Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Killing Two Birds With One Stone...

So to speak...We were up with the lark this morning which is unusual for us, we generally get up in a leisurely fashion!  Anyway I had an appointment at the clinic in Litherland for an eye screening which is done every six months.I used to have to go to the eye clinic at Aintree but a few years ago the farmed them out to community clinics instead. Much better actually, the parking is easier and it takes at most about three quarters of an hour instead of sometimes hours. So, good, today we got there on time and we were out by ten. Then, since I had to have a blood test donefor the renal people at Aintree and we were already halfway there we went on there afterwards. Great plan..saved two separate journeys, the queue was short. Vin dropped me off, walked up to the blood place with me because the eyes were blurry from the drops!! and went to find a parking spot..short stay over the way, half hour free. By the time he found me again I was just going in. Great timing!
So, I decided to treat us to a Costa, and it was off to the one in the retail; park which was quite busy actually. I had a skinny latte and Vin had a soy milk latte with a shot of hazelnut, and we sat and chatted and people watched for a very pleasant three quarters of an hour.
Home again..just in time to see the courier lady pulling up outside the house with two parcels for me from QVC. A pair of black jeans from Quacker factory, and a jacket for wearing round the house with sparkly bits on. Both fit perfectly and even Vin said the jeans looked good! Praise indeed. Can't get used to all of these thinner clothes, the only trouble is that I have a lot of very good things in my wardrobe that are now way too big, I really need to have a huge big clear out. Charity shop here we come. 
Funny thing was that after having the blood test, when we got home a letter had come from the renal clinic with an appointment for next Monday so that was good timing too. Not a bad day in the end..very successful for a change. 
The new hearing aids are really good, they are so much clearer and it is easier to hear people speaking to me which is a big bonus.  Oh dear! I am sounding like a feeble little old woman..never used to be like that..just a blip for the moment I hope. Vin is incredibly patient , does all of the driving without complaint ..I got a diamond there. Thanks Vin XXXXX
Jane is working today 12 o'clock to 8 o'clock, so will ring tonight on her way home I think. She is still getting over her Ticketmaster lurgy and still had a sore throat yesterday but was getting better. She has a couple of days off at the end of the week and is going out on Thursday with her friends for TM for a pizzaq at Crazy Ped4ros so is looking forward to that. She will really miss that job, she has loved it there for the last five years and has made some good friends.  She thinks it will be the beginning of October when she starts at M.R.I. because she has jury service for two weeks an the middle of SeptShe has already deferred it once because she was supposed to go in the middle of her exams in June. It will be good for her to get properly working again, but at least she got the job she really wanted. They interviewed ten people for that job so she did well there. Clever Jane XXX
Jane with her two best friends Jo and Lauren. It was great meeting them, they were all a really lovely bunch..and all with jobs too! Quite something these days. 

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