Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Posh Shop!

Out today for a change! it was actually a bit of an enforced outing because the night before last we were watching the television and one of my hearing aids just died. No sound at all, nothing. Vin put new batteries in in case it was a dud abattery but no joy at all. Completely dead. Yesterday being a bank holiday we had to wait till today to do anything about it so it meant a trip to Specsavers to hand it in. Fortunately it is covered by warranty so that was ok. Just wait and see now! Meanwhile I have my old one in which is awful in comparison so I hope they sort it out soon.
While  we were parked in Waitrose car park, we went in to do a bit of shopping and get the free coffees of course and the paper. Vin got me some wheels and the  trolley that fastens on to them so it was easy to get round. We got some top up veggies, biscuits and other things that we saw and fancied. It is very much a shop for that for us really. 
Little Jess is absolutely beautiful. She has really taken to Vin and adores him. She plays quite a lot with him,chasing him up and down the stairs and playing with the toy that Jane bought her for Christmas. She totally loves that and is very clever at getting the biscuits out. 
Isn't she beautiful. XXX

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