Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Busy Week !

We have had a busy week so far this week. yesterday was a stay at home day, but started off quite early, Vin was awake so he did the ironing! what a star!! Then we did bits and bobs pretty much all day.  A few phone calls, including one from the Specsavers girl who said she had ordered some hearing aids for me and she had gone with the £2,225 ones which are right for my level of hearing loss, and were Siemens which were the ones we were keen on too. So they are on their way, should take about two weeks. then she will get in touch and make an appointment to arrrange fitting etc., So that was a good thing done.
Today I had an appoint6ment at Aintree at nine o'clock so we had to get up early today to get going and beat the traffic. In the end we did it and got there on time. Not long to wait, weighed and blood pressured..low blood pressure again,  then caled in to the doc. he seemed quite happy apart from the weight thing so told me to eat more and drink more. We were out really early but had to wait around for a bit while  Vin went to the pharmacy to collect some Aranesp injections in the larger strength. So that wasted a bit of time, and we left finally about a quarter to eleven.  We made our way to the Costa on the Aintree retail park, and had our coffees there for a change. Vin had a Soya milk latte and I had a sdkinny medio cappuccinno. Beautiful, and a really good people watch. very pleasant way to spend the morning. Nice this retirement lark.
Jane rang up for a good chat yesterday too, she had been to Salford and given them their job back so she can wait for one to come up at M.R.I. I think that was a l9oad off her mind, she wouldn't have been happy there she said.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vin,Orzo salad to go with. 
I might have a poached egg with a bit of chopped spinach.

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