventies but they still look good all these years later. our American ones are mainly wooden ones, and look great every year.
Poor VT has to put them up in the cupboard in the bedroom and each year he say don't buy any more but of course we do..well I do!
Nights are drawing out a bit these nights, it is now 4.40 and it is just going dark outside. VT has been putting the tree away in the shed probably with little Rusty watching him.
Woolworths has closed its last stores finally today. It showed the one in Liverpool shutting on the news. So sad! They have actually been running for 100 years this year, such a shame. To say nothing of the 27,000 people who have lost their jobs.
Tonight we are having:
Green Thai Curry with Quorn pieces and reduced fat coconut milk. packet between us.
Stir fry vegetables.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Early Appointment!

Up early this morning, since I had an appointment at the Renal clinic in Walton. We left the house at about 8-15, and got to Walton at about8-45.Went straight in and was weighed straight away. Weight much the same as last time which is quite good. Just sat down again and Mr Graddon called me in. He ios head honcho man, and I didn't see him last time. Said that I was stable, and don't seem to be worsening which is quite good. He gave me a form for a blood test to be done about two weeks before my next appointment to check on iron levels and that was it.
We got back to the car at 9-17..three minutes before my appt which was 9-20!
We then went over the road to Sainsbury's to get the Monday veggies, and a cup of coffee..but..the coffee machine wasn't working!! so we went round the shop, got our bits and pieces and came home. We were home for around 11-30. VT made4 us one of his gorgeous coffees which was much better actually than Sainsbury's ones.
The Christmas Decorations must come down tomorrow so that is our job for then. The house always looks so dull without them up, we have such nice ones now.
Tonight we are having:
Gruyere and Leek escalopes, reduced from Sainsbury's.
Little crushed potatoes, 8oz,
Vegetables a mixture from carrots beans and broccoli.
White sauce and mushrooms.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sunday Routine...

The usual Sunday really.
We got up a bit later. it was really dark this morning and not condusive to early rising, the bed was too warm and comfy. So VT got us our coffee and wee stayed there for a little while. I don't think we have had the lights off all day it was just too dark and gloomy. At least the tree lights are there for a bit longer to brighten everywhere up.
Made our Sourdough this morning a lovely dough but we nearly ran out of flour for the Pizza dough so had to make it using a mixture of leftover bits of flour. Must get some more tomorrow in Sainsbury's.

This is VT's Famous Sunday Pizza. It gives us a couple of slices for our evening meal and also plenty for our lunch on a Monday.
The pizza dough is home made and the tomato sauce , since we made a big batch last week.
Crosswords were surprisingly easy today, I didn't have to use the website for any particularly tough ones we got them all with our own research.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with pineapple meatfree sausage and goat cheese.
Also our tomato sauce.
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes and cucumber with toasted seeds.
Potato salad and Wild rice salad and pasta salad.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

A Clean Start!

Not really. It just seems that everything is washed today. We did the bed washing today, which actually takes most of the day what with the drying. Then we had lovely soakng baths this afternoon with the book and candle. VT has a quick short bath I am the complete opposite, I have a loooooong soaky bath with good bath stuff and one chocolate!
Otherwise it was a quiet day today. VT went into Maghull to get a few things and he said it was quiet there, plenty of parking spaces. I expect the children will be back at school next week and it will get back to normal for us, we will get out and about a bit. I want to go to the Cheshire Oaks one day, to see what is going on there, not expecting much, I think the sales have been rubbish, at least the shops I have been into. All I have bought is next years Christmas Cards from the Hallmark shop at half price.
There was an item in the news today that Easter Eggs are on sale today in some Supermarkets!!! 14 weeks to go to Easter..can't believe that.
Tonight we are having:
A Vegetarian Cornish Pasty from Wells.
We bought two to bring back with us and we are having them tonight.
Hang the calories!
We will start our Healthy Eating Regime next week!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Good Intentions...

The intention was to go to ASDA this morning, but we didn't want to get up out of our nice warm bed. We overslept a bit too, and VT wanted his morning coffee (and so did I ) so we didn't move too quickly.
Hence we were short of time to go to ASDA which is a bit of a trek. VT suggested that we go to Waitrose, armed with a list so we don't buy too much. Huh! then he brings me a nice little pack of Port and Stilton reduced so that goes in the trolley. Then Kettle Chips were reduced so they go in the trolley and lo and behold the bill is £33! Not too bad actually.
The next door neighbours are back VT said they came back about two o'clock last night, so he didn't have to go and let the cat out this morning. He did a good job looking after it, and got her into a routine of going in.
Still quite cold today but not so frosty, but we didn't walk around Formby, just went to Waitrose and back.

These are the cats that I often mention here in the past. Bobby a black and white big bruiser af a girl with a soft heart, and Rusty a little dark tortoiseshell who is the sweetest little cat you could imagine.

Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers and
Mushy peas for VT and Green beans for moi.
And CHIPS! that is the treat. And, Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Post for New Year's Day..

This is by way of being my Signature Dish. We have this every Christmas as The Pudding, and sometimes for Birthdays. It is a Hazelnut Gateaux and is delicious. A confection of nutty meringue with a filling of whipped cream and raspberries. Finish with dark chocolate of some sort, this year I used some tiny chocolate buttons that I bought from The Pier before it closed.

Today it is New Year's Day..2009. I wonder what this year has in store? We had a simple drink last night and flicked through the channels on the box. Dire programmes really. BBC was a parade of the Olympic Sports Gold Medal winners, and singing stars if you can call them that..Boring. BBC2 was the inevitable "Jools" ..boring to the extreme, and ITV was an Elton John Concert which was probably great if you were there but otherwise...boring.
It is time someone came up with something different for the New Year's Eve programme. Surely they can come up with a little more creativity!
For a first today VT and I were playing about on the computer and have put some photos on the blog. A mixture of his gorgeous Pizzas, and my Hazelnut Cake. Will try something else another time.
VT has gone next door to try and get the cat to go in now. He let it out this morning, and it has been playing with him. He says their house is very cold, I wonder why they don't put a heater on. Poor little thing.
Our Bobby seems none the worse for her little bother the other night. She isn't limping and seems to have got away without any damage. But it was a worry.

Tonight we are having:
Picky things from the freezer. We always have this on New Years Day, and it is by way of a tradition. probably quite high calorie but we can go back on the Healthy Eating Plan on Monday.

VT's Pizza.

These are VT's famous Pizza creations that we have every Sunday.


This is by way of an experiment really. We have never put a picture on the site before.
This one is what we usually do on a Sunday. Roasted vegetables, Pizza dough and our Sourdough Bread.