Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Been a While...

I don't usually like to miss this because it is by way of being my little sort of diary. However, with another health blip for a few days, then appointments when I often type these in the afternoons  I couldn't get it done. Anyway a bit of a catch up.
Yesterday was a Nephrology clinic appointment. At 4.30 in the afternoon, which is not ideal but yu can't pick and choose. We actually got there at four so were in plenty of time. Got weighed, still low, blood pressured moderate and sample in and then it was dead slow stop! Eventually got in at about a quarter to five to see a Dr., that I have only seen once before I think. One of those women who talks to the computer. Spent most of the time looking at things on the screen with the odd question..just to keep me happy I think.
Didn't change anythinggave me two blood test forms with dates on and that was it.
The plan was to go to M&S and get a coffee but we were too late for them so we went to the Costa on the retail park instead. I had a cappuccino and Vin had a Cortada which he hadn't had before. Looked lovely act6ually, came in a glass with no handle and looked very pretty.  My cappuccino had three perfect coffee bean shapes in chocolate on the top..love the way they do that. :) 
In today, Jane phoned at lunchtime, she had been to the hospital to hand in all of her documents, the registration, birth certificate degree award, (did I mention she got a First!!!) proof of where she lives and proof of ID. Everything was photocopied she said and all she has to wait for is the occupational health to sign her off. Then it will be all systems go.  
Vin is looking after the cat from the end house where Michelle and the two girls have gone on a short break to London. It's is a lovely cat called Charlie..a girl, black and white with a persian looking face.  I went in to have a look at it yesterday when we got back from Aintree and when Vin opened the door it was at the top of the stairs waiting and ran down to greet us. I really miss that with our two..they used to do that.
Jane and I are trying to get Vin to get another, there are so many in the rescue centre where we got Rusty and Bobby from and there are some terrible stories. Jane and I fancied one little black one called Tilly, but Jane said that it had got a reserved note underneath it when we lookedd. Aaah I hope she is going to a good home.  There is another called Donna that I like the look of a black one, but don't like the name..that would have to go! Most of our cats have had names that end in a y, like Lucy, Inky, Bobby and Rusty.
Normally here I would always put what meals we are having for tea, but that is all gone by the board these days because of my eating habits now!! Ah well. 

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