Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Back again like the proverbial...

Not been on for a bit for one reason or another. Started on the 15th of July when I went for a routine endoscopy test at Aintree and they wouldn't do the test because my blood pressure was too low, and they wouldn't let me go home either. So they found me a bed and there I stayed for around ten days. Had loads of tests and they didn't really come to any conclusion but have tweaked my medications a bit. 
Then when I finally got home the computer decided to play up and is  still going off as I type this. real pain in the neck..you are typing away and the annoying lady's voice says " Goodbye" and everything locks. Grrrr.
Seem to be spending our time going to medical things these days. Poor Vin is very patient, but the waiting around must get to him. No wonder he is getting grumpy with me, and I am getting more depressed by the day. Ah well onwards and upwards as they say.
Today was a waste of a day because I was supposed to go over the way to the surgery for a blood test but the nurse couldn't get any blood out so she has given us a form and said go to one of the clinics. That wasn't a good day to begin with.
Jane is off to an interview at M.R.I. this afternoon for a radiographers job.

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