Monday, 10 August 2015

All Clear!

Well that is one clinic down. Went off this afternoon to the clinic in Formby where I have been having my arm dressed and when they removed the last dressing it has cleared up beautifully, so I have been discharged from there. So at least we don't have to trek there any more.
Since the clinic was just up the road from Waitrose we went in there to get a free coffee. It was surprisingly busy in the caffe section actually, but when we got a table it started to clear so very quickly it was empty.Funny that! Then we did a little bit of shopping  and home.
This morning was quite quiet, Vin rang up about my Aranesp injections and it is in the process of being sorted. Also he has filled in the Medicash to get the allowance for the hearing aids. They will be blacklisting me!
Tomorrow it is the eye clinic in Litherland which is quite early so it will be an early night tonight I think. Poor Vin he must be getting tired of getting me to all of these appointments! Bless him, he never complains either. Thanks Vin XXXX 

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