Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hooray!!! Our daughter the radiographer.

Well, our Jane didn't ring up till quite late ast night after her interviewso we were beginning to get a bit worried. Turned out she had a bit of a run in with a woman who is in charge of the department, who had told her that she was silly giving up the job at Salford, and they had interviewed some very good candidates already. Well that threw her confidence she said and affected her performance in the interview. Oh dear!!
Anyway she rang this morning to say that she would have to give up her job at Ticketmaster which she is really sad about, because they had just informed her she had been offered the job at M.R.I. 
So it is now all systems go..she has her First, and now the job she wanted, and she had done really well in the interview too.
Really really well done Jane..we are so proud of you. !XXXX
We stayed in today to do bits and bobs. Makes a change not having anywhere medical to go to. Vin came up to say the iron was leaking very badly, maybe because it was dropped yesterday! so we went online to Argos to order another. Very painless, just click and collect tomorrow from their depot point at Homebase at Formby which is just opposite Tesco so I feel a Costa coming on :) :) 
Vin also rang up about my blood test and conveniently got an appointment at the clinic in Formby for 3.05 and since I am going to get my new hearing aids at 2.30 is excellent timing. Well done Vin..
Jane..Clever girl..with her mentor who was terrific through her three years, Carol. I love this picture. 

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