Thursday, 6 August 2015

Nice Outing!!

No particular rush this morning, so up leisurely. Had to go to the Homebase in Formby to collect an iron that we had ordered online yesterday and do a bit of shopping at Tesco over the road..very handy because we could then go for a Costa!!
The iron was ready for us. In actual fact they keep a few items in stock even though it is a collection point and that was one of them. So we are now the proud owners of a mew Russeell Hobbs colour changing iron bought with our vouchers from the National Shopping Monitor that we scn our groceries for. 
Then it was over the road for our coffee out for the week. Vin had been looking online for something different and he had a Mocha which is a chocolate with espresso. I had my medio skinny latte which was lovely.Some nice little wafer biscuits and we were done. I sat with the bottom half of my latte while he ran round the shop getting the things on the list. Good job Vin.
Jane rang up this morning on her way to work at Ticketmasters. She is going for waffles and ice cream tonight with one of her soon to be colleagues at M.R.I. Gosh it was a good job she got that job I think she would have been devastated if she hadn't. She is really going to miss Ticketmasters though. :(
Big day tomorrow. I am off to the clinic in Formby to get my hearing aids at long last.Looking forward to that. Then a blood test at 3.05 which should leave enough time to get them done.

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