Friday, 7 August 2015

What a Difference!!

A day makes!  Today for me was HA Day. The day I finally got my new hearing aids.  So, this afternoon was an appointment at the clinic in Formby to go and get them. I should have got them some weeks back bbut was too ill to go and had to cancel the appt.  Rearranged and today was the day. Specsavers in Formby. VERY impressed with them and their service, very nice girl who had them all ready for me and turned them on to the computer as soon as I arrived. Bit of tweaking bhecause of some feedback but that was soon done and she explained all about them. What a huge difference!! I am really surprised just how much more I can hear with these, and the technology of them is terrific. They are Siemens ones and come with 4 years free batteries and after sales service as well. Vin had the money from the insurance company so that bit was painless. Great!!!
From there I had to go and get a blood test done in the same clinic as it happened and that was 3.00 so fitted in beautifully The lady there did the test the first time, no trouble at all. I still think it is all about confidence. 
Then I had decided that we would go along the road to Waitrose, to get a few bits of shopping that we don't get any where else. Plus of course get a free coffee! It is an absolute age since we have been to Waitrose and some of the biscuits that we like from there we have run out of plus some other things.Lovely coffees..I had a latte and Vin had a capucinno, then he went off to get the bits n our list and I joined him for the last bit. Job done and a very good afternoon.
Jane rang up just before we were due to go ut on her way to work, she has the dreaded Ticketmaster lurgy..sore throat, cough and generally feeling off colour. Aaah poor Jane.


Ann Eagles said...

Following you Jenny 9t

Hope you are well xx

JennyMac said...

Thanks Ann..I am getting there eventually XXX